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3STAR OH Somfy P Red, the highest polled Redford daughter!

The first offspring from the former number 1 red-and-white genomics bull GlH Redford are being born, and with that also the first gRZG results of these animals are coming in. An outstanding result was achieved with 3STAR OH Somfy P Red, a polled daughter of young sire Redford who has the highest RZG-index of any polled Redford daughter in Europe so far!... Read more


New USA genomic results European females

The Holstein Association USA has recently published genomic results of newly tested females. Due to a computer glitch at Holstein USA, the May results were not released until the last week of May. Below are some highlights... Read more


EmbryoProgram result Florijn Red classified!

Great news coming from Diekers Holsteins (Eiting family) as the first calver, Diekers 3STAR OH Florijn Red, received a first classification score earlier this week. Florijn Red is a Poppe Freestyle-Red daughter out of bull dam Diekers K&L DL Whiskey RDC VG-85 and is a result of the 3STAR Embryo Program that the Eiting family has been participating in since 2016.... Read more


Granddam No. 1 R&W progeny proven sire re-scored!

During the latest classification day at the Visstein dairy farm, some females from prominent cow families were rescored. One of the classified animals was the fifth calf, Willsbro Nuggett Aderyn RDC, whose grandson was promoted to proven sire during the April proof run.... Read more


New daughter proven list leaders in Germany

The latest German April index run included a base adjustment, which resulted in a decrease of 5.0 for B&W RZG and 4.8 for R&W RZG. Despite this adjustment, the top sires of December 2023 maintained their indexes quite well. However, new bulls competed for the top spots in the Holstein and Red Holstein rankings. As a result, two new list leaders emerged among the progeny-proven bulls.... Read more


Dam of Lot 8 Mariskijn P Red in first place!

Last Saturday, the Fokveeshow Lochem provided an excellent opportunity to show the first calver Diekers 3STAR OH Florijn Red to the public. Florijn Red is a Poppe Freestyle-Red daughter, bred by Diekers Holsteins, De Oosterhof, and GenHotel. She belongs to an impressive and globally known cow family and is also a half-sister of Whisper Red which makes her a rising show star descending from a bull dam family!... Read more


Polled red heifers from 9 generations of bull dams!

On March 14th (tomorrow morning) at 9:00 AM, the GenHotel Selection Sale will start. The sale includes two beautiful lot numbers that are out of the Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC EX-90/Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret RC VG-87 cow family and both boasts a stunning 9 generations of bull dams in a row. You have the opportunity to become the owner of one of these two gorgeous, red offspring that are also polled... Read more


Two polled heifers with roots going back to KNS Dorfgirl!

The upcoming GenHotel Selection Sale offers the opportunity to invest in Europe's best cow families, including those of the well-known German KNS 'D' cow family from the KNS Holsteins herd. This cow family, headed by KNS Dorfgirl, produced many well-known bulls and brood cows. During this online sale you can even get to choose between two great descendants!... Read more


Early Tricky-Red from the Marbella bull dam family

Today we can already present one of the beautiful, red, lots of the upcoming GenHotel Selection Sale to you! She is an early Calmac RUW Tricky Red daughter named 3STAR OH Margo Red. She is a granddaughter of none other than Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia GP-84, which makes her part of the high-transmitting cow family of Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella/Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu!... Read more


Praised member of the Sudena Holsteins herd: Rose RDC VG-89!

De Oosterhof Dg Rose RDC VG-89, 8.5-yrs-old, has become a prominent name in the pedigrees of many highly ranked cows and bulls in Europe. She was bought by Sudena Holsteins as a lactating 2-yr-old and is now in her fifth lactation, still serving as an influential brood cow for the Mensink family.... Read more


New all-rounder 3STAR OH Shield RDC is available!

At the end of 2023, the young sire 3STAR OH Shield RC, bred by De Oosterhof and GenHotel, became available at Semex. This very high and complete red factor Progenesis Monteverdi son is expected to become very successful and could have a major impact on the global Holstein population!... Read more


Influential sire & his son scored EX-96 & EX-95 at Genus/ABS!

It had been several years since the English AI station Genus/ABS classified AI-stud bulls, yet there were not one but two strong reasons for the breeding organization to have classifiers travel to their station. Both father Hoogenhorst OH DG Rubels-Red and his son Koepon OH Ryder-Red received the 'excellent' status last week!... Read more


Early K&L Sputnik RDC from the Planet Silk family, the world's largest supplier of bulls!

Just after the breakthrough of K&L Sputnik RDC (s. Spark Red), bred by GenHotel in 2020, his semen was much-used in the 3STAR Breeding Program and other European breeding programmes. The then No. 3 genomics sire in Germany with 161 gRZG broke through in April 2020 and through his offspring, the genes of the American De-Su BW Marshal Georgia EX-90 cow family continue to flow through Europe. The recently photographed, young 3STAR OH Shiny RDC is a fantastic example of one of Sputnik RDC's promising daughters. With the arrival of his first daughter proven index in December, RUW will show a progeny group in Hamm (DE) at the beginning of next month.... Read more


The number 1 Member PP Red is offered at the VOST Select Sale!

De Oosterhof and GenHotel (3STAR Genetics) have the honour of offering the very first Tirsvad 3STAR Member PP Red daughter during the VOST Select Sale 11 on Friday evening, November the 24th! De Oosterhof 3STAR Julie P Red is not only the first Member PP daughter to be sold, but it is also the number 1 Member based on gRZG!... Read more


Dam of top gTPI R&W sire Whisper-Red classifies VG!

The first calver Diekers K&L DL Whiskey RDC, a Peak AltaDateline x K&L Sv Sunny Red GP-84, was classified last week with her first score. With two high ranking sons in different genomics systems Whiskey RDC is the 10th generation of bull dam in a row!... Read more


Mabel delivers GTPI toppers again!

During the USA September genomics run, several newly tested animals received high genomic results from GenHotel members, with no less than 7 in the top 50 gTPI females in Europe listed... Read more


Embryo purchase VO Madita grows into wonderful dairy cow!

Out of the successful 3STAR Breeding Program, several combinations from donor De Oosterhof K&L May Lios Tual 1 were sold and transfered in 2019. Three of these embryos, produced with Peak Altahothand, were exported to the German herdbook VOST and resulted in the birth of two heifer calves.... Read more


Number 1 gTPI Gameday for Neppelenbroek!

The Holstein Association USA and CDCB have published the genomic results for the month of July. For the newly tested females, this has once again delivered good results for GenHotel members with heifers in the top of Europe... Read more


The influence of Mabel is further expanding in Europe

The first (red factor) great-granddaughters of well-known donor and bull dam K&L OH Mabel are born in the Netherlands at the beginning of this year and score up to 3028 gTPI and 157 gRZG. In the meantime also very high and interesting granddaughters are currently being flushed in Italy!... Read more


Top red carrier USA genomic result for Koepon in June!

The USA genomics results of newly tested females in June have been published again by the Holstein Association USA. Cookiecutter Holysmokes had a large share in the highest newly tested calves in May, in June the sire presence in the European top 50 gTPI shows more variation... Read more


Rising star Beerzedal 3STAR Minka 4

The at Beerzedal Holstein born Beerzedal 3STAR Minka 4 is a brilliant result from the 3STAR Breeding Program. With 3020 gTPI / 1192lbs / 0.22%F & 0.08%P / 1038 NM$ is the highest Wet Acura Maximus daughter globally!... Read more


Update influential donors of De Oosterhof & GenHotel

The collaboration between De Oosterhof and GenHotel has made a big leap in recent years within both the Holstein and Red Holstein top breeding. This is also proven by the former and much flushed top donors (Magnolia, Ruby Sun, Kalicia RDC, Sunnyside Red and Reevestar), which have recently been photographed and/or classified!... Read more


GenHotel's list with sire of sons is resfreshed!

After the April 2023 index run, GenHotel has updated the list with sire of sons. Some bulls have been replaced by a number of impressive debuting high genomic young sires. With this we start the spring of 2023 with a new top list and we intoduce some newly available bull sires to you.... Read more


Success stories Rosellas keep flooding in!

After Koeweide Holsteins and Drouner Holsteins, the Spanish breeder Cunordam SC now also follows with fantastic breeding news about a descendant of K&L OH Rozella VG-85. With another beautiful daughter born from exported Broeks Freemax embryos, Rozella's breeding strength continues to prove itself. Also abroad!... Read more


Behold & enjoy: 3STAR OH Monique P Red!

Now that the Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC EX-90 legacy is slowly expanding in Europe, we can also more often enjoy the increasing number of lactating decendants. One of the most promising lactating 2-yr-olds at the moment is 3STAR OH Monique P Red, a Caudumer Solitair P Red heifer that recently scored GP-84.... Read more


Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia, an extraordinarily cow!

Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia, purchased in 2020, was transferred from Denmark to the Netherlands after switched hands for € 30,000 to De Oosterhof & GenHotel. With 158 gRZG, 313 gNVI and 2914 gTPI (779 NM$), this S-S-I Bg Fzzld Riveting proved to be a valuable daughter of Pen-Col Superhero Mistral VG-89 by being among the top Riveting daughters in the world!... Read more


Perfect combination of gTPI & gPTAT!

The mating between the Cookiecutter Mom Halo VG-88 family and the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family turned out to be a big hit! De Oosterhof Have It 3, which will be offered during the VOST Select Sale 10, is the living proof of this.... Read more


Aika Red tops of the sale with 161 gRZG!

The absolute Red Holstein top of the VOST Select Sale will be sold on Friday evening at 8.00 PM! It is a top transmitting 3STAR Ranger-Red daughter from the KHW Goldwyn Aiko EX-91 family of which her transmitting profile is from outstanding quality.... Read more


No. 1 gISET of the VOST Select Sale!

The VOST Select Sale will start in more than a week! However, this European elite auction cannot take place without input from the Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu EX-94 family. Nevertheless, De Oosterhof & GenHotel have once again succeeded in adding a special and very interesting family member to the 2022 sale collection!... Read more


Outstanding 3STAR result with 2951 gTPI sells at the VOST Select Sale 10!

The desire of the Van Beek family (Southland Holsteins) to reach the top gTPI was that large that in 2020 they became co-owners of 3STAR OH Martini, a beautiful Silverridge V Einstein out of multiple bull dam K&L OH Mabel. Martini, scoring 2889 gTPI at that time, is Mabel's highest Einstein daughter and still at a current gTPI of 2867. And she is the actual number 1 gTPI milking Einstein in Europe!... Read more


Looking forward to meet DG OH Donna RDC?!

The now fourth latation Rubicon daughter DG OH Donna RDC was never been pictured professionally, although she has produced great sons like OH DG Topstone! Now, the moment finally came that Alex Arkink captured the picture of Donna RDC!... Read more


Genomic run USA delivers new top females!

The October genomic run in America has again delivered several interesting new toppers for, among others, GenHotel members Wilder, Koepon, Hurkmans and Zandenburg Holsteins. The sires in the top this month also show a lot of variation... Read more


K&L OH Mistress: a stunning daughter of super broodcow Mabel!

K&L OH Mistress is one of the almost 60 offspring of the great transmitting and multiple bull dam K&L OH Mabel (by Progenesis Granite). Mabel's daughters and sons still test extremely high on TPI. Now that the number of lactating daughters is increasing, it is time to picture these toppers and introduce them to you.... Read more


Full sister of the world's no.1 bull Ranger Red pictured!

Meanwhile, the Rubels-Red son from the Red Impact Cow of 2021 has been the absolute leader for several proof runs in a row now. 3STAR OH Ranger-Red scores 3823 gLPI, 2893 gTPI, 826 gPLI, 1667 gISET and 159 gRZG! He remains undefeated in no less than four systems. Besides several sons, Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86's daughters are also successfully working on their way to the top.... Read more


August 2022 bull proofs Germany

This morning we were able to welcome the new German breeding values of August 2022. At both the top of the daughter proven and the young genomics bulls, debutants provide a change of guard.... Read more


Big reveal: 'Dutch Cow of the Year 2022'!

In April, the nominated cows for the title 'Dutch Cow of the Year 2022' were presented in the HI Plus. After this, readers had the opportunity to vote for their favorite! In addition to the reader votes, the result was also determined by a two-member jury, consisting of Jeroen van Beek (Southland Holsteins) and Bert Meijering (BM Livestock).... Read more


Three renown names nominated for...

Fifteen renown names were announced last week in the Holstein International 342 as nominations for the title 'Red Impact Cow of the Year 2022'! It's up to you to help decide which influential brood cow will be the successor to Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86 by submitting your vote!... Read more


First Magnifique daughters scoring high for gTPI!

During the June run for American genomics, the first European daughters of Peak AltaMagnifique (Maestro x Positive) score immediately high. Furthermore, the wide variation in the sires of the newly tested females is again remarkable this month.... Read more


USA genomics of European females

The American genomics run in April has resulted in quite some diversity of sires of the highest, newly genomic tested females in Europe, with several interesting daughters from Gameday, Mahomes, Parfect, AltaWheelhouse and Ranger-Red.... Read more


Early Stardancer pushes boundaries!

During the upcoming Sonderkollektion a great opportunity is offered! This sale features an early Aquila Aristocrat Stardancer daughter from the very successful breeding Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu EX-94 family.... Read more


Early Pinball with great international opportunities

The VOST Select Sale 9, which takes place on Friday November 19th, offers unlimited opportunities based on top genomics! Many lot numbers have been genomics tested in several countries, leading to an outstanding offer. One of these all-rounders is a Progenesis Pinball granddaughter of the multiple bull dam K&L OH Mabel!... Read more


Polled heifer from mega bull dam Kalibra SX 5631 Red VG-87

Looking for a new polled addition to add to your herd? Then you are in the right place! Multiple heifers from this popular Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88 family have been consigned to different sales in the past few years, but nothing compares to this! Don't let this opportunity pass you by and make a bid during the VOST Select Sale 9, next Friday, November 19.... Read more


Shelly-Red, global Red gTPI topper!

The American October genomics run for females in Europe has produced the first daughters of bulls such as Progenesis Pinball, Aquila Stardancer and Larcrest Captivating in the top 50 gTPI... Read more


3STAR OH Ranger-Red, international frontier!

We waited for the pictures of the star within the Red Holstein breed: 3STAR OH Ranger-Red. Recently there has been a lot of interest in both Ranger Red and his dam Lakeside UPS Red Range VG-86, and this interest will grow much further in the coming period!... Read more


De Oosterhof Miami Donchara, the no. 1 gTPI & NM$ Miami

At the GenHotel Selection Sale you will be offered a great heifer calf! From the family of many sires in AI, such as Holbra Doorman Rodanas, Sansire, Armonico, Topstone and young genomic cires such as Koepon Ritzy-Red, Ryder-Red and of course 3STAR OH Ranger-Red, the current number 1 Miami daughter in Europe for both gTPI and NM$ will be sold!... Read more


New classification Rose RDC at Sudena Holsteins

The multiple bull dam De Oosterhof DG Rose RDC, red carrier EDG Rubicon daughter from the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family, is re-classified recently. Meanwhile, the great brood cow Rose RDC owned by Sudena Holsteins is in her third lactation and no less than 60 offspring have been registred from her!... Read more


Meet Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-85!

Shortly after Lakeside Ups Red Range (by Mr Salvatore RDC) was fresh from her first calf, she was classified with a total score of VG-85 and VG-88 for her mammary system. During her first lactation she has developed into a really nice cow, which is confirmed by her recently taken, beautiful photo!... Read more


Super results for bulls GenHotel members!

This proof run has given many bulls bred by GenHotel members new (genomic) breeding values. This has resulted in various international successes, including several national number 1 listings! Below a number of the many toppers.... Read more

Art-Acres Kay721

3STAR OH Kayleigh Red

Ranger-Red x Crown-Red x GP-82 Salvatore Rc

Early Ranger Red with high RZG and GTPI from the American Art-Acres Kay721-ET EX-90 family

De Oosterhof 3STAR Kayde Red

Camden x Crown-Red x GP-82 Salvatore Rc

High RZG, NVI and GTPI daughter of bullmother Bacon-Hill Crown Kay Red

Batkes Outside Kora

WIL Hulapalu

Picard x VG-85 Arrozo x EX-90 Hotspot P

#1 PICARD FOR RZG, RZ€ AND RZÖKO + Cow family of Soho PP, Hotspot P, Snowfl ake, Bedford and Hansa P + Successful bull dams in this branch, such as WIL Holiday P VG89, WIL Herz P VG 87 and WIL Hira P + Foundation dam is the famous show and brood cow

Maybelline Tual

3STAR OH Malou 1

AltaZazzle x Kenobi x Granite

New Mabel generation is ready to rumble! Topheifer for RZG and GTPI Son in AI

3STAR OH Mazzali

AltaZazzle x Kenobi x Granite

Super transmitting profile with, still, outstanding scores for TPI, NM$ & RZG! Carries BB & A2A2 Shows huge fat and protein % in all systems!

3STAR OH Maddy GP-84

GP-84 AltaZazzle x Kenobi x Granite

High for GTPI, RZG, PLI, ISU and NVI !

3STAR OH Mazzle

AltaZazzle x Kenobi x Granite

Complete transmitting profile. Ready to flush for the international market!

3STAR OH Missy

Altaplinko x VG-86 Discjockey x Granite


Pinball x Crimson x Granite

Very high GTPI Progenesis Pinball met high UDC index!

3STAR OH Madina

Stardancer x Crimson x Granite

Full brother in AI with high GTPI

3STAR OH Mascha

Altawheelhouse x VG-85 Einstein x Granite

3STAR OH Reevival

Parfect x Riveting x Granite

> 3000 gTPI with oustanding gPTAT score as well. A granddaughter from the well-known Mabel!


Sheepster x Parfect x Riveting

3STAR OH DK Marielou

Conway x GP-83 Einstein x Granite

Mabel gr.daughter with an impresive gTPI score!

3STAR OH Mientje RDC

Rammstein Red x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

Red carrier Rammstein daughter from the K&L OH Mabel cow family Highest daughter of 3STAR OH Mazzali based on RZG: extremely high on R&W basis on RZG, GTPI and NVI!

3STAR OH Maloe

Ridercup x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

BGP FB Ridercup scoring high on TPI and RZG. Full brother in AI!

3STAR OH Madoline

Esquire x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

Buiteneind 3STAR OH Molly

Allied x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

Winstar Allied from the tremendous transmitter Mazzali


Holysmokes x GP-84 Pinball x Crimson

De Oosterhof 3STAR Mariama

Powerstar x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

Peak Powerstar with A2A2 & BB. 

De Oosterhof 3STAR Marlien

Powerstar x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

Peak Powerstar with A22 & BB, very high for NVI & RZG! From none other than the famous Mabel cow family! Top 10 Powerstar daughter for gTPI

Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror

K&L OH Mindy

Redrock x VG-85 Delta x VG-87 Bookem

De Oosterhof 3STAR Marion

Stardancer x Pursuit x GP-82 Rubi-Agronaut

Great NM$ combined with a fabulous TPI score from the Oman Mirror family!

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk / Glen Drummond Splendor

K&L Sv Sunny Red GP-84

GP-84 Salvatore Rc x Rubicon x GP-83 Cashcoin

Top broodcow with 3 sons in AI and many high daughters Full brother is Schreur Shimmer RDC @ GENUS/ABS ! From he fantastic Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk family, bulls such as Sympatico, Secure, Mr Savage and Laron P hail from this family as well

K&L OH Shiner Red

Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc x Rubicon

Has 3 sons in AI from which 3STAR OH Sunstar P Red @Genus/ABS and 3STAR OH Shield RDC @Semex are both used as a sire of sons! Several daughters are used as embryodonor and sold embryos abroad Produces 20% above herd average in her first lactation!

3STAR OH Sunnyside Red

Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc x Rubicon

The absolute R&W top of the world! Three sons in AI Due again September, 2024

3STAR OH Shelly Red

Star P RDC x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Top genomics for RZG and GTPI, due end of june 2024

3STAR OH Sunelio P Red

Sorelio P x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Two years old and still sky high numbers for RZG, NVI and TPI. Sunelio has the A22 BK as well Due 2024-11

3STAR OH Shady Red

Star P RDC x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Topheifer for RZG and great scores on GTPI and NVI from a very succesfull cowfamily that constantly produces high bulls in AI.

De Oosterhof 3STAR Sunn RDC

Camden x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

3STAR OH Snoopy P Red

Cartoon P Red x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Top index for polled!

3STAR OH Monique P 2 Red

FrisbeeRDC x GP-84 Solitair P Red x GP-82 Styx Red

Polled en high scoring Frisbee RDC from the Splendors!

De Oosterhof 3STAR Bellawina RDC

Rainow x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

On R&W basis one of the most interesting heifers in Europe! Extremely high components Several maternal brothers in AI


Figaro x Star P RDC x Rubels-Red

3STAR OH Sandy P Red

Member PP Red x Sorelio P x Rubels-Red

Descendant of the former no.1 TPI Red heifer 3STAR OH Sunnyside Red

3STAR OH Shally Red

Tricky Red x Star P RDC x Rubels-Red

Top 5 gTPI Red heifer 4-2024!

3STAR OH Somfy P Red

Redford x Sorelio P x Rubels-Red

Polled GlH Redford with skyhigh gRZG! The highest polled Redford daughter in Europe based on RZG!

Gold-N-Oaks Arabell

Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia GP-84

GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero x Silver

Has 10 bulls sold in AI and many high daughters in several systems!

3STAR OH Magan

Mahomes x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

Due august 2024


Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

Magnio RDC has 3 full brothers and 7 maternal brothers in AI Her full brother Romaner RDC will have a huge impact @Semex Redlea RDC daughter 3STAR OH Mirea RDC tests high for NVI

3STAR OH Maggystar

Stardancer x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

3STAR OH Meggilee RDC

Freestyle-Red x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

A great looking Freestyle with high components, a huge RZG and NVI on R&W basis and a top GTPI from the mega bulldam Magnolia!

Lin-Horst 3STAR Mandoline

Mahomes x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

3STAR RM Martine

AltaAlanzo x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

Peak AltaAlanzo from the well-known bulldam family of Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu Tremendous scores for TPI and RZG! Also high in the UK with 859 PLI!

3STAR OH Makita

Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

De Oosterhof 3STAR Marstar

Powerstar x Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting

Top gTPI January 2024


Tricky Red x Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting

A2A2 carrying Calmac RUW Tricky Red with top TPI and nice RZG score Lots of milk and positive components


Tricky Red x Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting

Calmac RUW Tricky Red with brilliant profile


Sheepster x Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

De Oosterhof DG Leida GP-83

GP-83 Charl x VG-85 Altatopshot x VG-89 Rubicon

Many high offspring with even scores up to 3095 gTPI!

3STAR OH Leica

Altawheelhouse x GP-83 Charl x VG-85 Altatopshot

AltaWheelhouse met huge RZG & TPI!

Koepon Sput Range 36 Red

Sputnik RDC x VG-85 Swingman Red x VG-86 Salvatore Rc

3STAR OH Leila

Parfect x GP-83 Charl x VG-85 Altatopshot

Outstanding TPI profile with a total index of >3000 gTPI!


Camden x VG-85 Rubels-Red x VG-86 Salvatore Rc

Gigantic score for RZM & gRZ€! 

KNS 'N' family

KNS Derbytime Red

Sputnik RDC x GP-82 Gywer RDC x VG-85 Styx Red

Just fresh! Topseller Vost Select Sale 2021 Extremely high for RZG and RZEuro!

KNS ''R'' family

Caudumer Royal Flash 3 P Red

Solitair P Red x Styx Red x GP-84 Silver

Dam of sire-of-sons FRESCO @ RUW!  Flash calved 3 weeks early. 

KHW Goldwyn Aiko/D-R-A August

De Oosterhof 3STAR Juliane Red

Star P RDC x Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore Rc

3STAR OH Aymee Red

Ranger-Red x Mark RDC x VG-85 Salvatore Rc

WOW! Top class in Germany, US and Switzerland!

R&B Hugo Ailani PP Red

HugoPP RDC x VG-86 Solitair P Red x Alaska Red

Tremendous RZG profile for homozygous polled & red, one of the highest PP red heifers in Europe!


Skat P RDC x Star P RDC x Rubels-Red

3STAR OH Julia Red

Skat P RDC x Star P RDC x Rubels-Red

Misty Springs Mom Brenna RDC


Bachelor P x Hotspot P x VG-87 Hologram-P


De Oosterhof 3STAR Flashy P Red

Freestyle-Red x Solitair P Red x Styx Red

Early polled Freestyle with great genomics.

Rainyridge Tony Beauty

De Oosterhof DG Agriorio Red GP-84

GP-84 Argo x VG-86 Rubicon x Aikman RDC

Full sister to Rubels Red!

3STAR OH Angel Red

Camden x VG-87 Doble RDC x GP-84 Argo

Perfect gNVI score out of the family behind the proven & no.1 R&W sire Rubels Red!

De Oosterhof 3STAR Alya Red

Cartoon P Red x VG-87 Doble RDC x GP-84 Argo

Delta Cartoon P-Red in the top 100 gNVI R&W

Regancrest-PR Barbie


Foreman x GP-83 Benwick x VG-85 Kennedy

Great RZG and GTPI from the legendary Barbies

Whittier-Farms Outside Roz

3STAR OH Roxanne GP-83

GP-83 Einstein x VG-85 Gymnast x VG-89 Rubicon

Dam of 3STAR OH Romaner RDC @emex

Wilder Kanu

Kalibra SX 5631 Red VG-87

VG-87 Styx Red x VG-88 Battlecry x EX-90 Brekem RDC

VG-87, VG-88 MS! Already 4 sons in AI !

De Oosterhof K&L Kalibra 1 P Red

Solitair P Red x VG-87 Styx Red x VG-88 Battlecry

Great pedigree with top genomics 

3STAR OH Katie P Red

Star P RDC x Solitair P Red x VG-87 Styx Red

Polled & red from the Kanu's!


RC Eileen P VG-85

VG-85 Chrome x VG-85 Oliver P x VG-87 Miro-P

► Polled daughter from the renown Jersey E-family of Rose, Calenberg

De Oosterhof Andreas Tequila

Sunset Canyon Andreas x EX-93 Tequila x EX-92 Elliotts Renaissance Deluxe

Daughter of the queen of Jerseys: Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93

Koepon Peak Vice Leona 1241

Viceroy x Avon x VG-88 Lemonhead

3STAR OH J Maddy P

Listowel-P x EX-91 Schultz Legalcritic P x VG-85 Sunset Canyon Dimension

Maternal sister is the dam to Misnia Holsteins Donier PP @Masterrind

Rapid Bay Joyride Delicious

Joyride x EX-91 Gentry x EX-90 Jade

One of a few offspring of Dina Deja EX-91, worldwide!

Proud to have bred

Hoogerhorst DG OH Rubels-Red

Top R&W bull @ GENUS-ABS

OH DG Topstone

Proven sire by Topshot from the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence family

De Oosterhof DG Piano

Pledge x DG My Love

De Oosterhof Oh Dg Patt Alaska

Pat Red x De Oosterhof DG Elasniai RDC

K&L OH Gigolo Red

Gywer RDC x Kalibra SX 5631 Red

K&L Oh Kameraad

Gywer RDC x Kalibra SX 5631 Red

De Oosterhof 3STAR Reno Red

Rubels Red x VG-87 Styx Red @VOST

De Oosterhof Pine-Tree Dreamer

River-Valley Cece Chrome x Tenn Haug E Maid EX-93 family

3STAR OH Ranger-Red

The absolute number 1 (R&W) bull based on gLPI & gTPI!

Koepon Oh Ryder Red

Rubels-Red x Lakeside UPS Red Range, full brother of Ranger-Red

3STAR OH Marcello

Nacash son of K&L OH Mabel

K&L OH Matty P RDC

Tirsvad Match P RDC x K&L SV Sunny Red

De Oosterhof 3STAR Megastar

Aquila Aristocrat Stardancer x Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia @Genus/ABS


Niels PP is by far the highest tested PP Jersey bull at NTM


3STAR OH Ranger-Red x Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia

3STAR OH Whisper Red

3STAR OH Ranger-Red X Diekers K&L DL Whiskey RDC

3STAR OH Swinger Red

3STAR OH Ranger-Red x K&L OH Shiner Red

3STAR OH Sharp Red

Zfz Crisalis Rf x Exloër K&L Oh Sharma Red

3STAR OH Funaki

SHA Foreman x Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia @VOST

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