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GenHotel members with cows at NRM

At the All-Holland Dairy Show in the IJsselhallen Zwolle in the Netherlands next week Saturday there will be a great number of cows of GenHotel members entering the show ring. 19 Holstein and 9 Red Holstein females from 13 different GenHotel members have been preselected by the selection committee to participate at the highest show level in the Netherlands.

Of course GenHotel and K&L will be present with a stand at the trade fair on Friday and Saturday, so when you will visit the show you are very welcome in our stand (nr. 128) for the latest breeding news.

The selected females are :

  Owner   name cow   sIRE X MGS   COW FAMILY
Barendonk Holsteins 3. Barendonk Brasilera 25 RDC Atwood x Classic Red Barendonk Brasilera
  210. Barendonk Massia 7273 Red Agent-Red x Jorck-Red Apina Massia
  229. Barendonk Brasilera 19 Red Dertour-Red x Classic Red Barendonk Brasilera
  245. Barendonk Paulina 188 Red Fraiko RDC x Tequila Red Barendonk Paulina
  263. Barendonk Emma 220 Red Jotan Red x Classic Red Barendonk Emma
Batouwe Holsteins 224. Share Dg Anieska Red Payball Red x Fageno Red Felder Den Barb Cindy
Big Holsteins 104. Big Super Star 146 Malki x Fidelity Danaco Bell Sundae
  138. Big Emma 106 AltaDetroit x AltaEsquire Big Emma
  237. Big Boukje 343 Red Mason RDC x Kylian Red Big Boukje
Buiner Holsteins 5. Wolkenberg Roxy 1 Jacoby x McCutchen Glenridge Citation Roxy
De Wijde Blik Holsteins 69. De Wijde Blik Marilino Bagolino x Woodstock Marie
Drouner Holsteins 14. Drouner Froukje 1458 Fitz x Epic Windy-Knoll-View Promis
  21. Drouner Cosmo 1446 High Octane x Mogul Larcrest Cosmopolitan
  27. Drouner Asmara 1443 Doorman x Mogul Canyon-Breeze Em Ashley
  54. Drouner Cosco 1399 Defender x Gold Chip Larcrest Cosmopolitan
  130.  Drouner Ajdh Cosmo  Mogul x Alexander Larcrest Cosmopolitan
  216. Drouner Dh Aiko 1445 Red Pat Red x Olympian RDC Kamps-Hollow D Altitude
Huntje Holstein 228. Huntje Holstein Anemoon 183 Red Riverboy RDC x Fraiko RDC Dutchglen Chieftess Red
Lakeside Holsteins 50. Lakeside Dagon Paya Dagon x Snowrush Golden-Oaks M Prudence
Plataan Holsteins 93. Plataan T 7676 Lexington x Sudan Vieuxsaule Allen Dragonfly
Prairie Hoeve Holsteins 151. Marie 356 Goldwyn x Allen Marie
Schouten Holsteins 19. Bons-Holsteins Aaltje 149 Gold Chip x Windbrook Bons Aaltje
  105. Seeger's Indiana Aftershock x Goldwyn Illuna
Van der Eijk Holsteins 39. Bolleholster Adele  Pitbull RDC x Reality-Red Kamps-Hollow D Altitude
  96. Bolleholster Anya 4 Gold Chip x Sanchez Kingstead Chief Adeen
Werler Holsteins 82. Werler Julia 421 RDC Nano P Red x Dakker RDC Werler Julia
  247. Werler Julia 407 Red Carta P Red x Lawn Boy P Red Werler Julia
Willem's-Hoeve Holsteins 109. Willem's-Hoeve Rita 1229 Atwood x Crickett Willem's-Hoeve Rita
  135. Willem's-Hoeve Rita 9863 Danillo x Ramos Willem's-Hoeve Rita


Click HERE to check the complete NRM catalogue online.

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