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Online SonderKollektion booming success

The first online SonderKollektion was a booming success last Saturday. A total of 37 lotnumbers were sold for very high prices. The sale offer of the 2021-edition was therefor very special and diverse: several milking heifers, high (polled) genomics, show heifers, Jersey and even Fleckvieh!... Read more


High gTPI females of GenHotel members

The American genomic results of females have also been published this week. Due to the unchanged calculation model, the changes are also limited here, with a few new additions to the top of Europe... Read more


Offspring of Richmond-FD Barbie EX-92 shine at Lindenhof Holsteins

The in popularity growing cow family from Richmond-FD Barbie EX-92 has already many success stories in Europe. This also applies to the German Lindenhof Holsteins. This Barbie family has made its debut in their farm in 2014 with two full sisters being born from purchased Balisto embryos out of Richmond-FD Barcelona GP-84 (v. Perry)... Read more


New genomics EU females

Also the USA genomic results of females in Europe are released. The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeders, the CDCB, has changed the calculation... Read more


New genomics USA

The January genomic run in USA has resulted in a new rank leader in Europe, a Bomaz Skywalker daughter from the Sully Shottle May EX-91 family... Read more

Sandy-Valley Sho Sonador / Ricecrest Southwind Kaye

HLB Donnaklara

Rubicon x VG-87 Emerich x VG-86 Headliner

Richmond-FD S Barbara

HLB Baccara VG-87

VG-87 Balisto x GP-84 Perry x EX-90 Superstition

Lovely Balisto daughter

HLB Binale VG-88

VG-88 Balisto x GP-84 Perry x EX-90 Superstition

Full sister to HLB Baccara

HLB Olala VG-85

VG-85 Jetset x VG-88 Balisto x GP-84 Perry

Backed by an deep US cowfamily

HLB Bermuda VG-85

VG-85 Detour x VG-87 Balisto x GP-84 Perry

Fantastic Detour daughter

HLB Berberitze

Yoda x VG-85 Detour x VG-87 Balisto

Very high Yoda daughter!

HLB Belina

Benz x Jetset x VG-88 Balisto

HLB Orelia

Rapid x VG-85 Jetset x VG-88 Balisto

Rapid granddaughter of HLB Binale VG-88 with an amazing German index

HLB Pursuit Baccara

Pursuit x GP-84 Spectre x VG-87 Balisto

HLB Betty

German Boy x Benz x Jetset

HLB Twitch Bora

Twitch x Yoda x VG-85 Detour

HLB Berlinda

Basic x Klutch x Detour

R&W / Roodbont

Bacon-Hill Crown Kay Red

Crown-Red x GP-82 Salvatore RC x VG-88 Delta

Red Crown Red daughter from the American cow Bacon-Hill Salvatore Kay-ET

Polled / Hoornloos

HWH Pinie P RDC VG-85

VG-85 Mission P RDC x VG-85 Background x VG-86 Suran

Polled & Red Carrier from the Holbra / Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence family


Solitair P Red x VG-85 Mission P RDC x VG-85 Background

From the famous Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence family

Julietta P GP-84

GP-84 Milford-P x VG-85 Balisto x GP-82 Epic

Allround and Polled Milford P daughter

Jelly PP

Simon P x GP-84 Milford-P x VG-85 Balisto

Polled Simon P daughter from the Jelykoe 37 EX-90 family

Snow-N-Denises Dellia

HLB Basic Remonte

Basic x GP-83 Superhero x Monterey

Proud to have bred


Apoll P Red x Nanu

Homozygote hoornloze stier @ ZBH

HLB Armani P

Adagio P x Milford P

Polled bull stier @ Göpel Genetics

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