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Memorable show day for Drouner and New Moore Holsteins

Members Neppelenbroek, Red Rocks Holsteins, Drouner Holsteins and New Moore Holsteins travelled to Lhee (Drenthe) last Saturday to compete at the regional Rundvee Show Noord. These members won high placings and championships, with particular success for the Albring family who went home with prizes in every category!

Click here for all the results of the Rundveeshow Noord

From Red Rocks Holsteins, Delta Warren P-daughter Red Rocks Kafama 2 P RF entered the showring exhibited by Marly Wesselink. Dam of this polled heifer calf is the first calver Red Rocks Kafama P Red (by Punch P-Red) of which you could read earlier on our website that she recently is scored VG-86. Marly participated in both the Showmanship and Clipping Competition.

Three categories with milking two year olds were judged this day, with a victory in the youngest category for Stantons Alligator daughter Drouner Cosmo 1836 from the Albring family, which freshened in June. With this she left her red herdmate Drouner Aiko 1816 (Mr D Apple Diamondback x Drouner AJDH Aiko 1288 Red EX-91) behind in the 2nd position. The Milksource Cheers granddaughter of New Moore's well-known breeding cow New Moore Esmeralda 38 EX-93, New Moore Cheers Esmeralda 139, won the third place in this class. Esmeralda 139's dam, New Moore Fitz Esmeralda 103 EX-92, is the Senior & Grand Champion of the Zuidwesthoek 2022.

Drouner Cosmo 1836 s. Alligator

Drouner Aiko 1816 s. Diamondback RDC

New Moore Cheers Esmeralda 139 s. Cheers

In the second category, the Withaar-Prent family took the lead with, once again, a granddaughter of the EX-93 O-Man, namely New Moore Victor Esmeralda 131 VG-86. She is a Victor daughter and calved from a heifer calf in November 2022. The jury placed Drouner Aiko 1809 (Shimmer RDC x Apoll P Red) in third position.

New Moore Victor Esmeralda 131 (s. Victor)

Drouner Aiko 1809 (s. Shimmer RDC)

Neppelenbroek/Koevar showed Brookview Tony Charity offspring Charity 17 which placed 4th. The first calver Woodcrest King Doc with +3.19 PTAT is a daughter from the Intermediate & Grand Champion + Udder Champion of  Veekeuring Balk 2022 - Charity 16 EX-91.

Charity 17 (s. King  Doc)

Victor Esmeralda 131 of the Withaar-Prent family was named Reserve Junior Championship. Junior Champion Best Udder was won by the Alligator from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family, Drouner Cosmo 1836 which also was awarded as Junior Champion.

Drouner Cosmo 1836, Junior 2-yr-old Champion & Best Udder

In the category with young dairy cows, the Albring and Withaar-Prent family again competed for the leading positions of the categories in the intermediate class. The second calver Drouner Ria 1716 Red VG-88 (Drouner K&L A 328 Red x Drouner A 288), R&W Junior HHH 2022 participant, was placed in second position, after which Toc-Farm Fitz daughter New Moore Fitz Dina 384 VG-88 was placed by the judge third.

Drouner Ria 1716 Red VG-88 (s. A 328 Red)

New Moore Fitz Dina 384 VG-88 (s. Fitz)

Blondin Raptor daughter Blondin Success VG-88 made her show debut in Lhee and left with a great impression. The direct daughter of Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-97, which calved for the second time in June, was flushed several times as a heifer and in first lactation, resulting in more than 40 embryos which were partly sold both within and outside of the Dutch borders. In the Netherlands, Success has already produced fourteen offspring. The Raptor daughter jointly purchased at the VOST Select Sale in 2019 took the leading position and her VG-89 classified mammary was named this class' Best Udder. In the Intermediate Udder Championship she won the reserve title.

Blondin Success VG-88 (s. Raptor)

During the championship of the intermediate class, the jury named the second calver Drouner Ria 1716 Red VG-88 as Reserve Champion. The Rundvee Show Noord also organizes a R&W Champion every year among the participating Red Holstein cows (1st & 2nd calvers) and of the older dairy cows (calved 3 or more times). The title winners within the Junior classes both came from the herd of the Albring family. Drouner Ria 1716 Red won the Junior Red Holstein Championship, followed by herdmate Drouner Aiko 1816 which got the Reserve title.

Senior cows
For Drouner Holsteins, there was a triple victory within one class. Three of their seniors were placed in positions 1st, 2nd and 3rd Leading position went to the fourth calver Mountfield Ssi Dcy Mogul daughter Drouner Ria 1420 EX-92. Ria 1420 competed against the fifth lactation Val-Bisson Doorman, Drouner Asmara 1443 EX-90, which followed in second place and at 3rd position came Drouner Anna 1427 EX-90 (Pepper x Sid). In the final of the Senior cows, the EX-92 Mogul not only took the prize for the Best Udder, but was also named Senior Champion. The Reserve title went to  Asmara 1443 EX-90. This trio later formed the Drouner Senior herd group uring the competition for the best herd group competition, which became Reserve Herd Group behind the Drouner Holsteins group with younger cows.

Drouner Ria 1420 EX-92 (s. Mogul)

Drouner Asmara 1443 EX-90 (s. Doorman)

Drouner Anna 1427 EX-90 (s. Pepper)

Winning herd group Drouner Holsteins

Reserve Herd Group Drouner Holsteins

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