Hedra Holsteins - Arjen & Eef Vernooy

Hedra Holsteins - Fam. Vernooy

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Genhotel members start the 2022 show season with big titels!

After two years of waiting, the first shows in the Netherlands finally took place again. Noordeloos and Houten led the way and last weekend the shows in Beilen, Lochem and the Betuwe followed. During these impressive and well-attended competitions, there were also huge achievements for GenHotel members. We present all the highlights to you.... Read more


Well performing cow families at Hedra Holsteins

During the classification day at Hedra Holsteins, the classification scores varied between 84 and 88 points! On average, the 2-year-olds scored VG-85.5. In the group of the scored cows we find various represented well-known cow families!... Read more


Successful first online Dutch livestock auction

The Vernooij family (Hedra Holsteins) can look back on a successful online Hedra Home Sale, which took place last Thursday September 9th. Vernooij was the very first to organize an online dairy livestock auction as a Dutch dairy farmer. About 50 Holsteins were auctioned via the online auction platform FarmersBid.com. This sale was well commented by the Belgian auctioneer Eric Lievens.... Read more


13 Generations VG/EX at Hedra Holsteins

During Hedra Holsteins' classification day several 2-yr-olds turned got really nice scores! No less than eight 2-yr-olds and two young cows met the classifier. A VG-88 score for one of the first calvers makes the Vernooij family owner of a 13th generation with Very Good or Excellent!... Read more


Great classification Hedra Holsteins

Herd classification at Hedra Holsteins resulted in 12 2-yr olds going 85,7 on average. A great performance. Some of these animals are homebred while others hail from the CRV breeding program.... Read more

Alana / Alumette

JK Eder Delta Alana RDC EX-90

EX-90 Mascol x VG-89 Lightning RDC x EX-91 Stadel

Geweldige fokkoe, levensproductie: 3.241d 119.990kgM 3.71%F 4.449kgF 3.38%P 4.049kgP

Hedra Delta Alumette 4-Red VG-87

VG-87 Jerudo x EX-90 Mascol x VG-89 Lightning RDC

Moeder van Hedra Allround-Red (s. Chanel) @ CRV, levensproduktie 1967 dgn 66.760 kg met 4,29% vet en 3,64% eiwit.

Hedra Alumette 523 Red VG-86

VG-86 Colorado x VG-87 Jerudo x EX-90 Mascol

Lifetimeproduction: 1405d 48.651kgM 4.18%f 3.73%p

Hedra Alumette 722 RDC VG-85

VG-85 Brasil RF x VG-86 Colorado x VG-87 Jerudo

Red carrier Brasil daughter

Hedra Alumette 1023 Red VG-86

VG-86 Rody-Red x VG-87 Jerudo x EX-90 Mascol

Rody-Red half-sister to Hedra Allround-Red @ CRV

Blondin Skychief Supra

Bwn Verheul Suze

Delta-Lambda x Crush x EX-97 Goldwyn

Delta-Lambda gr. daughter to Subliminale EX-97, the Global Cow of the year 2022!

Caudumer Lol

Hedra Lol 1667 P Red

Taskforce P-Red x Abundant P Rf x VG-85 Handy P RDC

Top NVI on R&W basis

Etazon Renate / Remarlinda

Delta Riana EX-91

EX-91 Nelson x VG-87 Bolton x VG-86 O Man

Lifetimeproduction: 91.519 kgM 4.27%f & 3.71%p

Hedra Remarlinda 810 VG-88

VG-88 Finder x EX-91 Nelson x VG-87 Bolton

High Finder backed by the Etazon Renate family

Hedra Remarlinda 1018 GP-83

GP-83 Chuck x VG-87 Regard x VG-88 Epic

Gekalfd: 06-06-2021.

Hedra Remarlinda 1018

Lawrence x GP-83 Chuck x VG-87 Regard

Etazon Hyde

Delta Rora VG-87

VG-87 G-Force x VG-85 Gibor x VG-87 Shottle

Dam to Delta Treasure (s. Finder) @ CRV (#1 GNVI - 12-2017)

Hedra Riedel 919 VG-87

VG-87 Movement x VG-85 G-Force x VG-85 Gibor

Movement half-sister to the bulls Delta Reloader & Delta Concert @ CRV

Heide Sjoerdtje

Hedra Sjoerdtje 1547 P Red

Freestyle-Red x E-Profit x VG-86 Handy P RDC


Hedra Lize RDC

Fragrant x GP-83 Moutard-Red x Magister

Top 100 gNVI B&W 8-2022!!


Hedra Marie 1668

Taskforce P-Red x Gearbox-Red x VG-86 Bram

Top R&W gNVI 2-2023

Mars Froukje

Hedra Froukje 1279 VG-86

VG-86 Floris x GP-80 Jupiler x Missouri

Son by Jawliner sold to CRV

Hedra Froukje 1541 P RDC

Launch PP Red x VG-86 Floris x GP-80 Jupiler

Sold to CRV

Hedra Froukje 1543 P RDC

Launch PP Red x VG-86 Floris x GP-80 Jupiler

Newhouse Sneeker

Hedra Sneeker 721 P RDC EX-91

EX-91 Martini P RDC x G-77 Epic x VG-87 Cricket

Junior 2-yr-old Champion Wintershow UFF 2019

Willem's Hoeve Rita

Hedra Rita 1301

Chilton x GP-83 Endurance x GP-82 Beladi


GP-84 Rapper x VG-87 Ranger x VG-87 Danno

Hedra Anne 1576

Fragrant x VG-86 Floris x VG-86 Rocky

Bush-Bros Fragrant with high numbers in the NVI system.

Proud to have bred

Hedra Lize 578 VG-89

Addison x Hedra Lize 542

Hedra Genereus

Goli x Hedra Lize 644 (Rocko x Hedra Liza 578)

Hedra Allround-Red

Chanel x Hedra Delta Alumette 4-Red

Hedra All Right

De Volmer Brasil out of the Alumette family

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