Today final day GenHotel Selection Sale!

TODAY at 15.00 h (C.E.T.) the last day of the GenHotel Selection Sale will end. There are still some Holstein and Red Holstein heifers with high genomics out of internationally renown and proven cow families, including Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC EX-90, Southland Dellia EX-90 and Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87, available. Also some polled heifers are selling.

Three beautiful heifers, from which one is red carrier, out of phenomenal type families, including Juniper Outside Wish EX-95, Comestar Lau Damion EX-94 and Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95, will sell.

The prices will not go down anymore, so this is the perfect moment to buy. Check the actual offer now and place your bid!

For more information you can contact Boudewijn Koole (+31 6-54796318, and Martijn van der Boom (+31 6-24217748,

Click HERE for the online GenHotel Selection Sale catalogue.

Some available examples

Lot 2: K&L KD Wanda   Lot 5: Lakeside UPS RR Davina P

Very fancy Woodcrest King Doc heifer with +4.08 gPTAT and outstanding type pedigree! Her granddam is the awesome Siemers Brokaw Whipcream EX-91, the 9th generation EXCELLENT scored in a row. Exclusive opportunity to bring a great show heifer from this top type family in your barn. Don't miss this unique chance!


Highest polled Redrock-View Klutch daughter for gTPI worldwide and from the successful Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 family, renown from poven sires like Larcrest Collude, Contrast, Commander, Commend and Fanatic. Also the family of the Global Cow of the Year in 2016, Larcrest Crimson EX-94 (s. Ramos) and her beautiful daughter Larcrest Cordial EX-92.

Lot 3: HWH Emperor Sarina Red   Lot 4: K&L HS Dellia P

Red Kenmore Emperor RDC daughter from the renown Glen Drummond Aero Flower VG-88 family. Sarina is the number 2 gRZG Emperor and the number 2 gTPI red Emperor worldwide. Many generations popular bulldams and potential 15th generation VG or EX in a row!


Selling as lot 4 is the polled K&L HS Dellia P, with 350 gNVI one of the highest gNVI polled Hotspot P daughters and out of the Southland Belle family, originating from the USA. Dellia P scores high for components and health traits and has several brothers at AI-studs in Europe.

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