Open House Day RUW

Next Friday, June 1, 2018, the German AI-organization RUW celebrates the opening of their new AI-Station with an open house day. You have the opportunity to take a look at the AI-Station and there will be a ‘live’ presentation of top bulls such as Wilder Hotspot P (Superhero x Wilder Herz P) and Julandy Red (Andy x Julia 389), bred by Wilder Holsteins and Werler Holsteins respectively. Furthermore there will be a presentation of progeny groups from bulls such as Matisse Red (Magenta x Gen-I-Beq S Akila RDC), Le Chiffre (Let It Snow x HIN Mogli) and Ven Dairy Lesson (Let It Snow x Vendairy Elita), bred by Vendairy Holsteins.

Program June 1, 2018:

12.00 Hour

12.30 Hour

13.00 Hour




Program with among others bull presentation and progenygroup presentation

Rinder-Union West eG
Besamungsstation Borken
Vardingholter Straße 21, 46325 Borken, Germany

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