Poppe Holsteins - Fam. Poppe


Genomic index DEU: +154 GRZG (2022-04)

Production 2569 M -0.25%F -0.27%P 77 F 58 P 146 RZM
Health 120 RZN 105 RZS 106 RZR 115 RZGes 2377 RZ€
Type 89 KÖR 114 MTY 122 EUT 118 FUN 125 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +340 GNVI (2022-04; R&W)

Production 3388 M -0.61%F -0.37%P 81 F 79 P 540 INET
Health 641 LVD 101 UGH 104 CGT 105 VRU
Type 91 FR 98 RB 111 UI 98 BE 102 TOT


Poppe 3STAR Tess P Red

Money P Red


Tasty has enormous RZG, production and type combined!

Spark Red

THI G-star RDC VG-87

LA3/2 305d 12.760kgM 4.09%F 522kgF 3.36%P 429kgP
HL2 305d 13.030kgM 4.31%F 562kgF 3.51%P 457kgP

Styx Red

THI Toni VG-87

LA1 305d 10.095kgM 4.92%F 497kgF 3.84%P 388kgP
LA2 305d 11.026kgM 4.94%F 545kgF 3.83%P 422kgP
LA5/4 305d 10.866kgM 4.83%F 525kgF 3.75%P 407kgP

Next generations

  • RUW Gibsy VG-87 (s. O-Style)
  • Welcome Bolton Gina VG-86 (s. Bolton)
  • Welcome Courier Ginsing VG-86 (s. Cogent Courier ET)
  • Welcome Moe Ginga VG-85 (s. Moe)
  • Welcome Duster Graphic VG-87 (s. Duster)
  • Welcome Elton Gourmet VG-87 (s. Bell Elton)