Hedra Holsteins - Arjen & Eef Vernooy


Genomic index NLD: +361 GNVI (2022-12; R&W)

Production 915 M 0.58%F 0.31%P 94 F 61 P 458 INET
Health 727 LVD 105 UGH CGT 104 VRU
Type 101 FR 104 RB 110 UI 110 BE 112 TOT


Hedra Lol 1667 P Red

Taskforce P-Red

Delta Lindie

Abundant P Rf

Caudumer Lol 422 PP Red VG-85

3.02 305d 10.074kgM 4.59%F 462kgF 3.83%P 386kgP
4.05 305d 10.330kgM 4.74%F 489kgF 4.13%P 427kgP

One of the highest Homozygote Polled heifers for GRZG and GNVI

Handy P RDC

Caudumer Lol 371 P RDC VG-86

2.07 305d 9.723kgM 4.87%F 473kgF 3.69%P 359kgP
3.08 305d 11.036kgM 5.30%F 585kgF 4.00%P 441kgP
4.07 305d 11.076kgM 4.88%F 541kgF 3.73%P 413kgP

Dam of Solitair P @ RUW, top RZG and GTPI and Snickers P 158 gRZG (full brothers)

Next generations

  • Caudumer Lol 305 PP Red VG-87 (s. Magna P RF)
    Dam of Caudumer Powerplay PP RF & Caudumer Smile P RDC
  • Caudumer Lol 292-Red P VG-87 (s. Lawn Boy P-Red)
    What a broodcow! Granddam of Delta Fun P and also Great-Granddam of Solitair P!
  • Caudumer Lol 241 VG-87 (s. Stadel)
  • Caudumer Lol 225 VG-87 (s. Lightning RDC)