From January 1, 2020, “3STAR GENETICS” is the new name of the GenHotel breeding program. The name “3STAR” stands for the high level of quality that products from the GenHotel breeding program meet in terms of production, type and management traits. 3STAR breeding products are bred to excel in several areas, but they will also meet the required quality criteria of dairy farmers, breeders and international AI-studs for the other traits. 3STAR also refers to the 3 stars in the GenHotel logo.

In the 3STAR breeding program, GenHotel invests together with breeders in for breeding purposes interesting calves and embryos. The aim is to breed high-quality calves, such as bull calves that can be sold to international AI-organizations. Also calves born from the 3STAR breeding program with high genomic breeding values can, in consultation with the owners, be sold or used for embryo sales and breeding of the next generation. In this way GenHotel and the collaborating breeders continuously have top genetics available, while also achieving a good return on investment.

3STAR Genetics owns animals together with various well-known breeders at home and abroad, such as: 

- Aalshorst Holsteins
- De Oosterhof Holsteins
- Drouner Holsteins
- Dykster Holsteins
- Holbra Holsteins 
- HWH Holsteins
- Willem’s-Hoeve Holsteins

- Geestland Holsteins
- Tirsvad Genetics
- Groenibo Holsteins
- Beerzendal Holsteins

- Krûdikker Holsteins

- Van Holland Holsteins
- Lindenhof Holsteins
- Ritmaster Holsteins
- Poppe Holsteins
- Alsgård Holsteins
- Zuchtbetrieb Siepermann
- De Wijde Blik Holsteins
- Schuit Holsteins
- VDR Holsteins
- Diepenhoek Holsteins

- Visstein
- Melkveebedrijf Simons
.. & more!


Animals from the GenHotel breeding program, which are born from 1 January 2020, are given the prefix / stable name 3STAR as standard. The K&L prefix will no longer be used for new animals, however animals that already have K&L in their name will keep this prefix.

For the current top animals of the 3STAR breeding program, check the GenHotel pages of the above mentioned breeders and the 3STAR Genetics page.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

1. Who decides which embryos and females are purchased?
Calves or embryos, which are subsequently exploited by breeders and 3STAR Genetics, are always only purchased after joint consultation. Of course, the extensive knowledge and years of experience of 3STAR Genetics in the selection of high-quality breeding material is of great value. This increases the chance of a good return on the joint breeding investment.

2. Where are 3STAR calves housed?
3STAR Genetics itself does not have facilities to house calves, so that calves from the 3STAR breeding program are in the stable at (one of) the co-owners in most cases. All breeding costs are distributed pro rata, such as the costs of sperm, ET, recipients and veterinary & genomic tests. There is no reimbursement for rearing costs for female animals, the milk yield, on the other hand, is for the person who houses her. If a female animal is sold as a calf or heifer, the rearing will of course be reimbursed.

3. Will all embryos from 3STAR females be sold?
In consultation with the owners it is decided which embryos produced will be implanted in own recipients and which are offered for sale. Important aspects are the breeding and sales possibilities of future calves from these embryos and the current market demand for the embryos concerned.

4. What revenues are to be expected from bulls from joint 3STAR investments?
Bull calves, born from the 3STAR breeding program, are tested for genomics as soon as possible after birth. Since we work with almost all major AI-studs in Europe and North America, the chance of selling bulls to an AI-organization is maximized. If bulls are actually sold, the proceeds are in proportion to the ownership for the owners.

5. What happens to heifers from the 3STAR breeding program?
The heifer calves that come from the 3STAR program are also tested for genomics as soon as possible. For extremely high-scoring calves, it can be decided by mutual agreement to keep them or sell, for example through an auction or directly. The proceeds from sold heifers are for all owners. All owners of kept females also participate in future breeding revenues.

6. What happens if half of my herd consists of animals from the 3STAR breeding program?
It is not the intention of 3STAR to co-own "normal" dairy cows that result from these embryos and the following generations. The breeder has already paid for the rearing of the females and is therefore the owner of the 'normal' dairy cows from this breeding program. 3STAR is only interested in the proceeds from the breeding results of these animals in the form of sales of embryos, bull calves and/or females with extra potential. Obviously, this right to proceeds from breeding results applies to several generations.

The GenHotel Embryo Program is nowadays called “3STAR Embryo Program”. There are plenty of embryos from this very successful breeding program available to everyone according to the known conditions. Click HERE for more information about the 3STAR Embryo Program.

Female results from the 3STAR breeding program:


Tirsvad K&L Pursuit Milano

K&L Poppe Dellia 8497

Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red VG-89

3STAR OH Alexia Red 

3STAR Bomaz Riva RDC

3STAR Bomaz Rive

3STAR OH Monique P Red

3STAR OH Red Rosy

3STAR Simon Muscat P

3STAR OH Minka

De Oosterhof K&L Kalibra 1 P Red

Quatropoint K&L SW Rosita Red

De Wijde Blik K&L Pipa 2

Drouner K&L Claxima 1706

Quatropoint K&L SW Roseanne

Poppe K&L Kalibra 1834

3STAR Tirsvad Riveting Magnolia

Tirsvad 3STAR Simon Mojito P

Visstein 3STAR Adola Red

Roccafarm 3STAR Adna Red

Simons 3STAR Maddy RDC

Simons 3STAR Madam RDC


Stieren uit het 3STAR Fokprogramma:

3STAR OH Funaki

Dykster 3STAR Magello

Dykster 3STAR OH Ewing SG Red

3STAR OH Ranger Red

3STAR OH Shield RC

Poppe 3STAR Manitu

Schuit 3STAR Marcel P Red

3STAR OH Sharp Red

Diekers 3STAR OH Fladderak RDC

3STAR OH Megarun RC

Aalshorst 3STAR Skipper P Red

VDR 3STAR Keane PP Red

Holbra 3STAR Cojack

3STAR OH Maydancer


3STAR HWH Globed P Red

3STAR OH Swinger Red

Sietskeshoeve 3STAR Poppe Foxrock

Schreur 3STAR Sampler PP

3STAR OH Whisper Red

De Oosterhof 3STAR Redbull Red


Dykster 3STAR Antillo P