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High ranking redcarrier at Wilder Holsteins

In the meantime, the Holstein Association USA and CDCB have also published the genomic results for females. In the newly genomic tested females, this has resulted in a very interesting new topper for Wilder Holsteins... Read more


3STAR Breeding Program delivers the Swiss top heifer Layla!

The very youthful and just fresh Dykster 3STAR Ronald Layla SG was recently photographed at her Swiss owner Nicola Pedrini. As an embryo, Layla was imported by Swiss Genetics. This package of six embryos from the combination Trent-Way-Js Ronald RDC x K&L PC Deltia Red, exported by Dykster Holsteins & GenHotel to Switzerland, resulted in the birth of five calves!... Read more


Dykster 3STAR Rachel Red rocks at the SonderKollektion 2023

At the SonderKollektion, which took place in Alsfeld last Friday evening, it was Dykster 3STAR Rachel Red (lot 18) - bred by Dykster Holsteins and GenHotel - which achieved the highest sale prize of € 20,000, followed by lot 12 ZHW Jacklyn, which changed hands for € 17,500. Also catalogue no. 9, SPH Davina, belongs to the top of this auction with an amount of € 14,500.... Read more


Precious Ranger-Red from the sister of Ewing Red, Astra Red & Atlantik Red

Although the final sale of the SonderKollektion will take place tomorrow evening, Dykster 3STAR Rachel Red is already throwing high eyes! Not only does she have a very high gRZG score, but she also comes from a very important cow family. This combination means that Rachel Red has already collect a considerable total amount of embryo contracts.... Read more


Step into the top class with Dykster 3STAR Alvera!

Although the SonderKollektion is still 11 days away from us, we can already inform you about the sale offer during this auction on Friday evening, February 3rd! We won't leave you waiting any longer, as you can learn about Dykster 3STAR Alvera already today.... Read more


Tirsvad 3STAR Mumbai P's sister classified VG!

The two-year-old KNS Simon P-daughter Tirsvad 3STAR Simon Muscat P at Dykster Holsteins recently received her first score. Just like Tirsvad 3STAR Mumbai P @Intermizoo, Muscat P is a KNS Simon P straight from the fantastic broodcow Pen-Col Superhero Mistral VG-89!... Read more


Sonderkollektion sells € 6,885 on average!

The Sonderkollektion of 2022 surpassed everything! In the week before the auction many expensive embryo contracts have been signed, which increased the value of quite some sale lots and made them sell for tremendous prices!... Read more


No. 1 gRZG Peak Dayne!

The SonderKollektion on Saturday, February 4th brings multiple international top cow families into the sale offer. This includes the number 1 gRZG Peak Dayne daughter tracing back to the legendary brood cow Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95, recently honoured as the number 1 in the Global All-Time Cow Family election of HI. A cow family filled with generations of high classified cows and also producing numerous bull dams.... Read more


Early Gladius from the no. 1 RZG Bali!

During the SonderKollektion 2020 Dykster Holsteins and GenHotel bought the absolute top RZG Bali daughter in Europe: SPH Alberta. Although she is not yet in lactation, we can already enjoy her wonderful daughters!... Read more


Attractive Gladius with 158 gRZG/4576 gPFT/1709 gISET!

We kick off with one of the absolute toppers of the upcoming VOST Select Sale 9, namely Dykster OH Alberta. This young KAX Gladius impresses with her very complete and international genomics profile! Alberta is one of the 67 lot numbers that will be sold during the VOST Select Sale 9 on Friday November 19th..... Read more


New Dutch Annual Statistics (2020-2021)

This week CRV published the average milk recordings of its members in the Netherlands and Flanders. In addition to the national figures, the top lists of the herd averages were also published. Here we again find GenHotel members in the rankings.... Read more


First score >170 gRZG for the breeding program!

Dykster 3STAR Albertine, born at Dykster Holsteins, received a grandiose German index score this week! With no less than 172 gRZG, this KAX Gladius daughter is the first - bred by GenHotel & Dykster Holsteins - heifer calf to score a gRZG above 170!... Read more


Tetia-Red, the absolute top on Swiss basis!

A very special cow family, one can safely say about the Southland Dellia family. Numerous great breeding cows and provensires have already emerged from this beautiful line. An amazing example of a descendant from this dam line is Denmark's highest production heifer in 2017: Anderstrup Aikman Dellia RDC VG-89... Read more


Dykster K&L SD Carry VG-88 wins video contest

The first calver Dykster K&L SD Carry is Mirabell Sound System granddaughter of Koepon Oak Classy 4672, and with a classification score of VG-88 she's the highest classified Sound System daughter in the Netherlands. The beautifully Carry VG-88 is a result of the 3STAR Genetics Breeding Program and is jointly owned by Dykster Holsteins.... Read more


Successful GenHotel Selection Sale!

This edition of the GenHotel Selection Sale went well again. There was a lot of interest in the sale heifers from both home and abroad. Shortly after the opening of the auction, the first heifer was sold very quickly. Ultimately, with the more expensive sale lots... Read more


VG-88 Sound System at Dykster Holsteins

Recently a great classification day took place at Dykster Holsteins. The dairy farm of the Herder family from Leusden, the Netherlands contains about 50 dairy cows. Herder proves that quantity says nothing about quality; with an average 305-day production of 11.753kgM, 4.06% f and 3.48% p this herd produces amazing! First calver Dykster K&L SD Carry shows with her high production and high classification score that she belongs at Dykster Holsteins.... Read more

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC

Diekers K&L DL Sherry RDC GP-81

GP-81 AltaDateline x GP-84 Salvatore Rc x Rubicon

► Worldclass Red carrier heifer!

Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella

Tirsvad 3STAR Simon Muscat P VG-86

VG-86 Simon P x EX-91 Superhero x Silver

Heterozygote polled and A2A2 from the great Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella VG-89 family!

Dykster 3STAR Muskax P

Gladius x VG-86 Simon P x EX-91 Superhero

Just fresh, June 2024! Polled Gladius with flaweless RZG profile Top pedigree from a very succesfull line

Koepon Classy

K&L RB Classy GP-83

GP-83 Rubicon x GP-83 AltaOak x VG-85 Man-O-Man

High producing Rubicon with several brothers in AI

Drouner K&L Claxima 1706 GP-82

GP-82 Soundcloud x GP-83 Imax x Silver

Dykster K&L SD Carry VG-88

VG-88 Sound System x GP-83 Rubicon x GP-83 AltaOak

Super type and milkcow from the Classy's!

Dykster 3STAR Claxiva GP-82

GP-82 Brave x GP-82 Soundcloud x GP-83 Imax

3STAR DS Claudette

Enclave x GP-82 Brave x GP-82 Soundcloud

No. 1 NVI female (4-2024)!

3STAR DS Clarissa

Enclave x GP-82 Brave x GP-82 Soundcloud

Wilra SSI Regal Enclave daughter with stunning NVI-score and BB + A2A2

3STAR DS Clarinda

Enclave x GP-82 Brave x GP-82 Soundcloud

Maybelline Tual

3STAR OH Marina GP-83

GP-83 Einstein x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

3STAR OH DK Marielou

Conway x GP-83 Einstein x Granite

Mabel gr.daughter with an impresive gTPI score!

Sandy-Valley Bolt Sheila

Dykster 3STAR Albertine

Gladius x Bali x VG-86 Gymnast

Extremely high RZG, GTPI and NVI heifer

3STAR DS Albertine

Gladius x Bali x VG-86 Gymnast

Fantastic daughter of mega-bullmother Alberta.

3STAR DS Albertje G-78

G-78 Pikachu x Bali x VG-86 Gymnast

Dykster 3STAR Rivana

Rainow x Bali x VG-86 Gymnast

A Rainow with an extremely high RZG. Very high numbers for % fat & protein!

Southland Dellia / Belle

Dykster 3STAR Zusy

Soysauce x Gladius x Bali

COL K&L Dellila VG-86

VG-86 Battlecry x GP-84 Galaxy x VG-86 Man-O-Man

Early Battlecry with a great pedigree: straight from the Southland Dellia's

K&L PC Deltia Red

Pace-Red x VG-88 Nugget RDC x VG-89 Aikman RDC

Dam of Dykster 3STAR Ewing Red, nr. 1 R&W genomic bull in Switserland (8-2022)! Also the dam of Dykster 3STAR Astra Red @RSH and Dykster 3STAR Atlantik @RUW

3STAR DS Otara Red

Flight Red x AltaTop-Red x Pace-Red

Poppe Flight Red from the Southland Dellias

Dykster 3STAR Arezina

Arizona x Gladius x Bali

Dykster 3STAR Arezina with A2A2 and >160 gRZG one of the most interesting Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire/Snow-N Denises Dellia offspring of the moment!

3STAR Dykster Albetty

Soysauce x Gladius x Bali

Top 10 gNVI & very high scores in America & Germany as wll OCD Parfect Soysauce with A22 & BB

Dykster 3STAR Algetta

Gotti x Gladius x Bali

Sdg Gs Gotti with A2A2, impressive results for gNVI & RZG!

Dykster 3STAR Almy

Camus x Bali x VG-86 Gymnast

A2A2 Camus from the Dellia's 

Dykster 3STAR Clematine

Picard x Gladius x Bali

Top scores in the systems RZG & NVI!

Proud to have bred

Dykster K&L Dimba

Simba x COL K&L Daisy

Dykster 3STAR Ewing SG

Ronald x Deltia Red @Swiss Genetics

#2 bull in Switserland 04-2022!

Dykster 3STAR Gladitore

Gladius x SPH Alberta @Xenética Fontao

Dykster 3STAR Ronald Layla SG GP-84

Full sister in Switzerland to Dykster 3STAR Ewing SG @Swiss Genetics

Dykster 3STAR Antillo P-ET

Harley P x SPH Alberta

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