Poppe Holsteins - Fam. Poppe


Genomic index DEU: +163 GRZG (2023-08)

Production 1886 M -0.04%F 0.02%P 73 F 68 P 150 RZM
Health 126 RZN 116 RZS 104 RZR 126 RZGes 2737 RZ€
Type 101 KÖR 111 MTY 103 EUT 130 FUN 121 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +346 GNVI (2023-08; R&W)

Production 2399 M -0.21%F -0.06%P 85 F 80 P 543 INET
Health 697 LVD 103 UGH 104 CGT 102 VRU
Type 97 FR 102 RB 106 UI 101 BE 103 TOT


Poppe Red Hot Rita 2491 Red

Mask Red

Poppe Red Hot Rita 2150 RDC

One of the highest flush age Red carrier heifers!

Best Benz

Poppe Red Hot Rita 9033 Red GP-83

2.02 305d 5.626kgM 4.60%F 259kgF 3.45%P 194kgP
3.03 305d 7.882kgM 4.39%F 346kgF 3.58%P 282kgP

Dam of Sanderij RUW Matrix Red @RUW!

Gywer RDC

Poppe Red Hot Rita 1431 P Red F-74

2.02 305d 5.580kgM 5.02%F 280kgF 3.65%P 204kgP
3.02 305d 10.882kgM 4.29%F 467kgF 3.30%P 359kgP

Full sister to Bosma Ramses Red, top proven bull in Poland!

Next generations

  • Poppe Red Hot Rita 1080 Red GP-83 (s. Debutant)
    Mission son @MCB Krasne
  • Poppe Red Hot Rita 860 Red VG-87 (s. Snow RF )
    2 Debutant sons, two Board and 1 Barolo and Bagno and Mission grandsons in AI!
  • Willem's Hoeve Rita 744 Red GP-84 (s. Jerudo)
  • Willem's Hoeve Rita 0438 Red VG-87 (s. Mr Burns RC)
    Dam of the proven bull Dekade-Red at RUW
  • Willem's Hoeve Rita 402 RF VG-88 (s. Lightning RDC)
    Her Goldwyn sister is the dam to the proven bull Shirocco in Germany
  • Willem's Hoeve Rita 282 VG-88 (s. Marshall)

Mission P RDC