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Three renown names nominated for...

Fifteen renown names were announced last week in the Holstein International 342 as nominations for the title 'Red Impact Cow of the Year 2022'! It's up to you to help decide which influential brood cow will be the successor to Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86 by submitting your vote!... Read more


Impressive four at the Twentse After Summer Show

Last Friday evening the Twentse After Summer Show took place. As in previous years, several enthusiastic GenHotel members were active in the show-ring during this awesome evening show. Striking was the quartet that made it to the B&W Senior Championship!... Read more


Another champions title for Sudena Abel Maui

Last summer, the Videokeuring Vriezenveen was organized again by the local Breeding Club. Sudena Holsteins participated with a second lactation Leaninghouse King Abel daughter Sudena Abel Maui VG-87. A competition, which, just like last year, was very successful for this breeder and cow!... Read more


New classification Rose RDC at Sudena Holsteins

The multiple bull dam De Oosterhof DG Rose RDC, red carrier EDG Rubicon daughter from the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family, is re-classified recently. Meanwhile, the great brood cow Rose RDC owned by Sudena Holsteins is in her third lactation and no less than 60 offspring have been registred from her!... Read more


Super results for bulls GenHotel members!

This proof run has given many bulls bred by GenHotel members new (genomic) breeding values. This has resulted in various international successes, including several national number 1 listings! Below a number of the many toppers.... Read more


Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red classified

Another Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude EX-95 family member in the Netherlands is classified VG! Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red by Mr Salvatore RDC is in her first lactation. She proved herself to be a great and successful brood cow with already over 20 high scoring offspring... Read more


First milking daughters of Rose RDC are great!

With more than 50 sons and daughters in at least six countries, De Oosterhof DG Rose RDC VG-87, the second calver and red carrier EDG Rubicon daughter (owned by Sudena Holsteins) is a very important brood cow for the Red Holstein breed. Now that her first daughters are in milk, it becomes clear that the international impact of Rose RDC VG-87, descendant of Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95, will be huge!... Read more


New female top 100 NVI R&W

It took some time, but since this week the official top 100 list NVI ​​for females in The Netherlands and Flanders has been published. The black and white as well as the red and white list is filled with numerous females from GenHotel members. The red and white NVI list includes an astonishing number of 27 heifers... Read more


Your vote for the Red Impact Cow Of The Year

You can vote on your favorite Red Impact Cow until the 27th of April. This election is introduced bij Holstein International and counts 25 nominated R&W and RDC cows this year. GenHotel will introduce you to several great animals from our members which have been put forward!... Read more

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

De Oosterhof Dg Rose RDC VG-89

VG-89 Rubicon x GP-83 Aikman RDC x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Red Impact Cow of the Year 2022 nominee!

Koepon Camden Range 140 Red

Camden RDC x VG-87 AltaAltuve RDC x VG-86 Salvatore RDC

Daughter of the intensively used sires of sons Camden RDC. Range 140 Red has a nice score for NVI! Dam Range 7 RDC is classified VG-86 as a 2-yr-old. Proven transmitter and fantastic milk producer! This cow family has the ability to create great type animals, like Swingman Red daughter Roseanne Red with VG-85 (VG-87 MS).

Jenniton Bolton Rowena

Salsa P Red

Money P Red x VG-86 Stormy Red x GP-83 Salvatore RDC

Quite unknown, but upcoming cow family!

Kamps-Hallow Durham / D-R-A August

3STAR OH Aileen Red VG-86

VG-86 Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore RDC x VG-89 Rubicon

Sudena Alice Red

Freestyle-Red x VG-86 Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore RDC

Great scoring Freestyle from the impressive KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC branch!

Sudena Alisa RDC

Gladius x VG-86 Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore RDC

Gladius daughter with RDC

Kevrel Shottle May

Watermolen Helix Miranda VG-86

VG-86 Helix x VG-87 Montross x VG-87 Supersire

Freshed for the second time.

Suard-Red Jordan Irene


Sanchez P x VG-86 Jordy-Red x GP-83 Goldwyn P Red

Oustanding score for RZE (Total Type)

Tui Onyx Nick

Sudena Nicole

Shakespeare x GP-84 Delta-Lambda x Jedi

Tremendous type from the Tui Onyx Nick family!

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92

Sudena Melody

Rioaveso x VG-87 King Abel x VG-86 Mogul

Nice NVI score! 

Wilder Kanu 111 RDC

3STAR OH Kaley P Red

Money P Red x Solitair P Red x VG-87 Styx Red

Red & polled out of an important, German, bull dam family!

Brown Swiss:

Sudena Alpview Alexey P

Alexey x GP-80 VISOR P x EX-90 PAYSSLI

Sudena Alpview Laura P

Alexey x GP-80 VISOR P x EX-90 PAYSSLI

Sudena Alpview Laura P is co-owned with Alpview Genetics & Arjan Kort

Proud to have bred

Sudena Jasper

Envious x Sudena Josje

Sudena Kiparra

Kindness x Sudena Janet 10

Sudena Safari Red

Spark x De Oosterhof DG Rose RDC
@Masterrind, former no. 1 bull in Switserland

Sudena Roderick

Red Gonzales out of De Oosterhof Dg Rose RDC VG-89, owned by KI Kampen

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