HWH K&L Aik Zalia RDC fresh

HWH K&L Aik Zalia RDC is fresh for a month now at Caudumer Holsteins. The Aikman daughter, who hails from the K&L Embryoprogram, looks very good and was also present in the progeny group of her father at the Rundvee & Mechanisatie Vakdagen in Hardenberg last week.

Veenhuizer Zadia

The pedigree of Zalia RDC goes through a VG-86 Planet and a VG-88 Shottle back at the famous Jesther daughter Veenhuizer Zadia 7 EX-91. Zalia RDC still scores +143 GRZG / +252 GNVI and her daughters could score very high as well.
One of her eldest daughters is Aalshorst K&L Zalia 1 RDC. This Barolo daughter is owned by Aalshorst Holsteins and K&L and she already scores +158 GRZG and +310 GNVI.

Kossinkhoeve Zadia 1 VG-86
Kossinkhoeve Zadia 1 VG-86, the Planet dam to Zalia RDC

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