Poppe Holsteins - Fam. Poppe


Genomic index NLD: +380 GNVI (2022-12; R&W)

Production 821 M 0.20%F 0.24%P 55 F 51 P 337 INET
Health 826 LVD 109 UGH 111 CGT 109 VRU
Type 105 FR 107 RB 111 UI 112 BE 115 TOT


Poppe Fienchen 2256 PP Red

Taskforce P-Red

Poppe Fienchen 9099 P Red

2.07 305d 9.908kgM 4.80%F 476kgF 4.02%P 398kgP

Stunning gNVI transmitter with two daughters in the top rankings of 8-2022!

Abundant P Rf

Poppe Fienchen 1591 P Red VG-85

2.06 305d 7.786kgM 5.28%F 411kgF 3.99%P 311kgP
3.06 305d 9.649kgM 5.00%F 482kgF 3.83%P 370kgP
4.06 305d 10.178kgM 4.70%F 478kgF 3.74%P 380kgP

Moscato-Red P

Poppe Fienchen 1270 Red VG-85

2.04 305d 10.771kgM 4.28%F 461kgF 3.65%P 393kgP
3.11 305d 13.375kgM 4.40%F 589kgF 3.57%P 478kgP
5.00 305d 9.185kgM 4.97%F 456kgF 4.05%P 372kgP

Extremely high Norbert from the Fienchen family, contracted for embryos for CRV milking!

Next generations

  • Poppe Fienchen 972 RDC VG-85 (s. Rocky)
    Very high Red carrier Rocky out of Factor Feebe family!
  • Poppe Fienchen 803 RDC VG-86 (s. Danillo)
    Many sons and grandsons in AI! Dam of Poppe Efrain
  • Poppe Fienchen 580 RDC VG-89 (s. Stol Joc)
    Great broodcow, granddam of Poppe Ferdi and almost 120.000 kgM
  • Fienchen 482 VG-85 (s. Lightning RDC)
  • K&L Fienchen GP-84 (s. Konvoy)
  • MS FOF Bwmshl Flora VG-85 (s. BW Marshall)