Lis Opal EX-91 named Best Production Cow

Multiple bull dam and Luxembourg's No. 1 production cow for 2019-2020, Lis Opal EX-91, entered the show ring of the Lëtz Holstein Show 2023 last weekend at the age of 8 years old. The fifth lactation Seagull-Bay Silver calved in January 2023 and remained in such good condition...

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3STAR OH Red Rosy

Lot 731: Redlea x 3STAR TDB Red Flower

Embryos from the number 2 gTPI (2857 gTPI) Trumpet-Red in Europe! Red Flower offers very good scores for health: +6.0 PL, 2.64 SCS and +1.5 DPR! In addition, she also shows a beautiful type profile.

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