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Koepon raises the number of home bred VG-cows!

Last week, Koepon had an impressive classification day, with 26 2-yr-olds being scored. The average score for this group was 85 points, with five heifers receiving an awesome first classification score of VG-87.

The five VG-87 scored 2-yr-olds come from different cow families, namely Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-87/Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95, Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX-90, and the upcoming genomics family of SAH 27082 VG-85. One of the first Dutch milking daughters of 3STAR OH Ranger Red, Koepon Ranger Sanne 38 Red, recently took part in the first National Red & White Show. She scored VG-87 and VG-88 for Frame and Feet & Legs, underlining the strength of the Planet Silk line. The proven sire Koepon AltaTop Red comes from this cow family too. The dam of this VG-87 Ranger Red, Koepon Mark Sanne 32 Red (by Mark RDC), was sold during the Koepon Summer Sale to a dairy farmer in the United Kingdom. Another Ranger-Red daughter, Koepon Ranger P Doma 60 P Red, classified this day. She received VG-86 with VG-87 for her mammary

Koepon Ranger Sanne 38 Red VG-87

Koepon Ranger P Doma 60 P Red VG-86

Koepon Star Range 78 RDC, a VG-87 scored Star P RDC out of the bull dam Koepon Altuve Range 7 RDC VG-87, is one of the highest scored daughters of German former sire of sons Star P RDC in the Netherlands yet. Also from this family, scored with VG-87, is Koepon Parfect Range 112 RDC. This very complete Parfect daughter received VG-88 MS & F&L. The red factor Parfect out of Koepon Mark Range 13 Red VG-87 has been flushed several times with popular sires Calmac RUW Tricky Red, the homebred Koepon Hilbert-Red, and Ocd Trooper Sheepster. The combination with Sheepster has resulted in the 3025 gTPI scoring Koepon Sheepster Range 324 RF

Koepon Altuve Range 7 RDC VG-87, dam of the classified Koepon Star Range 78 RDC

Koepon Camden RDC daughter Koepon Camden Gracie 2 received VG-87. She is a direct daughter of SH SAH Gracie VG-87, who has two sons in AI, including Gracie 2's full brother Koepon SAH Carthago. This maternal line traces back to the German foundation dam SAH 27082 VG-85.

Dam SH SAH Gracie VG-87

In addition to many of Koepon's cow families that have became well-known due to genomics, there are also several cow families in this barn where matings are made based on conformation. This is also the case with Koepon King Doc Regenia, a first calver King Doc daughter out of the excellent Slamdunk daughter Koepon Slm Regenia 249. This day she was awarded with VG-86 and a fantastic udder score of VG-88!

Dam Koepon Slm Regenia 249 EX-90

Out of the 26 heifers classified, 12 are descended from Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86. The average score of this group of descendants is VG-85.3 with an average udder score of VG-86.3. The VG-88 uddered Koepon Star P Range 95 P RDC VG-86 (full sister of Star Range 78 RDC VG-87) significantly influenced this average. This early Star P RDC served as an embryo donor, providing embryos to AI station RUW. Another full sister, Koepon Star Range 93 Red (153 gRZG/2774 gTPI) has produced over 30 offspring so far and is still being flushed. The most promising offspring from Range 93 is currently the highest Tricky-Red daughter for NVI: Koepon Tricky Range 333 Red (155 gRZG/2960 gTPI/371 gNVI).

Koepon Star P Range 95 P RDC VG-86 s. Star P RDC

NAme Sire col LACT FR ds ms fl TOT
Ranger Sanne 3 Red Ranger-Red R 1 88 87 86 88 87
Star Range 78 RDC Star P RDC B 1 87 87 87 87 87
Parfect Range 112 RF Parfect B 1 87 85 88 88 87
Camden Gracie 2 Camden RDC B 1 88 88 86 88 87
Gameday Range 135 Gameday B 1 86 88 87 86 87
Ranger P Doma 60 P Red Ranger-Red R 1 85 84 84 87 86
Star P Doma 42  Star P RDC B 1 86 85 87 85 86
Star P Range 95 Star P RDC B 1 87 86 88 83 86
Gameday Range 135 Gameday B 1 86 85 86 87 86
King Doc Regenia King Doc B 1 87 86 88 84 86
Gameday Range 133 Gameday B 1 86 87 86 86 86
Wake Classy 506 Wake Up B 1 84 86 87 87 86
Stamkos Range 29 RDC Stamkos RC B 1 87 86 86 81 85
Zazzle Range 71 RDC AltaZazzle B 1 83 82 88 83 85
Parfect Range 106 RDC Parfect B 1 86 83 83 88 85
Skiresort Doma 47 Skiresort RC B 1 82 86 88 83 85
Gameday Range 122 RDC Gameday B 1 83 82 88 85 85
Gameday Range 147 Gameday B 1 82 85 88 82 85
Wake Classy 505 Wake Up B 1 83 86 85 87 85
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