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Spectacular offer from RZN and Wilder Holsteins!

The German GenHotel members RZH and Wilder Holsteins offer a total of five animals at the European Classics Sunrise Sale in Mechlenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, this Friday evening, March the 24th. Be there live on location in the RinderAllianz-Vermarktungszentrum or online, to get your hands on these amazing genetics.... Read more


Wilder Kanu family delivered VG-86 Rubels-Red at Holtkamp!

A recent classification at Wilder Holsteins resulted in great type results. During this classification round, the offspring from the well-known cow family of Wilder Kanu 111 RDC were presented remarkably strong. For example, the highest scored 2-yr-old, a fancy Rubels-Red with VG 86 points, came from the always performing Kanu family!... Read more


Genomic run USA delivers new top females!

The October genomic run in America has again delivered several interesting new toppers for, among others, GenHotel members Wilder, Koepon, Hurkmans and Zandenburg Holsteins. The sires in the top this month also show a lot of variation... Read more


First Magnifique daughters scoring high for gTPI!

During the June run for American genomics, the first European daughters of Peak AltaMagnifique (Maestro x Positive) score immediately high. Furthermore, the wide variation in the sires of the newly tested females is again remarkable this month.... Read more


USA genomics of European females

The American genomics run in April has resulted in quite some diversity of sires of the highest, newly genomic tested females in Europe, with several interesting daughters from Gameday, Mahomes, Parfect, AltaWheelhouse and Ranger-Red.... Read more


Excellent visit at Wilder Holsteins

In January Wilder Herzdame P and Wilder Sally already received an excellent score, recently the fourth lactation Seagull-Bay Silver daughter Wilder Moca followed with EX-90 & EX-93 FR!... Read more


Successful GenHotel Selection Sale purchase

Back in August 2020 BWN Holsteins and GenHotel offered the 2681 gTPI (8-2021) scoring BWN 3STAR Sunny Red at the GenHotel Selection Sale. Sunny Red ranked very well and belonged among the top 5 gTPI Swingman daughters in Europe! Wilder Holsteins saw the enormous potential of this Swingman Red and bought her as addition to their breeding program.... Read more


New gTPI toppers at Wilder and Koepon!

The highest gTPI females in Europe from GenHotel members this month are mainly from Wilder Holsteins and Koepon Genetics. Altena Holsteins and Willsbro Holsteins also have heifers in the top 50 gTPI in March.... Read more


163 gRZG R&W heifer from famous bull dam family

Lot 25 Wilder Kaboom Red, a descendant from the Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88 family - a cow family which delivers show stars as well as bull dams - is packed with stunning possibilities. By investing in this lot during the VOST Select Sale 9 you bring a future bull dam into your herd!... Read more


RUW shows progeny group of Wilder Hotspot P

During the RUW Schau in Hamm 2021 last Friday, the first lactating daughters of Wilder Hotspot P were shown. Last proof run, the son of Endco Superhero bred by Wilder Holsteins received his first daughter proven breeding value of 140 gRZG.... Read more


Great additions for Koepon and Willsbro!

The American genomics results for November have been published by the Holstein Association USA. In the top 50 gTPI with newly genomic tested females in Europe are no fewer than 4 heifers from Koepon Genetics and 2 from Willsbro Holsteins... Read more


Progeny presentation

The German Dairy Show, and therefore also the progeny presentation could not take place this year in its usual form. Alternatively, the herdbooks were given the opportunity to present their best sires by videos of lactating daughters.... Read more


Super results for bulls GenHotel members!

This proof run has given many bulls bred by GenHotel members new (genomic) breeding values. This has resulted in various international successes, including several national number 1 listings! Below a number of the many toppers.... Read more


Full sisters by Silky X Wilder Konzert RDC classified

Two HAH Silky Red granddaughters of Wilder K25 Red EX-90 were recently classified with a well-deserved VG. The two red descendants from the 'Wilder-K' family are an outcome of the 3STAR Breeding Program. With their great qualities these two milking heifers make a solid contribution to the success of the one-year old 3TAR prefix... Read more


High gTPI females of GenHotel members

The American genomic results of females have also been published this week. Due to the unchanged calculation model, the changes are also limited here, with a few new additions to the top of Europe... Read more


New top heifers for Koepon and Exloër Holsteins!

The American genomics run in November was very successful for Koepon Genetics. No fewer than 4 newly tested Koepon females are in the top 50 gTPI in Europe this month. Exloër Holsteins also has a great conformation topper in the barn with Exloër Wendy.... Read more


Wilder K25 has increased her score to EX!

A fantastic classification day it was recently for Wilder Holsteins. They showed fourteen animals, including seven first calvers. Swissbec Brekem RDC daughter Wilder K25-Red was rescored in her third lactation... Read more


Full sister of Hotspot P classified VG-87!

Recently the second calver Endco Superhero daughter Wilder Holiday P was classified for the second time with VG-87 AV at Wilder Holsteins. Her full brothers Wilder Hansa P and Wilder Hotspot P provide many high and polled offspring. Brothers Norbert and Hermann Holtkamp have already bred many successful descendants from this cow family. A fantastic bred line from the European champion Batke Outside Kora EX-94!... Read more


Your vote for the Red Impact Cow Of The Year

You can vote on your favorite Red Impact Cow until the 27th of April. This election is introduced bij Holstein International and counts 25 nominated R&W and RDC cows this year. GenHotel will introduce you to several great animals from our members which have been put forward!... Read more


Wilder Holsteins & Plataan Holsteins honored at HighlightSale

During the HighlightSale at the 10th of January, the RUW took a moment to honor breeders of sires which are in RUW's AI station. Two of GenHotels members were honored during the 'Züchterehrung' and they both recieved a picture of their bred sires. Wilder Holsteins was awared for breeding the red sire Wil Laser PP and Plataan Holsteins got in the spotlights because of its Plataan RUW Avenue.... Read more


RZH SIE Seattle sold for €50.000!

There was a lot of enthousiasm for the 47 lotnumbers at the HighlightSale last Friday in Hamm, Germany. From this total of 47 sale heifers 41 were sold for a tremendous average of € 8.066! Salesmasher was RZH SIE Seattle. With such an amazing genomic profile it was already certain before the sale that she would be the topseller this year. But nobody expected that she would be sold for € 50.000!... Read more


New genomics EU females

Also the USA genomic results of females in Europe are released. The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeders, the CDCB, has changed the calculation... Read more


Update Wilder Holsteins

Wilder Holsteins, the Holtkamp family in Germany, has several interesting fresh milking heifers, which have been flushed as young heifers intensively... Read more


Top GTPI Europe December

The new indexes of the females on US base are publiced now as well. You can find the Top 100 GTPI of Europe and the 50 highest new females on our GENOMICS page. De Oosterhof Holsteins en GenHotel own two of the top ten heifers!... Read more


New No. 1 Red carrier in Europe

There is a new No. 1 Red carrier female in Europe, Wilder Sanschein RDC at +2800 GTPI. She is an Imax x Profit x Brekem x Sanderij Massia Sneeuwitje. The Apina Massia 102 proofs to be... Read more


Open House Day RUW

Next Friday, June 1, 2018, the German AI-organization RUW celebrates the opening of their new AI-Station with an open house day.... Read more

Wilder Kanu

Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88

VG-88 Snowman x VG-89 Shottle x VG-88 Ramos

Great broodcow!

Wilder K25 Red EX-90

EX-90 Brekem RDC x VG-88 Snowman x VG-89 Shottle

Dam of Baymax Red (s. Bagno) @ Masterrind and Matt RF (s. Battlecry) @ Genes Diffusion

Wilder Konzert RDC

Battlecry x EX-90 Brekem RDC x VG-88 Snowman

Dam of the proven bulls Paladin @RUW and Pasco @Masterrind. Eight sons in AI!

WILDER 60380 VG-85

VG-85 Aristocrat x Charl x EX-90 Salvatore RDC

Wilder Kylie Red VG-86

VG-86 AltaTop-Red x VG-87 Solution x VG-89 Salvatore RDC

Wilder 65249

Gameday x VG-87 Aristocrat x VG-89 Salvatore RDC

Wilder Karmen RDC

Monteverdi x Charl x EX-90 Salvatore RDC

WILDER 02682

Gameday x VG-89 Salvatore RDC x Battlecry

Wilder 02699

Monteverdi x VG-86 AltaTop-Red x VG-87 Solution

By Monteverdi, > 160 gRZG straight from the Wilder Kanu 111 RDC family

Apina Massia 21

Wilder Coco P-Red VG-86

VG-86 Perfect Aiko RDC x VG-85 Colt P x VG-86 Kylian

Dam to Wilder Born P RDC (s. Battlecry)

Wilder Smile Red VG-85

VG-85 Brekem RDC x VG-89 Snowman x EX-90 Shottle

Dam of Wilder Smiley RDC (s. Battlecry) @ CRV

Wilder Suntime Red VG-85

VG-85 Mark RDC x VG-86 Imax x VG-85 Profit

Wilder Susu Red

Ranger-Red x GP-84 Mark RDC x VG-86 Imax

Wilder 02673 Red

Ranger-Red x GP-84 Mark RDC x VG-86 Imax

No. 1 R&W TPI heifer of Europe (3-2023)

Wilder Susi Red

Freestyle-Red x VG-85 Mark RDC x VG-86 Imax

Red Freestyle-Red with high indexes in the American & German system, A2A2 and from the Massia family!

Wanja / To-Mar Wayne Hay

Wilder Wonne VG-88

VG-88 Balisto x Epic x VG-87 Man-O-Man

Dam of Wilder Cashpoint (s. Cashflow) @ RUW

Wilder Rover What A Moment

Rover PK x VG-87 Basic x GP-83 Lighthouse

Sky-high Rover from the deep To-Mar Wayne Hay family. Scores in America as well as in Germany tremendously

Wilder M

Wilder May 150 VG-85

VG-85 Copyright x VG-85 Yoda x EX-90 Supershot

over 40kgM a day!

Batke Outside Kora

Wilder Hilly EX-90

EX-90 Modena x VG-85 Saloon x VG-85 Snowman

Dam to Wilder Kerryhill (s. Kerrigan), #1 GISU 12-2017 and 7 other bulls in AI

Wilder Home

Modesty x GP-84 Modena x VG-85 Saloon

High Modesty granddaughter of Wilder Hira

Wilder Honig VG-89

VG-89 Lineman x VG-85 Saloon x VG-85 Snowman

Dam to WIlder Nonig (s. Superhero) @ Genes Diffusion

Wilder Herzdame-P EX-90

EX-90 Superhero x VG-87 Powerball P x VG-85 Saloon

One of the most interesting young heifers in Europe

Wilder Hong

Kerrigan x EX-90 Modena x VG-85 Saloon

Full sister to Wilder Kerryhill, #1 GISU (12-2017)

Wilder 65186

Top Dog x VG-85 Charl x VG-89 Jedi

WILDER 02651

Gameday x VG-85 Renegade x VG-87 Rolan

Ralma Juror Faith

Wilder Fla VG-85

VG-85 Honda x VG-86 Modesty x VG-87 Jedi

Wilder 365121 VG-85

VG-85 Zasberilla x VG-85 Humblenkind x VG-87 Jedi

WILDER 365134

Zasberilla x VG-85 Humblenkind x VG-87 Jedi

Wilder Fila

Manhattan x VG-85 Humblenkind x VG-87 Jedi

Wilder 36345

Fastball x VG-85 Humblenkind x VG-87 Jedi

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy

SHA Fisi GP-84

GP-84 Dynamo x VG-87 Gatedancer x VG-85 Silver

- Famous Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 family

Wilder Fallon

AltaZazzle x GP-84 Dynamo x VG-87 Gatedancer

Larcrest Juror Chanel

HET SC Charlene ET VG-87

VG-87 Soundcloud x VG-86 Sound System x VG-87 Balisto

Extremely high indexes in all systems!

Wilder Caisy

Manhattan x VG-87 Soundcloud x VG-86 Sound System

Wilder Charly

AltaPlinko x VG-87 Soundcloud x VG-86 Sound System

Vir-Clar DE Classy

Wilder Clark

Aristocrat x GP-84 Spectre x GP-84 Profit

MR1 34,3kg 5,74%f 3,32%p MR3 38,9kg 4,33%f 3,01%p

Wilder Cinema

AltaZazzle x Aristocrat x GP-84 Spectre

Wilder Caro

Gameday x Aristocrat x GP-84 Spectre

Wilder Cor RDC

Ranger-Red x Aristocrat x GP-84 Spectre

WILDER 75564

Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x Aristocrat

Wilder City

Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x Aristocrat

Wilder 75582

Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x Aristocrat

Regancrest Durham Barbie

Wilder Airport

Solomon x VG-88 Beemer x EX-92 Atwood

HIN M- family

HIN Maja

Entity x GP-84 Imax x EX-90 Supershot

Wilder Milte

Mahomes x Entity x GP-84 Imax

WILDER 75534

Monteverdi x Entity x GP-84 Imax

Roylane Socra Mira 1760

Wilder Mon

Arrozo x VG-86 Merryguy x GP-81 Medley

Wilder RUW Score

Scorer x VG-85 Husky x VG-85 Lylas

Aija Outside Joy

Wilder Fortuna

AltaZazzle x Aristocrat x Imax

WILDER 83179

Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x Aristocrat

Proud to have bred

Wilder Hotspot P

Superhero x Powerball P x Saloon
Former number 1 gRZG polled Holstein sire

Wilder Kanu P Red

Colt P x Wilder Kanu 111 RDC

Wilder Kanu P Red, one of the most important sires of sosn for RW& and Polled breeding last few years!


Anton x Wilder Kanu 111 RDC

Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88

Super broodcow, dam of Wilder Kanu P and many others

Wilder Mark RDC

Apprentice RDC x Supershot x Picanto
One of the highest Red Carrier sires globally

Baymax Red

Bagno RDC x Brekem RDC x Snowman
No. 1 proven bull Germany August 2021

Wilder Pasco-Red

Pace-Red x Battlecry x Brekem RDC

Wilder Dukat P-Red

Debutant x Wilder Kylie P Red

Wilder Laser PP

Label P x Wilder Kylie P Red

Wilder Paladin Red

Pace x Wilder Konzert
proven bull at RUW

Wilder Born P Rdc

Battlecry x Wilder Cola(Coco) P
No. 1 polled RDC proven bull Germany 08-2020

K&L Kontra Red

HAH Silky Red x Wilder Konzert RDC

Wilder Dynamite PP RDC

Wilder Hotspot P x Wilder Daffy PP Red

Wilder Systematic Red P

Caudumer Solitair P at KI Samen

Wilder Dalliance Et

Great type sire in the UK. Sired by Silver

Wilder Pantheon

Pace x Wilder Konzert
proven bull at RUW

Wilder Galileo RDC

Gywer RDC x Windmill x Penley (Wilder Kanu family)

Wilder Coach

Copyright x Yoda x Supershot (Wilder Meta family)

Wilder Holocron

Aristocrat x Fortune x Powerball P

Wilder Sonora P

Hotspot P x Euclid x Lineman

Contact with Wilder Holsteins