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Great results purchases Poppe

To increase the genetic level of the herd and to be able to offer a broad variaty of top genetic animals, Poppe Holsteins in The Netherlands purchases several interesting heifers... Read more


New genomics USA

The January genomic run in USA has resulted in a new rank leader in Europe, a Bomaz Skywalker daughter from the Sully Shottle May EX-91 family... Read more


VOST Select Sale 3

The VOST Select Sale 3 will be organised next Friday, November 27. Several GenHotel members are selling heifers in this sale.... Read more


Beeze Judy 9 now VG-86

At Beeze Holsteins (Family van de Kamp) zijn interesting cows with a son in AI have been classified. Beeze Roza 102 receiced VG-86 as well as Beeze Judy 9 RDC!... Read more


First results HWH Sudan Tweety are great!

HWH Sudan Tweety was bought by Plataan Holsteins from HWH Holsteins on the K&L Selection Sale. The first calves are born and one bull has a great result! This bull by Anton with gRZG +159 has been selected by RUW in Germany!... Read more


Hessens Zukunft 2015

Next Saterday (Februari 7th) the Hessens Zukunft 2015 will be orginized in Alsfeld, Germany. Boudewijn Koole and Martijn van der Boom will visit the sale.... Read more


Proofs: Germany (B&W)

Zandenburg Pazzini, bred by Zandenburg Holsteins, is now the #2 daughterproven bull in Germany with +142 RZG. The #1 and #2 are Lennard (Legend x Ramos; +147 RZG) and Pollit (Planet x O Man; +142 RZG).... Read more


Vost Select Sale 2

The Vost Select Sale 2 will take place Friday, November 28th, in the Ostfrieslandhalle, Leer, Germany. K&L and some of the GenHotel members sell very interesting animals.... Read more


Masterrind Opportunity Sale

K&L sells two very interesting heifers at the Masterrind Opportunity Sale next Thursday (October 30). These heifers are HWH K&L Aik Zalia RDC, in co-owned by HWH Holsteins, and K&L ST Leida.... Read more

Sandy-Valley Blitz Blizz / Ricecrest Southwind Kaye

K&L HWH PD Sina VG-85

VG-85 Predestine x VG-87 Freddie x VG-88 Shottle

Predestine daughter of PBCD FD Sina

Richmond-FD Barbie

HLB Ortega ET

Avicii x VG-85 Jetset x VG-88 Balisto

► Number 1 Avicii daughter out of the great Richmond-FD Barbie EX-92 family

HLB Birke

Jetset x VG-88 Balisto x GP-84 Perry

Beautifull calf that shows tremendous type in her genomics as well

Aldonhill Brilliance Red

Basic PP RDC

Hotspot P x Hologram-P x GP-83 Chipper-P

Homozygous polled, red carrier and kappa casein A2A2!

Markwell Durham Daisy

HWH Dana

Kennedy x VG-86 Jedi x VG-85 Silver

Hammer-Creek G Kristina / Wa-Del RC Blackstar Martha

Kylie VG-86

VG-86 Meridian x VG-86 Freddie x VG-86 Goldwyn

Former Nr. 1 RZG heifer in Germany

HWH Korinna

Lighter x Leno x VG-86 Meridian

High GRZG Lighter from the Wa-Del RC Blackstar Martha family

Glen Drummond Splendor

TWR Fire P Red GP-83

GP-83 Deko Red P x GP-84 Kanu P x VG-86 Man-O-Man

High production and good type combined

Proud to have bred

HWH K&L Background

Beauty x PBCD FD Sina

Former #1 GRZG bull!

HWH K&L Sinus

Snowmaster x PBCD FD Sina

HWH K&L Ironboy

Icone x Kylie

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