Beeze Holsteins - Martien van der Kamp


Genomic index NLD: +307 GNVI (2023-08; R&W)

Production 804 M 0.07%F 0.13%P 42 F 41 P 268 INET
Health 703 LVD 105 UGH 105 CGT 105 VRU
Type 100 FR 102 RB 110 UI 112 BE 112 TOT


Beeze Rox 33 P-Red

Taskforce P-Red

Beeze Rox 23 Red GP-82

2.01 305d 10.747kgM 3.89%F 418kgF 3.39%P 364kgP

Jayvano Rf

Beeze Pace Rox 14 Red

1.11 305d 8.825kgM 4.23%F 373kgF 3.51%P 310kgP


Beeze Charley Rox 5 RDC VG-88

2.00 305d 12.540kgM 4.02%F 504kgF 3.03%P 380kgP
3.03 305d 13.496kgM 3.95%F 533kgF 3.28%P 442kgP
4.04 305d 14.198kgM 3.97%F 563kgF 3.16%P 449kgP

Red carrier Charley from the Roxy family

Next generations

  • Beeze KB Rox RDC GP-84 (s. Kingboy)
    Red Carrier Kingboy daughter from the Roxy family
  • Morningview MGL Rox RDC VG-85 (s. Mogul)
    Former number 1 gTPI RDC cow!
  • Morningview Super Roxy RDC EX-90 (s. Superstition)
    Great broodcow, for example granddam of Rusty Red and dam of Coloredo-P-Red
  • Morningview Pronto C-Rae EX-90 (s. Pronto)
  • Early-Autumn Golden Rae EX-93 (s. Goldwyn)
  • Scientific Beauty Rae EX-90 (s. Rubens RF)