Twice in a row: Both the no. 1 spot B&W and R&W gNVI for 3STAR Breeding Program

In December 2023, for the first time, both Holstein as Red Holsteins calves from the 3STAR Breeding Program ranked number 1. After the new April 2024 index week, GenHotel, and its members once again succeeded in breeding high-quality females based on gNVI by having two list leaders again for two times in a row now!...

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BHA All You Want-Red

Lot 772: Hulu x BHA All You Want Red

The beautiful BHA All You Want Red [A2A2] is one of the highest type transmitters on a German basis. In addition to a good total score of 138 gRZG, the Aprilday McDonald P-Red daughter tests 157 gRZE, 134 MTY & 151 EUT! She is also doing fantastic in terms of milk production with a plus in kilograms, 0.65% fat and 0.15% protein.

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