Highly valued classification at Poppe Holsteins

The Poppe family milk for some years now successfull with AMS. This is also showing in the herds yearly mean production: 13.301kgM, 4.02%F and 3.41%P, the first calvers manage to do very well with an average yearly production of 11.687kgM, 4.00%F and 3.43%P. With these weeks classification at Poppe Holsteins where 20 animals been classified. Some of the animals are co-owned with Red Hot Holsteins and GenHotel. From the 20 cows which got a (new)classification score, two where red and white heifers and one of the cows was a second calver. This classifications average was 83.2 AV....


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Willsbro K&L Nugget Aderyn RDC

Her daughters are being flushed for the 3STAR EmbryoProgram!

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