Koepon Genetics - Maatschap Veebedrijf Koepon


Genomic index DEU: +147 GRZG (2024-04)

Production 1559 M 0.01%F -0.02%P 65 F 51 P 140 RZM
Health 111 RZN 127 RZS 103 RZR 123 RZGes 2031 RZ€
Type 105 KÖR 119 MTY 108 EUT 112 FUN 119 RZE

Genomic index USA: +2671 GTPI (2024-04)

Production 966 M 0.07%F 0.02%P 57 F 37 P 710 NM
Health +5.2 PL 2.64 SCS +0.4 DPR
Type 0.50 UDC 0.90 F&L 0.77 PTAT

Genomic index NLD: +334 GNVI (2023-12; R&W)

Production 2152 M -0.24%F -0.19%P 71 F 58 P 419 INET
Health 844 LVD 108 UGH 108 CGT 105 VRU
Type 96 FR 102 RB 106 UI 97 BE 101 TOT

1 Progeny

Koepon Skat Range 312 Red
s. Skat P RDC
+338 GNVI  +2704 GTPI  +155 GRZG


Koepon Freestyle Range 111 Red

2.04 305d 8.843kgM 4.15%F 367kgF 3.55%P 314kgP


Koepon Swingmn Range 1 Red VG-85

2.11 305d 9.053kgM 4.54%F 411kgF 3.39%P 307kgP
4.02 305d 12.767kgM 4.25%F 543kgF 3.20%P 409kgP

Popular embryo donor!

Swingman Red

Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86

2.11 305d 9.677kgM 4.38%F 424kgF 3.40%P 329kgP
4.00 305d 9.900kgM 4.82%F 477kgF 3.45%P 342kgP
5.06 305d 12.674kgM 4.61%F 585kgF 3.54%P 449kgP

Global Red Impact Cow 2021! 16 sons in AI, among them 3STAR OH Ranger-Red! Many extremely high daughters as well!

Salvatore Rc

De Oosterhof Dg Rose RDC VG-89

Lifetime: 2.008d 72.678kgM 4.79%F 3.481kgF 3.59%P 2.609kgP

Now in her 5th lactation (9-2023) At least 5 sons in AI Red Impact Cow of the Year 2022 nominee! Super transmitting cow, several sons in AI and granddam of 3STAR OH Red Ranger @ Semex!! High genomics in several systems and dam of the No. 1 GTPI red heifer worldwide Rose RDC combines production and superior health traits including high fertility

Next generations

  • Telgter Aikman Doreen RDC GP-83 (s. Aikman RDC)
  • Holbra Manoa VG-85 (s. Man-O-Man)
  • Holbra Pam VG-87 (s. Mascol)
    Lifetime: 2062d 73.468kgM 4.46%F 3274kgF 3.57%P 2620kgP
  • Sunday ALH Prudence VG-88 (s. Durham)
  • Mayerlane-DK Hiawatha EX-90 (s. Rudolph)
  • Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 (s. Chief Mark)
    Next dam EX-91 Sexation x EX-93 Elevation x EX-94 Highmark x EX-91 Bootmaker Lee x EX-90 Mingo x VG-85 Star Man x VG-86 Rag Apple