3STAR Embryoprogram

Via the 3STAR EmbryoProgram breeders can get 50% ownership of topgenetics under very interesting conditions! We supply the embryos and you take care of getting pregnancies and calves. These calves are in combined ownership with GenHotel. The bulls will be marketed by GenHotel and the females will be tested on genomics and marketed together.
This is a great opportunity for you to obtain topgenetics in your herd against a relatively low investment!

Click HERE for the extended description and conditions of the 3STAR EmbryoProgram.

We constantly have embryos available from topdonors with high genomics for TPI, LPI and/or RZG. More information about these embryos can you find in the GENHOTEL EMBRYO SALE.

Please contact Boudewijn Koole (+31 (0)6 54796318) if you are interested in the 3STAR Embryo Program.

Click HERE to see the testimonial of Aalshorst Holsteins about the fantastic results of the 3STAR Embryo Program in their herd.

Below the video of 4 great cows out of the 3STAR Embryo Program at the Scholten dairy farm!

eXAMPLES OF GENHOTEL EMBRYO donorS from present and past:

Schuit K&L RM Britt P Red

De Oosterhof DG Rose RDC VG-87

- Britt is a very fancy red Mr DDS Mega-Watt RDC daughter out of the successful Apina Massia family. She combines high production and health traits and is polled as well!

- Fantasic Rubicon daughter with the red gene, out of the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family! Dam of one of the highest Red & White females for gTPI globally!

K&L Ms Lolita P

K&L RM Marica Red VG-87

- Lolita P is one of the highest red carrier Mission P RDC daughters worldwide, and also polled. The Caudumer Lol family: source of numerous high sires in AI, including Caudumer Batch P, Smile P RDC and Solitair P Red.

- Beautiful Sunfish RDC daughter with VG-89 MS! Marica Red produces a lot of milk with high great protein percentage and has proven herself alread with several high scoring daughters.

Schuit K&L RM Marcy PP Red VG-87

Willsbro K&L Nugget Aderyn RDC VG-85

- Marcy was bought through our Embryoprogramme. She sold several daughters through our Selection Sales (for example Maggy P Red at € 16.500,-) and those are being flushed now.

- Several daughters of Aderyn are being flushed and embryos can be made available.