Nominations HI Global Cow of the Year

Anually the dairy breed magazine Holstein International organises the "Global Cow of the Year" competition. This is the election of the most influential cow in the Holstein breed in the last 12 months. In total 25 finalists have been selected, originating from Canada, the US and Europe.

The following cows of GenHotel members are among the finalists :

Holbra Snowman Sana VG-89 : Sana is one of the highest indexing FG Snowman daughters, descending from the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family. Sana, owned by Holbra Holsteins, has several high sons in AI, including Holbra Inseme Rodanas (the #2 PFT, sire Doorman) and Holbra Sansire (s. Supersire).

KNS Miss Balista P RDC GP-84 : Miss Balista, of KNS Holsteins, Germany, is a polled and red carrier De-Su Balisto daughter and dam of the 2 highest polled bulls in Germany: KNS Simon P and Bachelor P, both in the top 15 genomic young sires. Also KNS Abi PP Red, the red & homozygous polled Apoll P Red, is a son of Miss Balista.

Wilder Saloon Hira VG-85 : Hira, owned by Wilder Holsteins, is a Sandy-Valley Saloon granddaughter from the family of the famous show cow Batke Outside Kora EX-94. She has 9 sons and many grandsons in AI, including Wilder Hotspot P. Also for several female descendants of Hira, including for the full sisters of Hotspot P, is already interest of international AI-studs.

Holbra Snowman Sana VG-89, Holbra Holsteins Laren (NLD)

KNS Miss Balista GP-84, KNS Holsteins, Schiplage (DEU)

Wilder Saloon HIra VG-85, Wilder Holsteins, Vreden (DEU)

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