Poppe Holsteins - Fam. Poppe


Genomic index DEU: +161 GRZG (2022-04)

Production 2676 M -0.30%F -0.20%P 75 F 70 P 152 RZM
Health 119 RZN 107 RZS 96 RZR 125 RZGes 2522 RZ€
Type 99 KÖR 120 MTY 117 EUT 126 FUN 131 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +343 GNVI (2022-04; R&W)

Production 3683 M -0.65%F -0.34%P 87 F 92 P 610 INET
Health 632 LVD 100 UGH 107 CGT 103 VRU
Type 90 FR 102 RB 111 UI 103 BE 105 TOT


Poppe 3STAR Traxi Red



Tasty has enormous RZG, production and type combined!

Spark Red

THI G-star RDC VG-87

LA3/2 305d 12.760kgM 4.09%F 522kgF 3.36%P 429kgP
HL2 305d 13.030kgM 4.31%F 562kgF 3.51%P 457kgP

Styx Red

THI Toni VG-87

LA1 305d 10.095kgM 4.92%F 497kgF 3.84%P 388kgP
LA2 305d 11.026kgM 4.94%F 545kgF 3.83%P 422kgP
LA5/4 305d 10.866kgM 4.83%F 525kgF 3.75%P 407kgP

Next generations

  • RUW Gibsy VG-87 (s. O-Style)
  • Welcome Bolton Gina VG-86 (s. Bolton)
  • Welcome Courier Ginsing VG-86 (s. Cogent Courier ET)
  • Welcome Moe Ginga VG-85 (s. Moe)
  • Welcome Duster Graphic VG-87 (s. Duster)
  • Welcome Elton Gourmet VG-87 (s. Bell Elton)