Number 1 gTPI at Koepon Genetics

The July genomic run in the USA has delivered many high newly tested females of GenHotel members in the top 50 in Europe. A remarkably good score for Koepon Genetics, with 5 new genomic toppers this month in the top 50, including the nummer 1 gTPI of the July run in Europe.

Koepon Lawson Ruby 25, a daughter of Peak AltaLawson out of the Regan-Joy Durham Regenia EX-92 family, is with 2858 gTPI the number 1 of this run in Europe. Due to her high components and extreme favorable health traits she is now the number 8 gTPI of all genomic tested females in Europe.

Drouner K&L Classy 1662 scores both in the USA and in Germany high for genomics, resp. 2809 gTPI and 164 gRZG. She is the number 2 gTPI De-Su Kenobi daughter in Europe, is out of the Koepon Classy family and owned by Drouner Holsteins and GenHotel. Also her full sister Drouner K&L Classy 1667 ranks with 2731 gTPI in the top 50. Dam is Drouner K&L Classy, a promising Endco Superhero daughter.

► Also Wilder Facy at Wilder Holsteins is a high Kenobi daughter. With 2775 gTPI she is the number 3 Kenobi and with 949 NM even the number 2 Net Merit Kenobi in Europe. Her pedigree is backed by the tremendous brood cow Ralma Juror Faith EX-91, known from proven sires as Ralma O-Man Focus, Cricket, Gold Crown, Bouw Snowfever, Rocky, Finder and Final.

Rhala Re Lytime, of Rhala Holsteins and Reer Genetics, is with 2750 gTPI the number 1 gTPI Ste Odile Milktime daughter in Europe. She has with Milktime x Heisenberg x Tango x Meridian an alternative pedigree, is descending from the Italian Bel Iron Irene EX-90 family and combines a lot of milk with high scores for the health traits.

Diepenhoek Rozelle 184 is a Kenobi daughter from the renown Diepenhoek Rozelle family, tracing back to Southwind daughter Gazelle EX-91, the full sister of the French proven sire Gibbon. Also Rozelle 184, owned by Diepenhoek Holsteins, scores high in both the USA and Germany genomic system and is a daughter of Diepenhoek Rozelle 148, a Wa-Del Bandares daughter, due end of this month.

Tirsvad Hotspot Gilles of Tirsvad Genetics, Denmark, belongs to the top 10 gTPI Wilder Hotspot P daughters in Europe and comes from the successful Grietje 80 EX-91 (s. Esquimau) family. Her granddam Tirsvad Silver Giga-Star is the dam of Match P RDC (s. Mission P RDC), the highest polled and red carrier bull in the German system.

Click HERE for the top 50 gTPI genomic tested females of the July run.

Wilder Finale VG-88 (s. Fanatic), 3rd dam of Wilder Facy

Bel Iron Irene EX-90 (s. Boss Iron), tremendous brood cow behind Rhale Re Lytime

Diepenhoek Rozelle 56 VG-86 (s. AltaIota), 3rd dam of Diepenhoek Rozelle 184

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