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Top Net Merit heifer at BWN Holsteins

De October run has been a great succes for BWN Holsteins from Bas Nagel. BWN Spectre Cliona 3, Spectre x Profit x Jetset) was the No. 1 Net Merit from this run and is the No. 3 Net Merit heifer of all tested females in Europe! She also is the No. 5 GTPI from the October run at +2834 GTPI. 

GenHotel Selection Sale.

BWN Holsteins bought (50% ownership) of K&L JS Carice VG-85 through the K&L Selection Sale. Cliona 3 and Carice are out of the Anderstrup Didrik Carine and Tirsvad Luke Classic cowfamily. A cowfamily that has been very succesfull fro decades now, a fine example is Cogent Supershot!

Dukefarm Delta Havelange

Dukefarm Delta Havelange is one of the best breeding heifers in Europe, another daughter entered the top 100 GTPI in Europe! Nighthawk daughter Poppe K&L Good Morning-ET is the No. 12 GTPI of the October run, out of the Cookiecutter MOM Halo cowfamily.


Lindenhof Holsteins, from the Hohler family also has a top heifer with HLB Barca. She is a Nighthawk x Detour x HLB Baccara (Balisto from the Richmond-FD S Barbara EX-90 cowfamily) and has +2791 GTPI with +2.49 PTAT and +3.2 DPR!

Top 15 GTPI of the October run

Name Pedigree GTPI NM PL PTAT Owner
  Blowtorch x AltaSpring 2890 913 6.9 2.44 German owned
NH SUNVIEW BUBBA SUNNY Big Bubba x Delta 2889 976 8.0 2.13 Nosbisch Holsteins, Sunview Holsteins
SHA GUAVE Benz x Rubicon 2877 929 8.1 1.89 German owned
SABBIONA ARINA Topnotch x Jedi 2872 961 8.6 1.75 Sabbiona Holsteins
BWN Spectre Cliona 3-ET Spectre x Profit 2834 1019 7.5 1.11 BWN Holsteins
NH SUNVIEW BUBBA SAY YES Big Bubba x Delta 2827 933 7.0 1.64 Nosbisch Holsteins, Sunview Holsteins
PEAK GAUR BERRY 9884 Guarantee x Delta 2822 941 7.4 2.07 Peak-Alta, Koepon Genetics
  Medley x Rubicon 2808 981 6.5 1.79 UK Owned
  Benz x Kerrigan 2802 864 5.4 2.30 PrismaGen
S.J. KAT 5382 Slamdunk x AltaLeaf 2794 933 6.0 2.02 S.J. Kat
HLB Barca Nighthawk x Detour 2791 899 7.6 2.49 Lindenhof Holsteins
Poppe K&L Good Morning-ET Nighthawk x Delta 2791 866 6.5 2.71 Poppe Holsteins, K&L, Dukefarm Holsteins
  Quantum x Battlecry 2788 846 6.3 2.18 Italian Owned
WEH DAISY Dynamo x Battlecry 2785 921 5.7 2.00 WEH Holsteins (Hintze)


Anderstrup MOM Carine

HLB Baccara

Cookiecutter Ssire Have VG-86

Cookiecutter Ssire Have VG-86, granddam of Poppe K&L Good Morning


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