New proofs Germany

The German calculation centre VIT has released the December proofs today.

Proven sires
With 152 RZG is Vero Rocky, the by Vero JES Holsteins bred Bouw Rocky son, also this proof run the number 1 RZG Holstein proven sire. Rocky is delivered by GenHotel to the German AI-stud Qnetics.
In the top of the German daughterproven sires list the Mogul and Balisto sons are very well presented. Highest Balisto son is KNS Belsan, bred by GenHotel member KNS Holsteins. Belsan his dam is KNS Dream Rock, a Ladys-Manor Shamrock daughter out of the KNS Dorfgirl EX-93 family. Larcrest Commander son RZH Carglass is bred by Marco Hellwig, scores 146 RZG and is descending from the Kellercrest Luckylady VG-88 family in the USA.

At the Red Holstein proven sires Step-Red and Schreur Apoll P Red are, just like last run, the numbers 1 and 2. Strong riser this run is the by Hellwig bred RZH Mr Marco Red (Magenta x Niagra), going up from spot 22 to 10, due to a lot of milk and a very favorable udderhealth score. Red Rocks Effort and Sanderij Payback-Red maintained the RZGs very nicely and are still in the top 20 sires with milking daughters.

Genomic young sires
By far the highest Holstein genomic young sire for gRZG is Best Benz. This S-S-I Franchise Benz son scores 169 gRZG and is a grandgrandson of Zandenburg Snowman Ebony 1 EX-90, backed by the former number 1 CTPI cow Rocky-Vu Rotate Exctasy Ebony EX-94. Broeks Freemax (Imax x Modesty) is with 164 gRZG again the number 2 on the list, while the polled maternal brothers KNS Simon P and Bachelor P are also with unchanged gRZGs in the top 10. The rankleader of last run, EIT Sano dropped 4 points gRZG and is at position 9 now.

Caudumer Solitair P Red has, due to a gain of 3 points RZG (now 165 gRZG!), increased his lead to the number 2 to 6 points RZG and is for the 4th time in a row the number 1 Red Holstein young sire. Also his full brother Caudumer Snickers P Red ranks 3rd now with 158 gRZG, partly due to the increased proof of his sire Mr Salvatore RDC with milking daughters. Frequently used mating sires as Spark-Red, Percey-Red, K&L Palace-Red and ND-Druvale RUW Pacific-Red have maintained themselves in the top 10 as well. New on spot 6 is K&L RM Santorin-Red, a Lesperron Santorius RDC son from the Glen-Drummond Aero Flower VG-88 family. Also new is K&L Mannish-Red, the highest Manana-Red son and descending from the Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97 family. Wilder Paladin-Red (Pace-Red x Battlecry) reached for the 3rd time in a row a top 10 position.

In the top 20 genomic Red Holstein sires are also Poppe RUW Allegro-Red, Aalshorst K&L Zambrano-Red, Sanderij Stern-Red, Schuit K&L Embrace-Red and Poppe Red Hot Madora-Red. Herewith the number of bulls bred by GenHotel members or delivered by GenHotel is now 11 of the top 20 in Germany!

Click HERE for all new released December bull proofs.

KNS Belsan (Balisto x Shamrock), RBB Germany

RZH Mr Marco (Magenta Red x Niagra), Qnetics Germany

Aalshorst K&L Zambrano-Red (Emperor RDC x Barolo RDC), Masterrind Germany

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