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Unique European R&W gTPI female ranking!

A unique situation has arisen in the female top gTPI red-and-white European animals, which are primarily bred by members of GenHotel. An impressive number of offspring in the top are influenced by "Red Impact Cow of 2021" Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86, while on the paternal side, the bull Calmac RUW Tricky Red leads the list.... Read more


New daughter proven list leaders in Germany

The latest German April index run included a base adjustment, which resulted in a decrease of 5.0 for B&W RZG and 4.8 for R&W RZG. Despite this adjustment, the top sires of December 2023 maintained their indexes quite well. However, new bulls competed for the top spots in the Holstein and Red Holstein rankings. As a result, two new list leaders emerged among the progeny-proven bulls.... Read more


Visstein K&L Money P, the no. 1 progeny-proven RZG sire!

It was a special proof run for the breeders of Visstein K&L Money P Red, Visstein, and GenHotel. The Tirsvad Match P RDC son made his debut in August 2020 on the red German genomics list, ranking at 4th place with 160 gRZG. This made him the number one polled red genomics sire . Now, 3.5 years and more than 200 lactating daughters later, Money P Red proves himself again as a debuting number one proven sire with impressive qualities.... Read more


Grand Champion Fokveeshow Lochem increases her score to EX-91!

GenHotel members Holbra Holsteins and Oosterbrook Holsteins participated in the Fokveeshow Lochem and did great in different categories. Also succiess was being achievedwith a 3STAR Embryo Program result. The highlight of the day was Leon Heijink's victory with his fourth calf Esperanto daughter and she received a new excellent score this morning!... Read more


Dam of Lot 8 Mariskijn P Red in first place!

Last Saturday, the Fokveeshow Lochem provided an excellent opportunity to show the first calver Diekers 3STAR OH Florijn Red to the public. Florijn Red is a Poppe Freestyle-Red daughter, bred by Diekers Holsteins, De Oosterhof, and GenHotel. She belongs to an impressive and globally known cow family and is also a half-sister of Whisper Red which makes her a rising show star descending from a bull dam family!... Read more


Polled red heifers from 9 generations of bull dams!

On March 14th (tomorrow morning) at 9:00 AM, the GenHotel Selection Sale will start. The sale includes two beautiful lot numbers that are out of the Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC EX-90/Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret RC VG-87 cow family and both boasts a stunning 9 generations of bull dams in a row. You have the opportunity to become the owner of one of these two gorgeous, red offspring that are also polled... Read more


Early Mask-Red from an oustanding cow family

When you think of KHW Super Aderyn RDC EX-90, you immediately think of her red-and-white Dutch great-granddaughter Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red VG-89! Aderina was the first Salvatore RC daughter in the Netherlands with a score of VG-88 AV and even before her first calving, Aderina knew the Aiko's was completely new on the map due to her sublime breeding power. Even now, at the age of six, she still manages to leave a big mark on her (direct) offspring and her influence remains great.... Read more


Top polled Red Holstein from none other than I'm Good VG-87!

The remarkable dairy cow, KHE I'm Good VG-87, has produced over 70,000 kgM and has shown an impressive breeding power that continues to be passed down through several generations. One of her great-granddaughters, Poppe 3STAR Glennis P Red (lot 9), will be up for auction next week. So go get her!... Read more


Two polled heifers with roots going back to KNS Dorfgirl!

The upcoming GenHotel Selection Sale offers the opportunity to invest in Europe's best cow families, including those of the well-known German KNS 'D' cow family from the KNS Holsteins herd. This cow family, headed by KNS Dorfgirl, produced many well-known bulls and brood cows. During this online sale you can even get to choose between two great descendants!... Read more


Early Tricky-Red from the Marbella bull dam family

Today we can already present one of the beautiful, red, lots of the upcoming GenHotel Selection Sale to you! She is an early Calmac RUW Tricky Red daughter named 3STAR OH Margo Red. She is a granddaughter of none other than Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia GP-84, which makes her part of the high-transmitting cow family of Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella/Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu!... Read more


Praised member of the Sudena Holsteins herd: Rose RDC VG-89!

De Oosterhof Dg Rose RDC VG-89, 8.5-yrs-old, has become a prominent name in the pedigrees of many highly ranked cows and bulls in Europe. She was bought by Sudena Holsteins as a lactating 2-yr-old and is now in her fifth lactation, still serving as an influential brood cow for the Mensink family.... Read more


Great genomic results for Koepon Genetics!

The USA genomic results of newly tested females in February have been published by the Holstein Association USA. Lots of variation in sire image and 5 toppers in the top 50 gTPI Europe for Koepon Genetics this month.... Read more


Alsgaard 3STAR Molly Red scores 160 gRZG!

In celebration of reaching 5,000 followers on Instagram, GenHotel held a special giveaway at the end of 2023. Participants had the chance to win two embryos from the 3STAR Embryo Program by guessing the gRZG score of Alsgaard 3STAR Molly Red, which was born at Alsgards Lantbruk. Followers were required to guess the correct gRZG score of the newborn Molly, and over 90 Instagram followers participated. Only two people were able to guess the correct score of 160 gRZG, and the two embryos were raffled off among these winners. The lucky winner of the giveaway was Eike Behrends from Germany. Congratulations to him!... Read more


Great embryo donor Waldclass 3STAR HS Chanel 3 PP classifies VG-87!

She was just 5 months old when the then 150 gRZG scoring Waldclass 3STAR HS Chanel 3 PP (Simon P x Hotspot P) was sold to Diepenhoek Holsteins. There she was successfully flushed in order for the 3STAR Embryo Program. This resulted in the birth of several polled offspring for the Adriaans family and GenHotel. After being in first lactation for some time now, she was recently classified with a fantastic VG-score!... Read more


Influential cow families score at Poppe Holsteins!

Recently, a number of cows from various influential pedigrees were scored at the Poppe family's dairy farm. Among the entered heifers were also a full sister of Poppe Flight Red and the former number 1 gNVI red & white! It's up to GenHotel to share these great results with you.... Read more


Homozygous polled with stunning conformation!

Tomorrow, SIE 3STAR Fortuna Red PP will be auctioned at the Highlight Sale in Germany. This beautiful red-and-white heifer is a homozygous polled daughter of the popular young bull Tirsvad 3STAR Member PP Red and hails directly from the Dutch Mars Froukjes!... Read more


New all-rounder 3STAR OH Shield RDC is available!

At the end of 2023, the young sire 3STAR OH Shield RC, bred by De Oosterhof and GenHotel, became available at Semex. This very high and complete red factor Progenesis Monteverdi son is expected to become very successful and could have a major impact on the global Holstein population!... Read more


Influential sire & his son scored EX-96 & EX-95 at Genus/ABS!

It had been several years since the English AI station Genus/ABS classified AI-stud bulls, yet there were not one but two strong reasons for the breeding organization to have classifiers travel to their station. Both father Hoogenhorst OH DG Rubels-Red and his son Koepon OH Ryder-Red received the 'excellent' status last week!... Read more


High ranking redcarrier at Wilder Holsteins

In the meantime, the Holstein Association USA and CDCB have also published the genomic results for females. In the newly genomic tested females, this has resulted in a very interesting new topper for Wilder Holsteins... Read more


Early K&L Sputnik RDC from the Planet Silk family, the world's largest supplier of bulls!

Just after the breakthrough of K&L Sputnik RDC (s. Spark Red), bred by GenHotel in 2020, his semen was much-used in the 3STAR Breeding Program and other European breeding programmes. The then No. 3 genomics sire in Germany with 161 gRZG broke through in April 2020 and through his offspring, the genes of the American De-Su BW Marshal Georgia EX-90 cow family continue to flow through Europe. The recently photographed, young 3STAR OH Shiny RDC is a fantastic example of one of Sputnik RDC's promising daughters. With the arrival of his first daughter proven index in December, RUW will show a progeny group in Hamm (DE) at the beginning of next month.... Read more


Willem's-Hoeve Jmw Applause 26 gets the maximum 2-yr-old score!

GenHotel congratulates owners Willem's-Hoeve Holsteins, Metz & Nuijl with the very impressive and well-deserved score for the first calver Willem's-Hoeve Jmw Applause 26, the Reserve Junior Champion Red & White of the HHH 2023! The red Lindenright Moovin RDC daughter, which calved in mid-September, received the maximum score of VG-89.... Read more


The EmbryoSale offers strong type pedigrees!

A great offer is currently for sale in our GenHotel EmbryoSale with a grandiose level of type pedigrees bred to high-indemand type sires! Bids can be placed until Thursday, December 14th 3.00PM. For embryos from the 3STAR EmbryoProgram, please contact us for conditions and prices.... Read more


Spectacular national show weekend for members!

Numerous GenHotel members had traveled to the North of the Netherlands to participate in the national Holland Holstein sHow. Great results were achieved by them. One of the highlights of the day was provided by Drouner Holsteins, who headed home with the trophy for the Junior Holstein Championship!... Read more


The number 1 Member PP Red is offered at the VOST Select Sale!

De Oosterhof and GenHotel (3STAR Genetics) have the honour of offering the very first Tirsvad 3STAR Member PP Red daughter during the VOST Select Sale 11 on Friday evening, November the 24th! De Oosterhof 3STAR Julie P Red is not only the first Member PP daughter to be sold, but it is also the number 1 Member based on gRZG!... Read more


Ronald RDC-daughter 3STAR Sally Red scored VG-86!

The first calver Trent-Way-Js Ronald RC 3STAR Sally Red - owned by John van Oldeniel and GenHotel - calved in March at 1.11 years old. In the meantime she has grown into a fantastic 2-yr-old, which was also confirmed by her score of VG-86 last week!... Read more


On display now: Visstein 3STAR Adiva Red VG-87, important embryo donor!

The very impressive milking Kenmore Triple Crown-Red daughter Visstein 3STAR Adiva Red VG-87, bred by Visstein in collaboration with GenHotel, has been selected as a bull dam and in this way has already achieved successful flushing results. For example, her son Visstein 3STAR Aikon P Red has been sold to KI Samen and she was recently contracted for KI Kampen as well!... Read more


Fancy Rammstein-Red from the phenomenal Altitude EX 95 family!

The offer of the upcoming VOST Select Sale 11 offers a large amount of top genomics heifers within the range of almost 70 lot numbers. In addition to a flawless genomics profile, one of these top red-and-white heifer calves also has fantastic conformation and comes from the proven cow family of KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC EX-91, which goes back to none other than Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95.... Read more


Drouner Holsteins brings classification of top-notch!

Recently six young red and black and whites were classified at Drouner Holsteins. One of the young dairy cows re-scored is the second calver Blondin Success, a direct daughter of Blondin Goldwyn Subliminale EX-97. Also, again, the Albring family managed to breed a first calver with a maximum 2-yr-old score of VG-89!... Read more


Dam of top gTPI R&W sire Whisper-Red classifies VG!

The first calver Diekers K&L DL Whiskey RDC, a Peak AltaDateline x K&L Sv Sunny Red GP-84, was classified last week with her first score. With two high ranking sons in different genomics systems Whiskey RDC is the 10th generation of bull dam in a row!... Read more


Mabel delivers GTPI toppers again!

During the USA September genomics run, several newly tested animals received high genomic results from GenHotel members, with no less than 7 in the top 50 gTPI females in Europe listed... Read more


3STAR Visstein Adola Red, essential donor for Embryo Program

Several embryos from different sires were produced for the 3STAR Embryo Program by 3STAR Visstein Adola Red, a Rubels-Red from icon Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red VG-89. Produced embryos were sold to customers in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and the first high-testing offspring are now in the picture as well!... Read more


Sudena Leilenie 34 wins the special production class

GenHotel member Sudena Holsteins entered the show ring of the 70th 'Fokveedag Vriezenveen' last Saturday. Especially on the occasion of this anniversary, a special 'Production Class' was set up where breeders could sing up their durable dairy cows with a total life production of 70,000 kgM or more! The Mensink family managed to get their - almost - 9-year-old dairy cow Sudena Leilenie 34 in top condition for this show day and took the leading position in this impressive class.... Read more


Smokey P Red's granddam Smokey RDC now EX-90

In the herd of the Dutch Huntje Holsteins, the now seven-year-old Wilder Smokey RDC is still present and in awesome condition. She is a De-Su 12109 Battlecry daughter from the well-known German brood cow Wilder Smile Red VG-85, tracing back to the famous Massias. In 2016, after being purchased by the Oudenampsen family and GenHotel, the very interesting Smokey RDC switched owners and crossed the German-Dutch border to built-up a great future.... Read more


Embryo purchase VO Madita grows into wonderful dairy cow!

Out of the successful 3STAR Breeding Program, several combinations from donor De Oosterhof K&L May Lios Tual 1 were sold and transfered in 2019. Three of these embryos, produced with Peak Altahothand, were exported to the German herdbook VOST and resulted in the birth of two heifer calves.... Read more


Influential bulldam Amber PP Red classified!

Recently, the time came for the very influential Amber PP Red, owned by Tirsvad Genetics and GenHotel, to meet the Danish herdbook classifier. The beautiful first VG score makes the homozygous polled Caudumer Solitair P Red daughter directly the 16th generation VG/EX in a row!... Read more


The exceptional Rocca 3STAR Adna Red!

A true pleasure for the eyes, that was Rocca 3STAR Adna Red immediately after her birth. Also as a maiden heifer we could already enjoy the pictures made of this Mr Blondin Warrior-Red granddaughter of HC Archrival Arianne VG-89... Read more


3STAR Cimona RDC VG-88 remains in outstanding shape!

At the end of November 2022, Lindenright Moovin RDC daughter 3STAR Cimona RDC freshened at 2.03 years. The fancy uddered daughter from K&L King Doc Ciracha VG-85 comes from the strong type branch of the Larcrest Juror Chanel EX-93 family and ended up at the farm of Dutch show fanatics VOF de Bruin via the 3STAR Embryo Program. Recently the GenHotel phototeam went there to photograph her!... Read more


Number 1 gTPI Gameday for Neppelenbroek!

The Holstein Association USA and CDCB have published the genomic results for the month of July. For the newly tested females, this has once again delivered good results for GenHotel members with heifers in the top of Europe... Read more


Meet the influential and all-round 3STAR Kanucy Red

3STAR Genetics breeding result 3STAR Kanucy Red BB A2A2 was flushed as a heifer with six different sires. The RR Percey-Red daughter has just freshened and has already produced 30 offspring before her first calving. Her first daughters are now entering the flush program... Read more


3STAR RT Patsy RDC, a cow that will have great impact on the Red Holstein breed!

3STAR RT Patsy RDC GP-84 and her full sisters 3STAR Bomaz Riva RDC and 3STAR Bomaz Rive VG-85 are just one of the few Bomaz Delta 7173 offspring in Europe. All three heifers were therefore extensively used in the 3STAR Breeding Program. Now that their first high-testing daughters will also be flushed soon, this great cow family will expand rapidly within Europe! All the more reason to capture the very well-built Patsy RDC on camera.... Read more


R&B Altatop Aivy Red has making her name in the 3STAR Breeding Program

During the GenHotel Selection Sale of August 2020, Batouwe and Roubos Holsteins sold the 161 gRZG scoring R&B Altatop Aivy Red, a Koepon AltaTop-Red granddaughter of the well-known bull dam Batouwe Salsa Aiko Red VG-85. At the time, Aivy-Red was the number 1 RZEuro AltaTop-Red and the number 3 gRZG (161 gRZG) AltaTop worldwide!... Read more


The first 3STAR Red Genetics Dealroom has started!

Today (July 4th) from 4.00 PM the 3STAR Red Genetics Dealroom will start! Eight red and red carrier heifers from the 3STAR Breeding Program are offered. The dealroom is open until Tuesday July 11th 3.00 PM. Until then, you can place bids and enter into negotiations!... Read more


VMO Holsteins invests in popular Bomaz cow family

Recently, Dignity 3STAR Rina 2 RDC, a descendant of the American bull dam Bomaz Delta 7173 VG-88, entered the VMO Holsteins herd. Only three generations is the red factor Peak AltaAlanzo daughter removed from this multiple bull dam. She has the potential to... Read more


The influence of Mabel is further expanding in Europe

The first (red factor) great-granddaughters of well-known donor and bull dam K&L OH Mabel are born in the Netherlands at the beginning of this year and score up to 3028 gTPI and 157 gRZG. In the meantime also very high and interesting granddaughters are currently being flushed in Italy!... Read more


Powerful 2-year-olds pictured at Tirsvad Genetics

Recently you could already read about the influential purchase of Tirsvad Genetics and GenHotel, namely Amber PP Red. In addition to this Red Holstein icon, influential brood cows Tirsvad Charl Galathea and Tirsvad 3STAR Simon Mojito P were also photographed at the Danish dairy farm.... Read more


Top red carrier USA genomic result for Koepon in June!

The USA genomics results of newly tested females in June have been published again by the Holstein Association USA. Cookiecutter Holysmokes had a large share in the highest newly tested calves in May, in June the sire presence in the European top 50 gTPI shows more variation... Read more


The influential Amber PP Red like you have never seen her before!

The Masterrind Exclusive top seller of 2020, Amber PP Red, has caused a big whirlwind under the wings of Tirsvad Genetics and GenHotel. With her first scores of 2640 gTPI, 380 gNVI, 165 gRZG, 132 gRZE, 156 gRZM and the fact that she is homoyzgoot polled Red made her the fantastic candidate for the joint breeding program. Now, more than three years later, the influence of the Caudumer Solitair P Red daughter is immense for the European, polled Red Holsteins segment and Amber PP Red more than lived up to all expectations!... Read more


KHE I'm Good is shining again!

She has been in the spotlight more often lately after the Dutch Alger Meekma recently re-photographed the third lactation Boldi V Gymnast, KHE I'm Good VG-87. The joint purchase of Poppe Holsteins and GenHotel has been of great influence since her arrival at Poppe! This picture emphasizes her dairyness and strength and even lives up to her name!... Read more


Another awesome score for K&L KD Ciracha daughter!

One by one, daughters from the PTAT transmitter K&L KD Ciracha VG-85 (by King Doc) are freshening. Absthoeve Holsteins also invested in embryos through the 3STAR Embryo Program from this Larcrest Juror Chanel EX-93 type line and thus brought this fantastic cow family into their herd, together with GenHotel.... Read more


Rising star Beerzedal 3STAR Minka 4

The at Beerzedal Holstein born Beerzedal 3STAR Minka 4 is a brilliant result from the 3STAR Breeding Program. With 3020 gTPI / 1192lbs / 0.22%F & 0.08%P / 1038 NM$ is the highest Wet Acura Maximus daughter globally!... Read more


Update influential donors of De Oosterhof & GenHotel

The collaboration between De Oosterhof and GenHotel has made a big leap in recent years within both the Holstein and Red Holstein top breeding. This is also proven by the former and much flushed top donors (Magnolia, Ruby Sun, Kalicia RDC, Sunnyside Red and Reevestar), which have recently been photographed and/or classified!... Read more


GenHotel's list with sire of sons is resfreshed!

After the April 2023 index run, GenHotel has updated the list with sire of sons. Some bulls have been replaced by a number of impressive debuting high genomic young sires. With this we start the spring of 2023 with a new top list and we intoduce some newly available bull sires to you.... Read more


Great performances at the Dutch herd De Wijde Blik

De Wijde Blik's great performances have been piling up in recent weeks. In addition to great results that were achieved at the local Video Competition and the Champions League Cattle Judging event organized at De Wijde Blik, they also hosted a classifier with exciting results. Herewith we summarize this accumulation of highlights for you.... Read more


3STAR Konika Red moved to VG-89!

The recently calved Bentehoek Andy Red daughter 3STAR Konika Red was re-classified, fresh in her second lactation, by the Dutch herdbook. Owners Goesten-Pullen are very happy with the new score of the Wilder Kanu 111 RDC offspring, implanted as an embryo at their farm!... Read more


3STAR EmbryoProgram brings booming results at Aalshorst Holsteins

At Aalshorst Holsteins, the recent classification, in which 50% of the scored cows result from the 3STAR Embryo Program, was extremely successful. Of the cows that are jointly owned or co-bred with GenHotel, no less than 6 milking cows received a score of VG-85 or more! Below a glimpse of the results achieved by the Scholten family.... Read more


Success stories Rosellas keep flooding in!

After Koeweide Holsteins and Drouner Holsteins, the Spanish breeder Cunordam SC now also follows with fantastic breeding news about a descendant of K&L OH Rozella VG-85. With another beautiful daughter born from exported Broeks Freemax embryos, Rozella's breeding strength continues to prove itself. Also abroad!... Read more


Great news of 3STAR Cimona RDC at VOF De Bruin!

This week the beautiful 3STAR Cimona RDC was classified at the De Bruin family in Giessenburg. She is a superbly uddered Lindenright Moovin RDC out of K&L King Doc Ciracha VG-85, the strong type branch of the Larcrest Juror Chanel EX-93 family, and comes from the 3STAR EmbryoProgram.... Read more


Drouner Holsteins enjoys a fanastic classification

With a group of 15 two-yr-olds, Drouner Holsteins managed to impress the Dutch classifier. This was further emphasized by the average of VG-85.7 of these milking 2-yr-olds. In addition to the youthful group with two-year-olds, five cows were also re-scored.... Read more

Aldonhill Milestone Brillance

3STAR HWH Betsy P GP-84

GP-84 Best Benz x GP-83 Hotspot P x VG-87 Hologram-P

Polled Best Benz with high genomics 

3STAR HWH Batty P Red

Matty PRDC x GP-83 Hotspot P x VG-87 Hologram-P

Sky high RED Matty P RDC out of Basic PP RDC!


Rammstein Red x GP-84 Best Benz x GP-83 Hotspot P

Red carrier and polled Rammstein with huge RZG score, granddam is multiple bulldam Basic PP RDC

Apina Massia

Wilder Suntime 1 Red

Cartoon P Red x VG-85 Mark RDC x VG-86 Imax

High gTPI and RZG Cartoon P Red with super daughter fertility from the successful Apina Massia family. Many bulls at AI-studs, such as Wilder Smile, Sanderij Payback Red and Sanderij Ginger Red.

Simons 3STAR Mady 3693 Red

Rammstein Red x VG-85 Stamkos RC x VG-85 Jacuzzi-Red

Simons 3STAR Madam 3695 Red

Rammstein Red x GP-84 Stamkos RC x VG-85 Jacuzzi-Red

Huntje 3STAR Smokey 9 Red

Rammstein Red x EX-90 Battlecry x VG-85 Brekem RDC

Top 100 gNVI from the Massia's Stunning amount of milk!

Art-Acres Kay721

3STAR OH Kayleigh Red

Ranger-Red x Crown-Red x GP-82 Salvatore Rc

Early Ranger Red with high RZG and GTPI from the American Art-Acres Kay721-ET EX-90 family

Blondin Skychief Supra

Blondin Success VG-89

VG-89 Raptor x EX-97 Goldwyn x EX-93 Red Marker

First Place intermediate + Res. Best Udder @Rundveeshow Noord Direct daughter from the "Star of the Breed 2021" Blondin Goldwyn Subliminale EX-97: first in her class @ World Dairy Expo & All American 2017! Amazing Canadian pedigree with tremendous showtype and high milkproduction! Same family as Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97, 3x Grand Champion R&W Show Royal Winter Fair and Grand  Champion R&W at the World Dairy Expo 2010 & 2012! Co-owned with GenHotel

Batouwe Jr. LN Shadow P RC

Latenite x EX-91 Awesome-Red x EX-97 Goldwyn

Owned by De Jong & GenHotel

Batke Outside Kora

WIL Hulapalu

Picard x Arrozo x EX-90 Hotspot P

#1 PICARD FOR RZG, RZ€ AND RZÖKO + Cow family of Soho PP, Hotspot P, Snowfl ake, Bedford and Hansa P + Successful bull dams in this branch, such as WIL Holiday P VG89, WIL Herz P VG 87 and WIL Hira P + Foundation dam is the famous show and brood cow

Bomaz Frido

3STAR Bomaz Riva RDC

Riveting x Salvatore Rc x VG-88 Delta

Worldclass family at Bomaz which delivered any bulls in AI!

3STAR RT Patsy RDC GP-84

GP-84 Riveting x Salvatore Rc x VG-88 Delta

Very high daughters and sons in AI at Semex and Masterrind

3STAR Parfect 8618

Parfect x VG-85 Riveting x Salvatore Rc

3STAR Parfect 8677

Parfect x VG-85 Riveting x Salvatore Rc

Top GTPI Parfect from the super succesfull Bomaz herd.

3STAR Rivonne

Conway x VG-85 Riveting x Salvatore Rc

3STAR Patricia Red

Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting x Salvatore Rc

extremely high RZG, ISET and GTPI, Red and over 2900 GTPI!

3STAR Patty Red

AltaRefine-Red x GP-84 Riveting x Salvatore Rc

Red Bomaz Delta 7173 offpsring with high total indexes in all systmes!

3STAR Polente RDC

Rover x GP-84 Riveting x Salvatore Rc

Interesting, high transmitting Rover with RDC!  High in all systems

Dignity 3STAR Rina 2 RDC

AltaAlanzo x Riveting x Salvatore Rc

From the American Bomaz Delta 7173 cowfamily

3STAR Petronella RDC

Rover x GP-84 Riveting x Salvatore Rc

Red carrier Peak Rover with tremendous RZG score, granddaughter of Bomaz Salvatore RC 8066

Caudumer Lol


Arizona x VG-86 Simon P x GP-82 Styx Red

LIGHTNING BRINGS GREAT MILK & FITNESS! + Top ARIZONA from the heart of the Lol cow family, the family of Solitair P, Snickers P, Launch PP Red and Cartoon P Red + High proofs for health and longevity. + Caudumer Lol 371 RDC P VG 86 was Dutch Cow of 2022 and was nominated for the Red Impact Cow of the Year 2022.

Comestar Laurie Sheik

Poppe 3STAR Emaille

Manitu x GP-81 Bennie x VG-85 Subzero

Poppe 3STAR Emaille is an early Manitu daughter with high gNVI and a nice RZG score.  Hails from the special conformation family of Comestar Laurie Sheik

De Biesheuvel Javina

Willem's Hoeve 3STAR Javina 2762

Nexus x GP-83 Merryguy x Esperanto

Stunning gRZG!

Willem's Hoeve 3STAR Javina 2852

Wake Up x GP-83 Merryguy x Esperanto

High scoring RZG & NVI Delta Wake Up

Dixie-Lee Aspen

3STAR Ambera P Red

Ranger-Red x VG-86 Solitair P Red x VG-85 Abi Red PP

Polled Ranger-Red, sister to Member PP @ RUW/RSH and a full sister to Ranking P @RUW and Ambo P Red @ Semex!

3STAR TV Ambie P Red

Freestyle-Red x VG-86 Solitair P Red x VG-85 Abi Red PP

Polled and direct daughter of the famous bullmother Amber PP Red with excellent type! Maternal sister to Tirsvad 3STAR Member PP Red. Just fresh (1-2024)!

3STAR Amber 1059 PP Red

Sino P x Sinan PP x VG-86 Solitair P Red

One of the highest homozygous polled, red-and-white females based on gNVI!

Tirsvad 3STAR Aloha PP RDC

Sinan PP x VG-86 Solitair P Red x VG-85 Abi Red PP

High RZG homozygous polled maternal sister to Member PP Red, Ambo P Red and Ranking P Red! PP, BB, A2A2 and RDC!

3STAR Amber 0364 P RDC

Sino P x Sinan PP x VG-86 Solitair P Red

Scores even a higher NVI on R&W Basis! Her maternal sister is sold to CRV

GlH 3STAR Ambrosia P Red

Mask Red x Freestyle-Red x VG-86 Solitair P Red

Mask Red daughter that is backed by Amber PP Red, dam to Member PP Red & Ranking P Red! Polled with high RZG, top conformation and super fitness features.

3STAR Amber 1030 P RDC

Sino P x Sinan PP x VG-86 Solitair P Red

Amber 1030 P RDC is a granddaughter of bull dam Amber PP Red!

3STAR Amber 1083 P

Enclave x Sinan PP x VG-86 Solitair P Red

No. 1 polled B&W gNVI 4-2024

Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret RC

3STAR OH Sunnyside Red

Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc x Rubicon

The absolute R&W top of the world! Three sons in AI


Crisalis RF x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

3STAR OH Sunelio P Red

Sorelio P x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Two years old and still sky high numbers for RZG, NVI and TPI.

ZB 3STAR Sunday Red

Freestyle-Red x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

One of the most interesting and promising heifers at ZB Holsteins! Sunday Red is one of the highest Freestyle daughters for gTPI & RZG Great type indexes

3STAR OH Shady Red

Star P RDC x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Topheifer for RZG and great scores on GTPI and NVI from a very succesfull cowfamily that constantly produces high bulls in AI.

3STAR OH Shelly Red

Star P RDC x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Top genomics for RZG and GTPI

Diekers 3STAR OH Florijn Red

Freestyle-Red x VG-85 AltaDateline x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Maternal sister to a.o. Whisper Red @Semex

3STAR OH Sonnet Red

Trumpet-Red x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

De Oosterhof 3STAR Sunn RDC

Camden x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Sky high NVI (B&W)!

3STAR OH Monique P 2 Red

FrisbeeRDC x GP-84 Solitair P Red x GP-82 Styx Red

Polled en high scoring Frisbee RDC

3STAR OH Snoopy P Red

Cartoon P Red x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

Top index for polled!

3STAR OH Shanta Red

Shout RDC x Star P RDC x Rubels-Red

THI Shout RDC which is sky-high on RZG & NVI!


Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x GP-84 Solitair P Red

Red carrier Holysmokes with BB and extremely high scores for TPI, PFT and PLI.

Holec 3STAR Sunma Red

Mask Red x Ranger-Red x GP-83 Mark RDC

From the famous bull dam family!

Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella

Tirsvad 3STAR Zazzle Miami

AltaZazzle x VG-88 Pursuit x EX-91 Superhero

Tremendouse genomics on German, US and Dutch basis!

Dykster 3STAR Muskax P

Gladius x VG-86 Simon P x EX-91 Superhero

Polled Gladius with flaweless RZG profile


Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

Magnio RDC has 3 full brothers and 7 maternal brothers in AI

3STAR OH Maggystar

Stardancer x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

De Oosterhof 3STAR Margareth RDC

Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

Top GTPI for Red! Flaweless profile with high RZG and GTPI from a fantastic family!

HH 3STAR Zazzle 4460

AltaZazzle x VG-88 Pursuit x EX-91 Superhero

3STAR RM Martine

AltaAlanzo x GP-84 Riveting x EX-91 Superhero

Peak AltaAlanzo from the well-known bulldam family of Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu Tremendous scores for TPI and RZG! Also high in the UK with 859 PLI!

3STAR Marilse

Figaro x AltaZazzle x VG-88 Pursuit

The new no. 1 gNVI (2023-12) with towering gTPI as well. Her fenomonal gTPI sets her in the top 100 list of 1-2024

Groenibo 3STAR Maggilee Red

Boero RF x Freestyle-Red x GP-84 Riveting

Red Go-Farm Boero RF with excellent scores in Germany and the Netherlands/Flanders!

3STAR Maramia

War Gear x AltaZazzle x VG-88 Pursuit


Redlea RDC x Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting

Brilliant NVI score!

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

3STAR OH Leila

Parfect x GP-83 Charl x VG-85 Altatopshot

Outstanding TPI profile with a total index of >3000 gTPI!


Camden x VG-85 Rubels-Red x VG-86 Salvatore Rc

Gigantic score for RZM & gRZ€! 

Koepon Skyliner Range 239 Red

Skyliner-Red x Sputnik RDC x VG-85 Swingman Red

Early Skyliner-Red with a huge amount of milk >2000M and a total index of >165 gRZG!


KHE I'm Good VG-87

VG-87 Gymnast x VG-87 Rubicon x VG-89 Shotglass

Enormous production and a fantastic broodcow with many good sons and great looking and top producing daughters!

Poppe 3STAR Ginya P RDC

Star P RDC x Durable x VG-87 Gymnast

Polled granddaughter of I'm Good VG-87!

Poppe 3STAR Glamour GP-82

GP-82 Gladius x Durable x VG-87 Gymnast

BB + A2A2 From the well-known KHE 'I' cow family!

Poppe 3STAR Lady Gaga P Red

Skat P RDC x Star P RDC x Durable

What a pedigree! Red and polled; top ranker for NVI & RZG! Lady Gaga is the number 1 NVI Red & White of 12-2023

Grietje 80 / Genua

Sietskeshoeve 3STAR Gaby G-79

G-79 Gigabyte x VG-86 Rubi-Agronaut x GP-84 Cinema

She's the TOP of NVI, RZG, GICO & ISU Multiple sons in AI!

Poppe 3STAR Gilina

Palmer x VG-86 Soundcloud x VG-87 Gymnast

High scoring Palmer, backed by 12 generations VG/EX!

3STAR OH Leica

Altawheelhouse x GP-83 Charl x VG-85 Altatopshot

AltaWheelhouse met huge RZG & TPI!

3STAR Poppe Gabys

Camus x G-79 Gigabyte x VG-86 Rubi-Agronaut

Very high based on her RZG profile!

Poppe 3STAR Glennis P Red

Member PP Red x Star P RDC x Durable

Member PP Red with BB & A22 with stunning RZG & NVI scores!

Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC/KHW Goldwyn Aiko RC

R&B Altatop Aivy Red

AltaTop-Red x Alaska Red x VG-85 Salsa RC

Top transmitting AltaTop-Red daughter Stunning RZG  Maternal line is a much sought-after cow family with Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude EX-95 as their matriarch

3STAR Visstein Adola Red VG-87

VG-87 Rubels-Red x VG-89 Salvatore Rc x VG-86 Nugget RDC

Several good daughters and a Refine son @VOST. Just fresh in 2nd lactation!

De Oosterhof 3STAR Juliane Red

Star P RDC x Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore Rc

Poppe 3STAR Alinde P Red

Star P RDC x VG-85 Gywer RDC x GP-84 Great Red

Polled & Red, fantastic family and a great RZG profile. Due June 2024

3STAR Airlight Red

Flight Red x AltaTop-Red x Alaska Red

high gRZG rom the stunning KHW Goldwyn Aiko RC family

Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC/KHW Regiment Apple-Red

3STAR OH Aymee Red

Ranger-Red x Mark RDC x VG-85 Salvatore Rc

WOW! Top class in Germany, US and Switzerland!

Ariane RDC

Parfect x VG-88 Spark Red x VG-86 Nugget RDC

Top 5 RDC heifer in Europe for GTPI (8-2023)!

R&B Hugo Ailani PP Red

HugoPP RDC x VG-86 Solitair P Red x Alaska Red

Tremendous RZG profile for homozygous polled & red, one of the highest PP red heifers in Europe!

Poppe 3STAR Ann Red

Mask Red x GP-82 Star P RDC x VG-85 Gywer RDC

The no. 3 R&W gNVI of 12-2023! 

KNS Dorfgirl

KNS Derbytime Red

Sputnik RDC x GP-82 Gywer RDC x VG-85 Styx Red

Just fresh! Topseller Vost Select Sale 2021 Extremely high for RZG and RZEuro!

Koepon Classy

Dykster 3STAR Claxiva GP-82

GP-82 Brave x GP-82 Soundcloud x GP-83 Imax

Larcrest Juror Chanel

3STAR Christina Red

Ranger-Red x VG-88 Moovin*Rc x VG-85 Doc

High scoring PTAT Ranger-Red from the promising show branch of Chanel!

Mars Froukje

Oelhorst Froukje 835 P Red VG-86

VG-86 Solitair P Red x VG-85 Wisent RF x VG-89 Fun P

Maybelline Tual

3STAR OH Missy

Altaplinko x VG-86 Discjockey x Granite

3STAR OH Malou 1

AltaZazzle x Kenobi x Granite

New Mabel generation is ready to rumble! Topheifer for RZG and GTPI Son in AI


Pinball x Crimson x Granite

Very high GTPI Progenesis Pinball met high UDC index!

3STAR OH Maddy GP-84

GP-84 AltaZazzle x Kenobi x Granite

High for GTPI, RZG, PLI, ISU and NVI !

3STAR OH Maiball GP-84

GP-84 Pinball x Crimson x Granite

High in many systems, also GPFT and ISET!

3STAR OH Mazzle

AltaZazzle x Kenobi x Granite

Complete transmitting profile. Ready to flush for the international market!

3STAR OH Malionne

Champion-Red x Kenobi x Granite

3STAR OH DK Marielou

Conway x GP-83 Einstein x Granite

Mabel gr.daughter with an impresive gTPI score!

3STAR OH Reevival

Parfect x Riveting x Granite

> 3000 gTPI with oustanding gPTAT score as well. A granddaughter from the well-known Mabel!

Diepenhoek 3STAR Mabel

Altawheelhouse x VG-87 Einstein x Granite

AltaWheelhouse from the outstanding Mabel family

3STAR OH Maloe

Ridercup x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

BGP FB Ridercup scoring high on TPI and RZG. Full brother in AI!

3STAR OH Mientje RDC

Rammstein Red x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

Red carrier DG DV Rammstein Red daughter from the K&L OH Mabel cow family Highest daughter of 3STAR OH Mazzali based on RZG

3STAR OH Matahari

Dynasty x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

Diekers 3STAR Manar

Revolution x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

3STAR OH Mayssa

Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

3STAR OH Maudi

Esquire x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

De Oosterhof 3STAR Marlien

Powerstar x AltaZazzle x Kenobi

Peak Powerstar with A22 & BB, very high for NVI & RZG! From none other than the famous Mabel cow family! Her dam is just fresh

Broekhuizen 3STAR OH Margie Red

Tricky Red x Freestyle-Red x GP-84 Riveting

MS Kingstead Chief Adeen

Rocca 3STAR Adna Red VG-89

VG-89 Warrior-Red x Jordy-Red x VG-89 Archrival

THE NO.1 R&W gPTAT Warrior-Red in Europe! (4-2022) Still the no. 5 gPTAT Warrior-Red of Europe! Dam to the #10 gPTAT Doral Red in Europe. Co-owned with Roccafarm, Belgium.

Roccafarm 3STAR Adoree Red

Doral-Red x VG-89 Warrior-Red x Jordy-Red

#10 Doral-Red female based on gPTAT


Schuit Solana P Red VG-86

VG-86 Solitair P Red x Styx Red x GP-84 Silver

Polled Solitair P daughter with very high RZG, from the Radieuse EX-91 family

HMH 3STAR Flash Red

Freestyle-Red x Solitair P Red x Styx Red

The no.1 R&W RZG from her birthyear!

De Oosterhof 3STAR Flashy P Red

Freestyle-Red x Solitair P Red x Styx Red

Early polled Freestyle with great genomics.

3STAR SIE Shania P Red

Cartoon P Red x VG-86 Solitair P Red x Styx Red

Polled from the Radieuse family

De Wijde Blik 3STAR Saluti Red

Mask Red x Ranger-Red x VG-86 Solitair P Red

Ralma Juror Faith

Queen 3STAR Flower P

Nippon P x Jacuzzi-Red x VG-89 Balisto

3STAR Queen Femmy P

Nippon P x Jacuzzi-Red x VG-89 Balisto

CNH 3STAR Femke VG-87

VG-87 Nippon P x Jacuzzi-Red x VG-89 Balisto

Seagull-Bay O-Man Mirror

Beerzedal 3STAR Minka 4

Maximus x VG-86 Pursuit x GP-82 Rubi-Agronaut

Top GTPI heifer from the 'bull making' Oman Mirror family

De Oosterhof 3STAR Marion

Stardancer x Pursuit x GP-82 Rubi-Agronaut

Great NM$ combined with a fabulous TPI score from the Oman Mirror family!

Snow-N Denises Dellia

Dykster 3STAR Otia Red

AltaTop-Red x Pace-Red x VG-88 Nugget RDC

Dykster 3STAR Albertine

Gladius x Bali x VG-86 Gymnast

Extremely high RZG, GTPI and NVI heifer, due may 2024

3STAR DS Albertje G-78

G-78 Pikachu x Bali x VG-86 Gymnast

Dykster 3STAR Rivana

Rainow x Bali x VG-86 Gymnast

A Rainow with an extremely high RZG. Very high numbers for % fat & protein!

Dykster 3STAR Regina Red

Ranger-Red x AltaTop-Red x Pace-Red

From the family of Ewing Red, Dykster 3STAR Astra Red @RSH and Dykster 3STAR Atlantik

Dykster 3STAR Arezina

Arizona x Gladius x Bali

Dykster 3STAR Arezina with A2A2 and >160 gRZG one of the most interesting Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire/Snow-N Denises Dellia offspring of the moment!

3STAR Dykster Albetty

Soysauce x Gladius x Bali

Top 10 gNVI & very high scores in America & Germany as wll OCD Parfect Soysauce with A22 & BB

Dykster 3STAR Algetta

Gotti x Gladius x Bali

Sdg Gs Gotti with A2A2, impressive results for gNVI & RZG!

3STAR Albertine

Capitol x Gladius x Bali

Torenzicht 3STAR Hannelore

Dropbox x EX-94 Delta-Lambda x EX-91 Monterey

Stantons Freddie Cameo

Hul-Stein Bakersfield

Monteverdi x Charl x Jedi

Stantons Freddie Cameo descendant with awesome TPI & RZG

Terra-View Rotate Princess

THI Nancy

Capitol x GP-84 Sinan PP x GP-84 Timberlake


Tidy-Brook Elton Steph

3STAR Shirley Red

Rammstein Red x VG-86 Ronald RC x GP-84 Born P RDC

Very high RZG Rammstein from Tidy-Brook Elton Steph koefamilie! Extremely high RZE!

Rilara Mars Las Ravena

HWH 3STAR Phantasie P Red

Sirius P x Freestyle-Red x VG-85 Spark Red

Phantasie is the shared no. 1 Polled & Red & White Sirius P Red daughter Outstanding RZG score for red & polled - unbeatable! 3STAR EmbryoProgram result

Vekis Sudan Mellow

Peelsehoeve 3STAR Mai 7

Boreso x VG-85 Vh Crown x VG-87 Gymnast

NH HS Marilyn Monroe offspring

Vir-Clar DE Classy

3STAR ZZ Clarky

AltaZazzle x VG-85 Aristocrat x GP-84 Spectre

Due 27-10-2023 to Manitu

3STAR DS Claire

Enclave x GP-82 Brave x GP-82 Soundcloud

Top gNVI B&W female 4-2024

3STAR DS Claudy

Enclave x GP-82 Brave x GP-82 Soundcloud

Walkup Astronaut Lou Ann

DM Pur 984

Revelation x VG-85 Rio x VG-88 Phantom

First milkrecording: 30,1 kgM 5,01%F & 4,20%P Stunning RZG score, A2A2 and BB Walkup Bell Lou Etta cowfamily!

Welcome Bolton Gina

Poppe 3STAR Tesla Red

Freestyle-Red x Spark Red x VG-87 Styx Red

Stunning RZG with super health- and type traits!

Poppe 3STAR Traxi Red

Freestyle-Red x Spark Red x VG-87 Styx Red

Red & white heifer with huge potential

Whittier-Farms Lead Mae

Zwanebloem Parfect Maneskin

Parfect x Charl x VG-86 Bourbon

Parfect with high TPI, tracing back to de wonderful Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family!


3STAR Konika Red VG-89

VG-89 Andy-Red x VG-85 Silky Red x Battlecry

Just fresh in her 2nd lactation with a daily production of more than 50 kgM!

Van Holland 3STAR FS Kiara Red

Freestyle-Red x GP-84 Jacuzzi-Red x Salvatore Rc

3STAR OH Katie P Red

Star P RDC x Solitair P Red x VG-87 Styx Red

Polled & red from the Kanu's!

3STAR OH Karina P Red

Ranger-Red x Solitair P Red x VG-87 Styx Red

Early Ranger Red, high genomics, polled, high type and from the fantastic Wilder Kanu family!

3STAR Princess Red

Ranger-Red x GP-83 Gywer RDC x GP-84 Pace-Red

A very interesting 3STAR OH Ranger-Red daughter with awesome RZG, A2A2, high components, super udder and top logevity! Wilder Kanu family 

Alsgaard 3STAR Kiara Red

Glamour x Star P RDC x Solitair P Red

Towering Glamour-Red. Great-granddaughter of multiple bull dam Kalibra SX 5631 Red VG-87! Dam is a maternal sister to 3STAR OH Ragnar Red. Huge fat and protein transmitter! Big amount of milk too.

Proud to have bred

Red Rocks Effort

Ellmau x Bonhill Warsi 124 RDC TY

#1 GRZG and #1 GNVI (08-2014)

Red Rocks Lazar P

Label P x Bonhill Warsi 124 RDC TY

#2 GRZG (12-2015)


Beauty x PBCD FD Sina

Former #1 GRZG bull!

Visstein K&L Cidre

Cinema x Manders Dellia 8

#4 GRZG (04-2017)

Veenhuizer K&L Jake

Jetset x Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize

Veenhuizer K&L Jameson

Jetset x Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize

Red Rocks K&L Ruw Novum Red

Nugget x Red Rocks K&L Warsi 1 Red @RUW

K&L Mannish Red

Manana x Flora (Mega-Watt) @ RUW

Top 4 Red bull Germany april 2020

Willsbro K&L Adhere

Commander x Willsbro K&L Adina

No. 3 proven bull Germany 04-2020

K&L Sputnik Rdc

Spark x Finder @RUW

No. 1 RDC RZG bull worldwide and No. 3 of all B&W bull april 2020!

Kalibra SX 5631 Red VG-87

Westcoast Styx Red x Wilder Kalibra RDC VG-86
Has four sons in AI!

K&L Rm Kroky Red

Spark x Kalibra DB 5632 RDC
No. 1 R&W bull Poland (08-2020 and 04-2021)

K&L OH Matty P RDC

Tirsvad Match P RDC x K&L SV Sunny Red

Visstein K&L Money P Red

Tirsvad Match P RDC x Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red

K&L OH Gigolo Red

Gywer RDC x Kalibra SX 5631 Red

K&L Oh Kameraad

Gywer RDC x Kalibra SX 5631 Red

Poppe K&L San Remo

Soundcloud x KHE I'm Good

Drouner K&L Augustus P Red

NO 1 R&W sire in Switserland 4-2021
NO 1 R&W sire in UK 12-2020

K&L LZ Conan PP Red

No. 1 R&w progeny proven sire in the UK 4-2021

Schreur 3STAR Sampler PP

No. 1 PP sire in Germany (4-2021)

De Oosterhof 3STAR Reno Red

Rubels Red x VG-87 Styx Red @VOST

3STAR HH Hermes

Peak AltaHothand-ET x Willem's Hoeve K&L Javina 1960

Tirsvad 3STAR Mumbai P

KNS Simon P x Pen-Col Superhero Mistral @Intermizoo

3STAR OH Ranger-Red

The absolute number 1 (R&W) bull based on gLPI, gTPI gPLI, gPFT AND gISET!

3STAR OH Marcello

A son of K&L OH Mabel, sired by Nacash

3STAR OH Swaart

High scoring Saturn from the Hanoverhill Tony Rae family

3STAR HWH Bambam P

Best Benz x Basic PP RDC

De Pol K&L Davy

Salvatore RDC x Willsbro K&L Nugget Aderyn RDC!!

Dykster 3STAR Ewing SG

Ronald x Deltia Red @Swiss Genetics

#2 bull in Switserland 04-2022!

3STAR Poppe Tiger Red

Grando Red x THI Tasty RDC

Visstein 3STAR Gavino Red

Delta Jacuzzi-Red x Visstein K&L Jacu Aderyn Red

Tirsvad 3STAR Member PP Red

Matty P RDC x Amber PP

By far No. 1 PP bull on RZG (08-2022)

VDR 3STAR Keane PP Red

Mars Red P x K&L ST Kornelia P Red @RUW

K&L Gn Boudy

Proven bull at VOST!

Dykster 3STAR Ronald Layla SG GP-84

Full sister in Switzerland to Dykster 3STAR Ewing SG @Swiss Genetics

3STAR OH Sunstar P Red

Star P RDC x Rubels Red @Genus/ABS

Schuit K&L Embrace Red

Emperor RDC x Wilder Kanu family No 4 proven Red bull Germany april 2023!


Niels PP is by far the highest tested PP Jersey bull at NTM

K&L OH Rossi Guay

By Boldi V Gymnast, former no. 1 sire in Spain and no. 2 proven (6-2023)

Hunter K&L Sv Adrian

Mr Salvatore RDC x Nugget RDC


3STAR OH Ranger-Red x Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia

3STAR TV Ambo P Red

3STAR OH Ranger-Red x Amber PP Red

3STAR OH Whisper Red

3STAR OH Ranger-Red X Diekers K&L DL Whiskey RDC

3STAR OH Romaner RDC

3STAR OH Ranger-Red x 3STAR OH Roxanne

3STAR OH Sharp Red

Zfz Crisalis Rf X Exloër K&L Oh Sharma Red

3STAR OH Swinger Red

3STAR OH Ranger-Red x K&L OH Shiner Red

Tirsvad 3STAR Coby PP Red

Cartoon P Red straigt from Amber PP!

3STAR OH Funaki

SHA Foreman x Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia @VOST

Holbra 3STAR Cojack

Camus x Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia

3STAR OH Matera

AltaWheelhouse x 3STAR OH Mabelien


Camden RDC x ZB 3STAR Bella

HWH 3STAR Arrival

Arrozo x WW Rihanna

Dykster 3STAR Magello

Migel x SPH Alberta

Dykster 3STAR Antillo P-ET

Harley P x SPH Alberta

SIE 3STAR Markant PP Red

Mars P Red x Oelhorst Froukje 835 P Red

De Oosterhof 3STAR Redbull Red

AltaRefine-Red x 3STAR OH Sunnyside Red

Poppe 3STAR Sentry P

Signal P x SHS Electra

Sietskeshoeve 3STAR Poppe Foxrock

Foreman x Sietskeshoeve 3STAR Gaby

3STAR Binnen Milan

Gladius x CEH Missy

3STAR OH Ragnar Red

Ranger-Red x De Oosterhof K&L Kalibra 1 P Red

Tirsvad 3STAR Zazzle Maldini

AltaZazzle x Tirsvad K&L Pursuit Milano

3STAR Promise Red

Ranger-Red x 3STAR RT Patsy RDC @Masterrind

Contact with 3STAR Genetics