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The German calculation centre VIT has released the August sire summaries.

Proven sires
Vero Rocky, the Bouw Rocky son bred by Vero JES Holsteins is with 149 RZG the new number 1 of all daughterproven sires in Germany. Rocky was in April the highest newcomer ranking 3rd and is sold through GenHotel to the German AI-stud Qnetics. The extreme milk transmitter Visstein K&L Harvey, out of the Southland Dellia family, scores with 148 RZG still in the top 5 sires with milking daughters. RZH Carglass, a Larcrest Commander son of GenHotel member Hellwig, scores 147 RZG and is descending from the American Kellercrest Luckylady VG-88 family.

The top 10 red proven sires is pretty stable this run. Step-Red and Schreur Apoll P Red are still number 1 and 2, Great-Red (s. Go Now RDC) is now 144 RZG at 3rd position the highest newcomer. Red Rocks Effort-Red, the Ellmau x Snowman bred by the Wesselink family and GenHotel increased his RZG with 6 points, by adding 400 new milking daughters (now 134 RZG and 130 RZE!) and is back in the top 10.

Young bulls
The high genomic young sire list is now led by EIT Sano, a S-S-I Silver Sonic grandson of JHS Jantina 79, a Chevrolet daughter out of the Whitthier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95 family, bred by JHS Holsteins and purchased by Rhala & Excellent Holsteins. Broeks Freemax (Imax x Modesty), bred by Broekhuis Vee, sits on 2nd spot with 164 gRZG, due to very favorable health traits and 130 gRZE. The highest polled bull is still KNS Simon P, the Semino son bred KNS Holsteins, Schiplage. Also his halfbrother KNS Bachelor P (s. Batch P) ranks in the top 10 gRZG and is the number 2 polled bull in Germany. Riethill Summerlake went down this run slightly and is now at 161 gRZG, but still in the top 10.

Caudumer Solitair P Red is already 3 proofs consecutive proofs runs the number 1 of all red genomic young sires. His full brother Caudumer Snickers P Red is with 155 gRZG the number 2 polled and the number 5 gRZG red. In the top 10 are five Pace-Red sons, including K&L Palace-Red & Wilder Paladin-Red (both 155 gRZG). Also Schuit K&L Embrace-Red, an early Kenmore Jedi Emperor RDC out of the Wilder Kanu family, ranks with 155 gRZG in the top 10, mostly by high scores for the management traits.

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Proofs Germany / Fokwaarden Duitsland (AUGUST 2019)

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