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Genomic index DEU: +155 GRZG (2022-04)

Production 1534 M -0.16%F -0.01%P 42 F 52 P 135 RZM
Health 123 RZN 110 RZS 121 RZR 124 RZGes 2255 RZ€
Type 106 KÖR 106 MTY 126 EUT 105 FUN 125 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +256 GNVI (2022-04; B&W)

Production 1907 M -0.15%F 0.00%P 65 F 66 P 431 INET
Health 435 LVD 102 UGH 106 CGT 106 VRU
Type 99 FR 104 RB 108 UI 100 BE 105 TOT


Poppe 3STAR Gilina


K&L Poppe Goody VG-86

2.02 305d 12.879kgM 3.59%F 462kgF 3.29%P 424kgP

Full sister to Poppe K&L San Remo @VOST Lovely pedigree that goes back at the famous French Ugela Bell daughter Gourmette EX-92 Dam is fullsister to sire Gigante in Spain


KHE I'm Good VG-87

2.03 305d 15.727kgM 3.82%F 601kgF 3.28%P 516kgP
4.00 305d 16.826kgM 4.00%F 673kgF 3.39%P 570kgP

Full brother in Spain @ Aberekin named Gigante and two sons in AI: San Remo and Sanchez P, both @VOST


KHE Isolde VG-85

LA1 305d 9.399kgM 4.12%F 387kgF 3.42%P 321kgP

Next generations

  • KHE Island VG-89 (s. Shotglass)
  • KHE India VG-88 (s. Windbrook)
    Granddam of the proven bull Edlock @Masterrind
  • KHE Illinois VG-88 (s. Jeeves)
    Dam to Biathlon (s. Shottle) @ Rinder Allianz
  • Ida VG-85 (s. Goldwyn)
  • Ivonne VG-85 (s. Juror Ford)
  • Isabell VG-85 (s. Cleo)