Sudena Holsteins - Ernst-Jan Mensink


Genomic index NLD: +271 GNVI (2024-04; R&W)

Production 1920 M -0.37%F -0.07%P 48 F 62 P 381 INET
Health 620 LVD 103 UGH 104 CGT 100 VRU
Type 101 FR 100 RB 108 UI 104 BE 107 TOT


Sudena Kaley P Red

Delta Steam PP-Red

3STAR OH Kaley P Red

2.00 305d 9.130kgM 4.31%F 393kgF 3.38%P 308kgP

Red & polled out of an important, German, bull dam family, just fresh

Money P

De Oosterhof K&L Kalibra 1 P Red

2.07 305d 9.102kgM 4.33%F 394kgF 3.42%P 311kgP
4.00 305d 10.322kgM 4.11%F 424kgF 3.49%P 360kgP

Great pedigree with top genomics 

Solitair P Red

Kalibra SX 5631 Red VG-87

2.06 305d 9.623kgM 4.60%F 443kgF 3.23%P 311kgP
3.07 305d 11.028kgM 3.96%F 437kgF 3.15%P 348kgP
5.03 305d 8.942kgM 4.72%F 422kgF 3.42%P 305kgP

VG-87, VG-88 MS! Already 4 sons in AI !

Next generations

  • Wilder Kalibra RDC VG-88 (s. Battlecry)
    Her son Jalibo by Jacuzzi is @ Qnetics
  • Wilder K25 Red EX-90 (s. Brekem RDC)
    Dam of Baymax Red (s. Bagno) @ Masterrind and Matt RF (s. Battlecry) @ Genes Diffusion
  • Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88 (s. Snowman)
    Great broodcow!
  • Wilder Kairo 55 RDC VG-89 (s. Shottle)
  • Katja 23 RDC VG-88 (s. Ramos)
  • Kathi 81 Red GP-84 (s. Danube-Red)

Styx Red