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Ben, Ingrid & Jos Knoef with Big Betje 287

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GenHotel members win at video competitions!

The winter season is the ideal time for clubs, schools and associations to host virtual video competitions. The members of GenHotel are passionate about Holstein breeding, and this was evident from the numerous successes achieved during various of these online shows throughout the country.... Read more


In 25 years from 0 to 100!

A huge and never before showed achievement, that is what the Knoef family of Big Holsteins delivered when recently the 100th cow on the Dutch dairy farm managed to achieve the 100,000 kgs of lifetime production! After having the first 200,000 kgs Dutch cow in 2016, Knoef is now also the first in the Netherlands to raise 100 'hundred tons'.... Read more


Memorable show day for De Wijde Blik!

The Ommer Bissingh arrived this week for De Wijde Blik. Also this year this local dairy show attracted a large number of visitors and was for the Nijman family, who exhibited in different categories, a very joyful day!... Read more


Drouner Holsteins hits the Reserve Holland Herd cHampionship

After the success of the previous edition, the Holland Holstein cHampionship was organized again this year. Breeders competed for the 'Best Herdgroup', a uniform group consisting of three top dairy cows. Participating GenHotel members Knoef and Albring exhibited both a B&W group of three cows.... Read more


Holland Herd cHampionship 2022

Also this year, the Holland Herd cHampionship 2022 orginazed a competition of the 'Best Herdgroup', a uniform group consisting three top dairy cows. Show lovers and GenHotel members Big Holsteins and Drouner Holsteins participated in this HHH competition.... Read more


25th and 26th Excellent at Big Holsteins!

In just one fell swoop, the Knoef family (Big Holsteins) recently got two more excellent cows. And with this successful classification the great milestone of 25 excellent cows from Knoef's herd has been reached!... Read more


Big Holsteins, "Most influential Dutch breeder (2000-2020)"!

Out of no less than 40 pre-selected Dutch Holstein breeders, Big Holsteins - Dutch breeder of the Year 2018 - was named 'Most influential Dutch breeder' 2000-2020. This competition - organized by HI Plus - was determined on the basis of the votes of readers. In addition to winning GenHotel member Big Holsteins, we find nine more members in the top 20!... Read more


Impressive four at the Twentse After Summer Show

Last Friday evening the Twentse After Summer Show took place. As in previous years, several enthusiastic GenHotel members were active in the show-ring during this awesome evening show. Striking was the quartet that made it to the B&W Senior Championship!... Read more


GenHotel members succesfull at NK Veebeoordelen

Last Saturday, October 2, the NK veebeoordelen 2021 (National Judging Competition) took place. This year, 39 participants competed for the national title! GenHotel members Julia Poppe, Cees Albring, Thomas Prent and Ben Knoef managed to qualify for this Dutch Championships during the Provincial Championships.... Read more


Big Holsteins impresses with their 90th 100.000 kgM cow

A fantastic achievement for the Knoef family of Big Holsteins, where this month no less than the 90th dairy cow has exceeded the lifetime production of 100,000 kgs of milk. There are not many dairy farmers in the Netherlands that manage to retain the longevity of their cows as they do at Big Holsteins!... Read more


GenHotel members in top of annual statistics

Never before has the lifetime production of dairy cows in the Netherlands been so high, this was shown by the new annual statistics recently published by Coöperatie CRV. In the last year (2019-2020), the Dutch cows produced 34,000 kgs of milk with 2,691 kgs of fat and protein (increase of 2,500 kgs of milk and 200 kgs of fat and protein compared to the previous year). This increase can be explained by an increase in daily production and a longer productive life. In addition to these stastistics, the new average production of Dutch dairyfarmers were also released. In the top 50 of the list of 'Bedrijfsgemiddelden MPR' we find no less than four GenHotel Members this year!... Read more


Cowfluencer Liesje 22 showed us the Twente region

Last months Liesje 22 of the Knoef family showed the province called Overijssel, in the east of the Netherlands and was appointed as the first Cowfluencer. Last year the EX-90 Brilliant daughter of Big Holsteins entered the Agri Fair show ring in Wierden. Here Liesje 22 EX-90 successfully was the Reserve Intermediate Champion. This made her longing for more and Liesje 22 continued her way through Overijssel!... Read more


Genetics with fat and protein

Recently we came across two beautiful cows, bred by GenHotel members. These are Big Wietske 95 and Caudumer Zalia 2 RDC, two cows which guarantee a fantastic milk production with above all extremely high components!... Read more


Unique: 25 time 100.000 kgM!

At Big Holsteins from family Knoef Big Anna Jacoba 119 VG-88 has produced over 100.000 kgM! She is the 75th cow in the herd of Family Knoef who did that! Already 25 of them has produced over 10.000 kg fat and protein as well!... Read more


Proofs The Netherlands (B&W)

By far the highest genomic bull in the Netherlands is Bouw Finder bred by Bouw Holsteins. This Balisto son from an Epic daughter of Bouw Goldwyn Femmy scores +376 GNVI.... Read more


Classification Big Holstiens

An average score of 84.9 points over 18 classified 2-yr olds. That was the result of herd classification at Big Holsteins. Their herd average is now 85.5 points.... Read more

Big Super Star

Big Super Star 117 VG-87

VG-87 Fidelity x VG-86 Fiction RF x VG-85 Lightning RDC

Big Super Star 119 VG-85

VG-85 Surprise x VG-88 December x EX-90 Pinkpop

Big Super Star 137 GP-83

GP-83 Snowfever x VG-86 Fidelity x VG-87 Orcival

High production index

Big Anna Jacoba

Big Anna Jacoba 126 EX-90

EX-90 Shogun x EX-90 Jorryn x VG-88 Abrian

Levensproductie (tot nu toe): 2360d 90.231 kgM 4.38%v 3.58%e

Big Anna Jacoba 145 VG-85

VG-85 Maik x EX-90 Shogun x EX-90 Jorryn

Big Clara

Big Clara 123 EX-90

EX-90 Win 395 x VG-86 Hunter x VG-86 Boudewijn

Dam of Big Evergreen

Big Boukje

Big Boukje 192 EX-90

EX-90 Cash x Labelle

Classified EX-90 @ 18 years of age!

Big Boukje 265 EX-92

EX-92 Shottle x VG-87 Dustin x EX-90 Ronald

Big Boukje 297 VG-86

VG-86 Peinzer Boy x VG-85 Roumare x VG-87 Dustin

Big Boukje 305 Red EX-90

EX-90 Andy RF x EX-90 Stadel x VG-85 Russel

Reserve Junior 2-yr Old HHH-Show 2014

Big Boukje 307 RDC VG-85

VG-85 Kylian x EX-90 Lord Lily x GP-83 Aaldert

The 90th cow at Knoef with a lifetime production over 100.000 kg Milk!

Big Boukje 343 Red EX-91

EX-91 Mason RF x VG-85 Kylian x EX-90 Lord Lily

Kampioen Roodbont Middenklasse + Algemeen Kampioen Roodbont Wintershow 2019

Abtshoeve Lucky Addi

Big Lucky Shot P 1 VG-89

VG-89 Silver x GP-82 Maddock P x VG-88 Magna P RF


Liesje 22 EX-91

EX-91 Brilliant x GP-81 Improver x LOWLANDS FABIAN

Senior Champion Twentse Aftersummer Show 2022

Oelhorst Coba

Big Coba 767 VG-87

VG-87 Spell x VG-87 O Man x EX-90 Lord Lily

Levensproductie: 100.328 kg melk met 4.65% vet en 3.55% eiwit!


Big Wietske 99 VG-86

VG-86 Silver x VG-88 Ramos x VG-86 Canvas

100e Honderdtonner!

Big Betje 287 VG-87

VG-87 Big Winner x VG-85 Spell x Laurenzo

Proud to have bred

Big Holsteins:

2 cows over 200.000 kg of milk
90 cows over 100.000 kg of milk
27 cows over 10.000 kg fat & protein

Big Boukje 192 EX-90

Cash x Big Boukje 184 VG-89

Lifetime: 208.163kgM 4.64%F 3.86%P 9.667kgF 8.038kgP

Big Winner

Win 395 x Big Super Star 25

Big Spell

Bertil x Big Wietske 83

Big Malki

Maik x Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Sentaro

Shogun x Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Position

Twist x Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Winnetoe

Windbrook x Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Keizer

Big Spell x Big Anna Jacoba 126

Big Embrace

Fiction x Big Super Star 30 (picture)

Big Festino

Talentino x Big Super Star 69

Big Anna Jacoba 119 VG-88

Big Winner x Big Anna Jacoba 106
the 75th cow over 100.000 kgM, and the Sire is also bred by Knoef!

Big Boukje 239 RDC EX-90

Big Kofu

Jetset x Big Elsie 7 VG-89

Big Mindset

Jetset x Big Elsie 7 VG-89

Big Adventure

@KI Samen
From the family of Big Malki

Big Evergreen

Daughter proven sire @KI Samen. 100% Knoef breeding!

Big Macht

Big Malki x Big Elsie 7

Big Surprise RF

Big Malki x Big Super Star 69

Big Redbone

Jerudo x Big Super Star 30 RDC VG-88

Big Clara 123 EX-90

Win 395 x VG-86 Hunter
2nd cow at Knoef with lifetime production over 200.000kgM!

Farmers Wish Big Deal

Big Spell x Big Anna Jacoba 115 EX-90

Big Clyde

By Big Winner@KI Samen

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