Melkveebedrijf De Oosterhof - Willem Scholten


Genomic index DEU: +152 GRZG (2023-08)

Production 1961 M 0.02%F 0.06%P 81 F 75 P 155 RZM
Health 111 RZN 104 RZS 105 RZR 114 RZGes 2344 RZ€
Type 100 KÖR 115 MTY 110 EUT 106 FUN 114 RZE

Genomic index USA: +3102 GTPI (2023-09)

Production 2270 M -0.01%F 0.04%P 85 F 84 P 1105 NM
Health +6.0 PL 2.79 SCS -0.6 DPR
Type 2.22 UDC 0.66 F&L 1.93 PTAT


3STAR OH Madoline


3STAR OH Mazzali

Super transmitting profile with, still, outstanding scores for TPI, NM$ & RZG! Due end of November, 2023. Carries BB & A2A2 Shows huge fat and protein % in all systems!


K&L OH Mallory

Top quality daughter of the mega bulldam K&L OH Mabel


K&L OH Mabel

2.07 305d 8.977kgM 4.83%F 434kgF 3.87%P 347kgP
3.08 305d 9.606kgM 5.02%F 482kgF 3.65%P 350kgP

Fantastic genomic transmitter with 7 sons in AI! Backed by a great French / USA cowfamily, bred sires like Rosalio & Oslo RF The dam to Mabel is a Rubicon daughter out of a Cashcoin half-sister to the popular French showcow Hermine Tual

Next generations

  • Maybelline Tual VG-85 (s. Rubicon)
    High GTPI and GRZG Rubicon daughter, fresh of her 4th calf!
  • Ilona Tual GP-84 (s. Cashcoin)
    Half-sister to Hermine Tual EX-94 (Gold Chip)
  • Francine Tual VG-86 (s. Man-O-Man)
    Dam of Hermine Tual EX-94, EX-95 MS (s. Gold Chip)
  • Aurore Tual VG-86 (s. Shottle)
    Lifetime production : 114.950 kg milk!
  • Uvel Tual GP-84 (s. Finley)
  • Brett Tanazany (s. Brett)