Tremendous success Drouner & Poppe bulls in Germany

The German calculation center VIT has today released the April 2021 bull proofs. The calculation formula of the RZG has changed quite a bit, compared to the previous run, mostly due to heavier weighting of health traits (click here for more info). Notwithstanding these adjustments, most bulls are able to maintain their breeding values well.

Proven sires
In the top 10 RZG active black & white proven bulls, Semino (Silver x Balisto) rises 4 points to 159 RZG and is now by far the number 1. Veenhuizer K&L JT Jameson (Jetset x Balisto) maintains position 5 very well and now has 283 milking daughters, which produce a high protein percentage. His full brother Veenhuizer K&L JT Jake is also in the top 20 proven bulls in Germany. Sinus, the list leader for December, has lost 10 points RZG this run and is now in 7th place.

Among the red-and-white proven bulls, it is Drouner Effektiv Red, which stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Red Rocks Effort-Red son from the Drouner Aiko family, bred by the "Breeder of the Year 2020" the Albring family, made his debut in December and is now the absolute leader with 145 RZG and also the highest type sire: 133 RZE! Schreur Argus P Red (Apoll P Red x Fageno), the highest polled proven bull and a double Schreur Holsteins breeding product, maintains himself nicely in the top 5, while his father is also in 8th place. Highest debutant this proof run is Wilder Baymax Red, a Wilder Holsteins bred Bagno RDC from the Wilder Kanu family. His dam is the well-known Brekem daughter Wilder K25 Red EX-90. The highest homozygous polled proven bull is now KNS Apo PP Red, who rises from 17 to 7 and scores 136 RZG. This means that 5 of the 8 highest red-and-white proven bulls in Germany have been bred by GenHotel members, a fantastic result!

Young sires
The black and white young bulls also have a new number 1, namely Foreman. He is a Broeks Freemax x Rubicon and  combines very high production with high scores for the health traits and 132 gRZE, resulting in 171 gRZG. Star P RDC (166 gRZG) and Gladius (165 gRZG) are again in the top 5, but Best Benz has dropped from 3rd place to 103, due to a drop of 10 points gRZG. On the other hand Bali son Bender rises 5 points (now 165 gRZG) and is in third place. An interesting newcomer is also Koepon Camden RDC, a Caudumer Solitair P Red from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 family. With 162 gRZG and a very complete and almost flawless profile, this red carrier bull also scores in the top 10 gRZG black & white.

The influence of sire of sons Caudumer Solitair P Red is now really taking the greatest form in the German Red Holstein breeding: no fewer than 8 of the top 10 red-and-white young bulls are Solitair sons and all but one are polled. Yet it is Rubels-Red son Poppe Flight Red (165 gRZG), who manages to claim the top position, partly due to his great scores for udder health (140 gRZS), longevity (131 gRZN) and total breeding value for health (132 RZGesund). Flight Red is a half-brother of Poppe Freestyle Red, their dam is the very successful brood cow Poppe Fienchen 1569 Red VG-85. KNS Simply Red is in 2nd place with 162 gRZG and is the highest Solitair son, from the D family of Niermann. The highest Gywer RDC son is now Sanderij Ginger-Red, bred by De Sanderij, who has risen from 10th to 5th place with 137 gRZE.

Click HERE for all new April bull proofs.

Veenhuizer K&L Jameson (Jetset x Balisto), stable on 5th position

Drouner Effektiv-Red, number 1 RZG & RZE daughterproven sires R&W in Germany

Wilder Baymax Red (Bagno RDC x Brekem), debuting on 6th at proven sires

Koepon Camden RDC (Solitair P Red x Imax), top 10 gRZG high genomic young sires

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