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Wilder Holsteins, the Holtkamp family in Germany, has several interesting fresh milking heifers, which have been flushed as young heifers intensively.

Wilder Herz P daughters
Obviously there is quite some interest in the recently calved Wilder Holiday P, the polled Endco Superhero daughter of Wilder Herz P VG-85 (s. Powerball P). Holiday P is the full sister of Wilder Hotspot P, still one of the highest polled bulls in Germany, and is lately scored VG-85 with VG-86 for her beautiful shaped, well attached udder. She produces easily over 30 kgs/day with high components, in the line of expectation of the genomics of Hotspot P. Her dam Herz P (s. Powerball P) has finished her first record (in 305 days) with 12.535 kgs milk with 3,64% fat and 3,48% protein.
Other fine producing daughters of Herz P are the Superhero daughters Wilder Hiros VG-85 & Wilder Herzdame P GP-84 and Wilder Homest VG-85 (s. Bacon-Hill Modesty).

Wilder Kanu family
Also from the Wilder Kanu family several interesting descendants have calved, like Wilder Kysu P RDC VG-85 (s. Supershot) and Wilder K44 RDC VG-85, a fancy uddered Board daughter from the great brood cow and Swissbec Brekem RDC daughter Wilder K25 Red VG-88.

Other cows
Wilder Sixi RDC is a red carrier Bouw Finder daughter from Wilder Smile Red VG-85 (s. Brekem) and is also classified VG-85 & VG-85 MS. One of the highest  S-S-I Montross Jedi-daughters in Europe, Wilder Fun, is not scored yet, but is milking ± 40 kgs per day. Additionally this descendant of the Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 family has already 11 daughters over 2600 gTPI.

The Holtkamp family is very pleased with the daughters of the proven sire Swissbec Brekem RDC. Several Brekem daughters are scored VG-88 already and the highest classified cow in the herd now is the magnificent Brekem daughter Wilder Inka Red EX-90 (EX-91 MS). Also the progeny of the Brekem daughters perform very well at Wilder Holsteins.

Wilder Holiday P VG-85, VG-86 MS (s. Superhero), full sister of Wilder Hotspot P

Wilder Fun (s. Jedi), from the Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 family
                                                        and dam of already 11 daughters over 2600 gTPI

Wilder Inka Red EX-90, EX-91 MS (s. Swissbec Brekem RDC)

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