Melkveebedrijf De Oosterhof - Willem Scholten


Genomic index USA: +3058 GTPI (2022-12)

Production 962 M 0.21%F 0.08%P 99 F 54 P 888 NM
Health +4.6 PL 2.94 SCS +0.1 DPR
Type 2.62 UDC 1.89 F&L 2.68 PTAT

Genomic index NLD: +215 GNVI (2022-12; B&W)

Production 895 M 0.45%F 0.06%P 82 F 37 P 338 INET
Health 209 LVD 100 UGH 104 CGT 105 VRU
Type 103 FR 103 RB 108 UI 104 BE 108 TOT


3STAR OH Reevival


De Oosterhof 3STAR Reevestar

2.06 305d 8.929kgM 4.92%F 439kgF 3.52%P 314kgP


K&L OH Mabel

2.07 305d 8.977kgM 4.83%F 434kgF 3.87%P 347kgP
3.08 305d 9.606kgM 5.02%F 482kgF 3.65%P 350kgP

Fantastic genomic transmitter with 7 sons in AI! Backed by a great French / USA cowfamily, bred sires like Rosalio & Oslo RF The dam to Mabel is a Rubicon daughter out of a Cashcoin half-sister to the popular French showcow Hermine Tual


Maybelline Tual VG-85

Lifetime: 1.372d 45.594kgM 4.71%F 2.147kgF 3.51%P 1.600kgP

High GTPI and GRZG Rubicon daughter, fresh of her 4th calf!

Next generations

  • Ilona Tual GP-84 (s. Cashcoin)
    Half-sister to Hermine Tual EX-94 (Gold Chip)
  • Francine Tual VG-86 (s. Man-O-Man)
    Dam of Hermine Tual EX-94, EX-95 MS (s. Gold Chip)
  • Aurore Tual VG-86 (s. Shottle)
    Lifetime production : 114.950 kg milk!
  • Uvel Tual GP-84 (s. Finley)
  • Brett Tanazany (s. Brett)
  • Vision-Gen Lantz Quartz-ET (s. Lantz)