Wilder Holsteins - Norbert Holtkamp


Genomic index USA: +2790 GTPI (2020-03)

Production 1145 M 0.17%F 0.05%P 91 F 50 P 955 NM
Health +8.3 PL 2.61 SCS +2.4 DPR
Type 2.34 UDC 0.37 F&L 1.93 PTAT


Wilder Clementine


BWN Spectre Cliona 3-ET

extremely high NM heifer!


BWN K&L Cliona GP-84

2.00 305d 7.339kgM 4.05%F 297kgF 3.20%P 235kgP
3.00 305d 8.777kgM 4.06%F 357kgF 3.45%P 303kgP

Hoge GRZG in combinatie met keurige GTPI


K&L JS Carice VG-85

2.00 305d 8.721kgM 3.74%F 327kgF 3.20%P 279kgP
2.11 305d 9.987kgM 3.76%F 376kgF 3.37%P 337kgP
3.10 305d 10.849kgM 3.85%F 417kgF 3.53%P 383kgP

Good looking Jetset daughter from the Tirsvad Luke Classic family

Next generations

  • Anderstrup Bookem Carissa GP-83 (s. Bookem)
    Ready to calve for the 3rd time in N-Ireland (so far never milkrecorded)
  • Anderstrup MOM Carine VG-89 (s. Man-O-Man)
    Very high Man O Man out of the Tirsvad Luke Classic family
  • Anderstrup Didrik Carine EX-92 (s. Didrik)
  • Anderstrup Bojer Carina VG-86 (s. Bojer)
  • Tirsvad Apollo Claude VG-85 (s. Apollo)
  • Tirsvad Fatal Claudia EX-90 (s. Fatal)