Classification at De Sanderij

At De Sanderij, the Hietbrink family in The Netherlands, recently several Red Holstein milking heifers are scored. Eight 2-year-olds are classified with an average of 84.6 points for Total Score and 84.3 points for mammary.

► The highest scored heifer is Sanderij Kianco 6 P Red, an Ems PP Red daughter out of the homebred Sanderij Coba family, with VG-87 and VG-87 MS.

► Wilder Kona P Red, a Mr DDS Mega-Watt RDC daughter out of Wilder Kali P RDC VG-88 (s. Pine-Tree Ohio Style P), the Wilder Kanu P family, is scored VG-86 and VG-85 MS.

► Sanderij Massia Maddy 1 P Red, a 2nd lactation Delta Fun P Red daughter from the Apina Massia family, is now as 3-yr-old classified with the maximum score of VG-89 and VG-89 udder. At the NRM she participated in the Fun P Red progeny group for the second time and was chosen by the judge as best daughter of the group!

  Name    Sire x MGS   Cow family Lac FR DS MS FL TOT
Sanderij Massia Maddy 1 P Red Fun P Red x Maddock Apina Massia 2 89 89 89 87 89
Sanderij Kianco 6 P Red Ems PP Red x Kian Sanderij Coba 1 88 87 87 86 87
Wilder Kona P Red Mega-Watt RDC x Style P) Wilder Kanu  1 87 86 85 87 86
Sanderij Mo 9 P Red Pero Red P x Manhattan Fabers Mo 1 87 87 88 81 85
Sanderij Fabiola 23 Red Nebraska x Ladd P Red Fabers Mo 1 87 87 86 82 85
Sanderij Sielian 2 Red Red Torpedo x Classic Reitsma Mat 1 87 86 86 82 85


Johan en Siepie Hietbrink, breeders of Sanderij Massia Mandy 1 P Red at NRM

Sanderij Massia Mandy 1 P Red (no. 336), first cow in the Delta Fun P Red group at NRM

Sanderij Massia Mandy 1 P Red (right), first cow in the Delta Fun P Red group at NRM

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