Poppe Holsteins - Fam. Poppe


Genomic index NLD: +311 GNVI (2023-04; R&W)

Production 1685 M -0.21%F 0.13%P 55 F 73 P 438 INET
Health 673 LVD 101 UGH 103 CGT 103 VRU
Type 103 FR 102 RB 110 UI 110 BE 112 TOT


Poppe Stella Red

Taskforce P-Red

Poppe Silvana Red

Eloy RDC

Poppe Simone RDC GP-84

2.11 305d 13.026kgM 4.26%F 554kgF 3.46%P 450kgP

Tremendous production potential: a lot of milk and positive for fat & protein %


Wilder K&L Sally Red VG-85

2.07 305d 15.350kgM 3.50%F 537kgF 3.39%P 520kgP
4.01 305d 18.628kgM 3.57%F 665kgF 3.24%P 604kgP
5.09 305d 17.365kgM 3.37%F 586kgF 3.22%P 559kgP

Top GRZG Mission backed by the Apina Massia family. 

Next generations

  • Wilder Saturn P Red VG-88 (s. Apoll P Red)
    Super interesting polled Apoll P from Wilder Smile
  • Wilder Smile Red VG-85 (s. Brekem RDC)
    Dam of Wilder Smiley RDC (s. Battlecry) @ CRV
  • Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje RDC VG-89 (s. Snowman)
    Dam to Sanderij Payback Red & Perka RDC (s. Perfect Aiko)
  • Apina Massia 102 RDC EX-90 (s. Shottle)
    Great broodcow; dam of Dixieland & Detroit (s. Destry) and granddam of Fireman and Payback
  • Apina Massia 21 EX-90 (s. Lentini)
  • Apina Massia 14 VG-85 (s. Tulip)

Mission P RDC