Great milking females for sale!

At this moment several great milking heifers and cows, owned by GenHotel members, are for sale. These females have calved recently, are producing well and descend from deep, proven cow families.

Some examples:

Red Rocks K&L Jacoba 1 Red VG-85 (VG-87 MS), a great, well balanced, 2nd lactation Fireman-Red daughter from the family of Stouwdamshof Jacoba 8 Red EX-91, the Grand Champion Red Holsteins National Show 2002. Jacoba 1 has calved June 30st and is producing now 50 kgs milk/day. 

HWH K&L Bd Nikita, is a high producing Board granddaughter of Tirsvad Bookem Nessie VG-89, dam of the highest Atlantic son in the Netherlands, Tirsvad Nautic. Also the former number 1 proven sire in Denmark VH Grafit, is descending from this very successful cow family. Nikita has calved April 26th and is producing (1st lactation) still ± 40 kgs milk/day.

For more information you can contact Red Rocks Holsteins (Frank Wesselink, +31 6 12894199),
HWH Holsteins (Heinrich Weckesser, +49 17654387303) or GenHotel, Martijn van der Boom (+31 6 24217748).

Tirsvad Bookem Nessie VG-89, granddam of HWH K&L Bd Nikita

Tirsvad Nautic, Atlantic son of Nessie, proven sire at CRV

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