Average price of € 10.764- at Selection Sale

The 21st GenHotel Selection Sale has come to an end. Eventually 7 lots sold for an average price of € 10.764,-. Despite the fact that not all lots sold the average price of the lots that where sold was very good. It turns out that there is always a market for high and interesting heifers.

Top 3

The 3 heaviest contracted heifers in the sale turned out to be the highest selling lots. Topping the Selection Sale was lot 1: Wilder MM, a +164 GRZG Penley out of the Wilder M family. She sold for € 13.500,- to Caudumer Holsteins. Lot 5 and lot 10 both sold for € 12.000,-. Lot 5, Visstein HWH K&L Sinas, sold to Willem’s Hoeve Holsteins. She is a +162 Missouri granddaughter of PBCD FD Sina VG-87. Sina is among other the dam to the high genomic bull Background who is, on his turn, the sire of lot 10; HWH K&L Pixel. Pixel is sold to G. Keulen, scores +161 GRZG and hails from the Holbra / Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence family.

Lot Name Sire Dam Price Buyer
1 Wilder MM Penley Wilder Nelle € 13.500,- Caudumer Holsteins
10 HWH K&L Pixel Background  QHR Perle (Suran) € 12.000,- G. Keulen
5 Visstein HWH K&L Sinas Missouri K&L HWH PD Sina € 12.000,- Willem's Hoeve Holsteins

PBCD FD Sina VG-87, granddam to Visstein HWH K&L Sinas

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