Big Holsteins - Fam. Knoef


Big Boukje 305 Red EX-90

2.02 305d 9.170kgM 4.09%F 375kgF 3.66%P 335kgP
4.00 305d 11.798kgM 3.71%F 438kgF 3.62%P 427kgP
5.07 305d 12.582kgM 4.01%F 505kgF 3.60%P 453kgP
Lifetime: 1.619d 51.701kgM 4.45%F 2.299kgF 3.99%P 2.064kgP

87 FR  88 DS  91 MS  90 FL  EX-90

Andy RF

Big Boukje 239 RDC EX-90

Lifetime: 3.446d 116.642kgM 4.91%F 5.724kgF 3.77%P 4.395kgP

She is the 25th cow with a lifetime production over 10.000 kg fat and protein at Knoef!


Big Boukje 213 VG-85

Lifetime: 1.933d 58.489kgM 4.81%F 2.811kgF 3.83%P 2.238kgP


Big Boukje 167 VG-85

Lifetime: 3.105d 129.260kgM 3.88%F 5.020kgF 3.44%P 4.445kgP

Next generations

  • Big Boukje 160 VG-88 (s. Ugela Bell)
  • Big Boukje 125 GP-84 (s. Marquis)

Sunny Boy