Classification at Poppe Holsteins

At the herd classification at Poppe Holsteins several interesting red carrier heifers are scored, as well as some great 2nd lactation cows.

► Highest scored heifer this round is Wilder K41 RDC, a VG-87 and VG-87 MS classified red carrier Board daughter from the very fancy Wilder K25 Red VG-88, the Brekem RDC maternal sister of Wilder Kanu P Red. Her son Palace-Red is with 155 gRZG the number 4 genomic Red Holstein bull and the highest Pat-Red son in Germany.

Poppe Red Hot Panzer RDC VG-85, a red carrier Fireman Red daughter out of the Rabur Gold Panzer VG-87 family had the highest udder score: VG-89. She has also a red son in AI in Germany sired by Manana-Red, as well as 2 high Manana-Red daughters.

Poppe Fienchen 1128 (s. Sandy-Valley Denethor) is now classified VG-86. She peaked in her 2nd lactation 70 kgs milk per day and is the dam of Louxor son Poppe Feel Good at KI Kampen.

  Name   Sire x MGS Lac FR DS MS FL TOT
Wilder K41 RDC Board x Brekem RDC 1 86 88 87 86 87
Poppe Red Hot Panzer RDC Fireman Red x Brekem RDC 1 84 86 89 80 85
Poppe Fienchen 1241 RDC Silver x Perfect Aiko RDC 1 87 84 86 82 85
Poppe K&L Sneeker 1148 RDC Filou RDC x Shotglass 2 84 88 87 83 86
Poppe Red Hot Rita 1079 RDC Danno x Jerudo Red 2 87 88 86 84 86
Poppe Fienchen 1128 Denethor x Danillo 2 88 89 83 86 86
Poppe Pietje 1146 RDC Whatsapp RDC x Moonlight Red 2 83 86 87 84 85


Wilder K25 VG-88 (s. Brekem RDC), dam of Wilder K41 RDC VG-87

Paloma RDC VG-88, VG-89 MS, dam of Poppe Red Hot Panzer RDC VG-85

Poppe Fienchen 804 VG-88 (s. Danillo), dam of Poppe Fienchen 1128 VG-86

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