Successful co-operation HWH and K&L

Two years ago K&L and HWH Holsteins invested in a very interesting Freddie daughter at Hessens Zukunft. At that moment this Freddie daughter was the #1 GRZG in Germany and one of the most interesting animals in Europe. Off course we are talking about PBCD FD Sina, the Freddie daughter of Sandy-Valley Sho Sonador VG-88 (Shottle x VG-87 Blitz x VG-88 Bellwood x Ricecrest Southwind Kaye VG-87).
Sina developed into a very fancy heifer, is classified VG-87 and is still the #1 Freddie daughter of Germany with +149 GRZG. More important; Sina knows how to make high offspring as well. She has high sons by Beauty (+160 GRZG) and Snowmaster (+156 GRZG) and her Beauty daughter (+149 GRZG) is sold for 15.000,- Euro. K&L HWH PD Sina, a Predestine daughter of Sina is owned by K&L and HWH. She scores +155 GRZG and is the #3 Predestine daughter for GRZG.

PBCD FD Sina VG-87, great investment by K&L and HWH Holsteins

Partly because of the success of Sina K&L and HWH decided to do another investment; Kylie. Kylie is the #1 GRZG in Germany and she is a Meridian daughter out of the Wa-Del RC Blackstar Martha EX-93 (dam of Ricecrest Emerson) family. The dam of Kylie is a Freddie that goes back to Martha through daughters by Goldwyn, Zade, Mtoto and Formation.
Kylie has an incredible +159 GRZG! She has a very allround genomic proof at a very high level and scores +2274 GTPI and +3114 GLPI!!

More information: HWH Holsteins Heinrich Weckesser

Co-operation with K&L
You read it; a co-operation with K&L can be very lucrative. This is also possible by purchasing embryos that are available through the K&L Embryoprogram. K&L gives breeders the opportunity to invest in embryos at relatively low costs. In this way breeders can also gain more benefits of their investment, especially with animals that have a high genomic proof.
K&L has for example embryos available of Diepenhoek Rozelle 56 VG-86 (+2309 GTPI / #5 Iota in Europe), who was already in the news yesterday (see: picture Diepenhoek Rozelle 56 now online)

For more information please contact Boudewijn Koole: +31(0)654796318

Hammer-Creek G Kristina VG-86, granddam of Kylie

Wa-Del RC Blckstr Martha EX-93, dam of Emerson and broodcow in the pedigree of Kylie

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