After-Show-Sale 4

The After-Show-Sale 4 will be held tomorrow (June, 15) in Bissel/Oldenburg and starts at 19:00 hour (C.E.T.). This auction is organised by Masterrind and Seeger Holsteins and several GenHotel members have submitted heifers for this auction. Martijn van der Boom and Boudewijn Koole will visit the sale. Please contact them for more information.

Klik hier voor de online catalogus (please try a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome if this link does not work).

Lot 12: Wilder Amber Red (Wilder Holsteins)

+2624 GTPI / +152 GRZG Apprentice x Penley x Wilder Koenigin VG-86
Backed by the Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88 family

Lot 13: Wilder Hipster (Wilder Holsteins)

+2705 GTPI / +151 GRZG Pledge x Wilder Hilly VG-86
From the lovely Batke Outside Kora EX-94 family

Wilder Hilly VG-86, dam to lot 13

Lot 25: Wilder Memphis (Wilder Holsteins)

+161 GRZG / +2592 GTPI Superhero from the Wilder Meta family
Awesome genomic breeding values on German basis

Lot 36: Wilder Haya (Wilder Holsteins)

+2752 GTPI / +155 GRZG Euclid x Wilder Honig VG-86
Fancy pedigree that goes back at Batke Outside Kora EX-94

Lot 44: MS Corona’s Celine (HWH Holsteins)

+3.12 PTAT Bankroll great-granddaughter of Regancrest S Celebrity EX-94
Celebrity is a Shottle daughter of Regancrest Cinderella EX-92 (Champion x Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92) and a full sister to Regancrest S Chassity EX-92

Lot 47: KNS Furious P (KNS Holsteins)

+2626 GTPI Modesty x Supershot x Numero Uno x Lawn Boy
Furious P is one of the highest POLLED Modesty daughters

Regancrest S Celebrity EX-94, dam to lot 44

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