De Wijde Blik - Mts Nijman-Ekkelkamp

De Wijde Blik Corrie 679 VG-88 (Crown-Red)

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Great performances at the Dutch herd De Wijde Blik

De Wijde Blik's great performances have been piling up in recent weeks. In addition to great results that were achieved at the local Video Competition and the Champions League Cattle Judging event organized at De Wijde Blik, they also hosted a classifier with exciting results. Herewith we summarize this accumulation of highlights for you.... Read more


Memorable show day for De Wijde Blik!

The Ommer Bissingh arrived this week for De Wijde Blik. Also this year this local dairy show attracted a large number of visitors and was for the Nijman family, who exhibited in different categories, a very joyful day!... Read more


Ongoing interest in Quatropoint K&L SW Roseanne Red!

In January 2021, De Wijde Blik Holsteins sold no less than 8 embryos to Switzerland via GenHotel. The sold combination was Westcoast Stamkos RDC embryos out of Quatropoint K&L SW Roseanne Red, the maternal-sister of 'Red Impact Cow of 2021' Lakeside Ups Red Range Red VG-86!... Read more


Champion title for De Wijde Blik Hendrika 86 VG-88!

Recently you could read an article on our website about De Wijde Blik Hendrika 86 classified with VG-88 (VG-88 MS). Last weekend, the Lone-Oak-Acres AltaRoble daughter of De Wijde Blik made another big impression, after she participated in the Videokeuring Ommen 2021.... Read more


New Dutch Annual Statistics (2020-2021)

This week CRV published the average milk recordings of its members in the Netherlands and Flanders. In addition to the national figures, the top lists of the herd averages were also published. Here we again find GenHotel members in the rankings.... Read more


GWH Emilia classified VG-87!

Last week's classification at De Wijde Blik (the Nijman family) went very well! The total of 10 animals received an average of 84.5. The recently purchased snow white GWH Emilia was one of the two 2-yr-olds scoring VG-87.... Read more


Average of VG-85.8 at De Wijde Blik

The recent classification at De Wijde Blik went very well. Six heifers were classified and two cows in their 3rd lactation managed to increase their score. On the Nijman family dairy farm, more than 60 cows are milked with a super apassion for breeding is also large, this can be found in the average score of the latest classification day!... Read more


Great herd additions at De Wijde Blik

De Wijde Blik owns descendants from several beautiful cow families such as Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen, Neblina and Southland Dellia. In the past few months, their herd has further expanded with two wonderful purchases.... Read more


GenHotel members caught on camera

Now that many events have been canceled, such as Dairy Winter Shows and (local) Dairy Summer Shows of 2020, it is a good time to look back on some online Video Contests that GenHotel members have successfully participated during the winter.... Read more


De Wijde Blik has a new excellent cow

Recently De Wijde Blik Jolein 5 got a new classification score. She is owned by the Nijman-Ekkelkamp family of De Wijde Blik dairyfarm in The Netherlands. Jolein 5 (Moonboy x GP-84 Danillo x VG-85 Darwin) showed her strengths already as a milking heifer.... Read more

Bomaz Delta 7173

De Wijde Blik 3STAR Paris RDC

Rover PK x GP-84 Riveting x Salvatore RDC

Redcarrier Rover with a great preliminary gTPI result of >2760 gTPI

Chemello Jocko Benge

De Wijde Blik Camilla 2 GP-83

GP-83 Entity x Bandares x VG-85 Supersire

Complete and flawless Bandares daughter from the Chemello Jocko Benge VG-87 family!

GBM Val Blackstar Jean

GWH Emilia VG-89

VG-89 Sunlight x VG-89 Chevrolet x EX-91 Epic

• Very special daughter of Walnutlawn Sunlight from an exquisite cow family • Emilia is already classified VG 87. Her interesting pedigree with 8 generations EX classified cows tracks back via VG 89 Chevrolet x EX 91 Epic to MOR YET Goldwin 682 EX 94 • This family excels in show type and high production

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

De Wijde Blik K&L Pipa 2 VG-86

VG-86 Bellwether x VG-86 Concert x VG-85 Background

Quatropoint K&L SW Roseanne Red VG-85

VG-85 Swingman Red x VG-89 Rubicon x GP-83 Aikman RDC

Powerfull Swingman Red daughter of the one and only De Oosterhof Dg Rose RDC VG-87!

De Wijde Blik 3STAR Penelope VG-85

VG-85 Bellwether x VG-86 Concert x VG-85 Background

Bellwether from the Prudence family

De Wijde Blik Roseanne Red 2

Freestyle-Red x VG-85 Swingman Red x VG-89 Rubicon

Champion heifer Show Ommen, 2022!

3STAR Penelope Red

Spotlight Red x GP-84 Riveting x Salvatore RDC

A2A2 transmitting CEH Spotlight Red otu of 3STAR RT Patsy RDC

Larcrest Juror Chanel

Exloër Carice P RDC

Basis PP x GP-84 Bourbon x GP-83 Supershot

Polled and good indexes: the Larcrest Juror Chanel family!!

Neblina / Tui Onyx Nick

Veenhuizer K&L Nelize 8 VG-87

VG-87 Board x Balisto x VG-87 Man-O-Man

Board half-sister to the high genomic bulls Jameson, Jake (Jetset sons) and Mitch (Milford-P) in Germany


De Wijde Blik 3STAR SIE Solera RDC

Rover PK x VG-86 Solitair P Red x Styx Red

Southland Dellia / Belle

K&L SD Betty VG-87

VG-87 Sound System x Battlecry x VG-86 Shotglass

► High Sound System in several systems & from the Southland Dellia / Belle family

De Wijde Blik RS Betty 1 VG-85

VG-85 Rapper x VG-87 Sound System x Battlecry

Important bulldam

Tirsvad Luke Classic

DG DV Romy GP-84

GP-84 AltaSpring x VG-88 Superstition x VG-87 Shottle

AltaSpring daughter of Rose Super Shot


De Wijde Blik Marilino VG-89

VG-89 Bagolino x VG-89 Woodstock x VG-86 Shottle

De Wijde Blik Marien VG-89

VG-89 Chelios x VG-89 Woodstock x VG-86 Shottle

De Wijde Blik Hendrika 86 VG-88

VG-88 Altaroble x VG-85 Impression x EX-91 Goldwyn

Proud to have bred

De Wijde Blik Liberty 5 VG-89

Mr Sam x De Wijde Blik Liberty

De Wijde Blik Liberty 7 EX-90

Duplex x Roumare x De Wijde Blik Liberty

De Wijde Blik Jolein 5 EX-90

Moonboy x Triang D Jolein 2

De Wijde Blik Reginia 1 VG-87

VG-87 S-S-I Penley All Star from the Koepon Regenias

De Wijde Blik Corrie 41 Red VG-89

VG-89 Ralstorm RDC with a life time production of >94.500 kgM

Marie 389 VG-89

VG-89 Woodstsock from the famous Dutch Maries. Very Successful showcarrier.

De Wijde Blik Cor

Rubels Red x De Wijde Blik Corrie 676 RDC VG-85 @KI Kampen

De Wijde Blik Paradise

S-S-I Pr Renegade-Et x De Wijde Blik K&L Pipa 2 VG-86 @ KI Kampen

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