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familie Visch: Tijs, Dennis en Rick

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Visstein K&L Money P, the no. 1 progeny-proven RZG sire!

It was a special proof run for the breeders of Visstein K&L Money P Red, Visstein, and GenHotel. The Tirsvad Match P RDC son made his debut in August 2020 on the red German genomics list, ranking at 4th place with 160 gRZG. This made him the number one polled red genomics sire . Now, 3.5 years and more than 200 lactating daughters later, Money P Red proves himself again as a debuting number one proven sire with impressive qualities.... Read more


Early Mask-Red from an oustanding cow family

When you think of KHW Super Aderyn RDC EX-90, you immediately think of her red-and-white Dutch great-granddaughter Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red VG-89! Aderina was the first Salvatore RC daughter in the Netherlands with a score of VG-88 AV and even before her first calving, Aderina knew the Aiko's was completely new on the map due to her sublime breeding power. Even now, at the age of six, she still manages to leave a big mark on her (direct) offspring and her influence remains great.... Read more


On display now: Visstein 3STAR Adiva Red VG-87, important embryo donor!

The very impressive milking Kenmore Triple Crown-Red daughter Visstein 3STAR Adiva Red VG-87, bred by Visstein in collaboration with GenHotel, has been selected as a bull dam and in this way has already achieved successful flushing results. For example, her son Visstein 3STAR Aikon P Red has been sold to KI Samen and she was recently contracted for KI Kampen as well!... Read more


Fancy Rammstein-Red from the phenomenal Altitude EX 95 family!

The offer of the upcoming VOST Select Sale 11 offers a large amount of top genomics heifers within the range of almost 70 lot numbers. In addition to a flawless genomics profile, one of these top red-and-white heifer calves also has fantastic conformation and comes from the proven cow family of KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC EX-91, which goes back to none other than Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95.... Read more


Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red raised her score!

Visstein Holsteins recently received a visit from the Dutch herdbook classifier. A select group of six females were (re)classified. Part of this group was also the third lactation Mr Salvatore RC Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red.... Read more


Great brood cow Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red picutured again!

With VG-88 (VG-89 DS) Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red was a few years ago the first and highest classified Mr Salvatore RDC daughter in the Netherlands. There are now almost 200 milking Salvatore RDC daughters in the Netherlands and owners Visstein and GenHotel hope that Aderina also will be the first excellent Salvatore RDC in the Netherlands.... Read more


Maternal sister Ghost-Red & Visstein K&L Money P Red will sell!

Today is your day! You can become the new owner of this 157 gRZG Rubels-Red and maternal sister to high genomic young sires Ghost-Red & Visstein K&L Money P Red. This very fancy heifer is backed by two amazing and globally known cows: KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC EX-91 & Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95.... Read more


Genomic testing of females in other countries

Many know that GenHotel continuously tests females for genomics in Germany and the USA. What may not be known to everyone is that via GenHotel females are also genomic tested in 6 other countries. These heifers are pre-selected based on their pedigree... Read more


Dazzled by JM Mouse

Also the Jersey breed is obviously well represented at the eighth VOST Select Sale. This breed, which is known for its high components and beautiful dairy frames, is well represented by lot number 24 at the upcoming sale... Read more


List Sire of Sons is updated now!

After the August 2020 proofs, GenHotel's team has updated the mating sire lists. Some mating sires have been removed from the lists, since they have been used sufficient, and have made way for fantastic debuting bulls... Read more


New proofs NLD Red Holstein

The April proof run for bulls in The Netherlands has resulted in great results for a number of GenHotel members. Below are several highlights for Red Holstein bulls... Read more


+169 GRZG for Visstein K&L Meredith!

We already knew that K&L BD Delfine could produce offspring with very high genomics. Several of her offspring scored above +155 RZG and even a few above +160 RZG, she alreday has 2 bulls in AI! But Visstein K&L Meredith, sired by Benz is by far the highest!... Read more


More lots LSCS 2015

Lis Leck Holsteins, Antimonium Holsteins and Visstein Holsteins also sell heifers at the Luxembourg Summer Classics Sale 2015. Let's have... Read more

KHW Super Aderyn RC / Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude

Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red VG-89

VG-89 Salvatore Rc x VG-86 Nugget RDC x VG-85 Supersire

Calved for the 4th time on 16th February 2024, current lifetime production: 47.309 kgM 4.76%f & 3.94%p Aderina Red is the dam of Visstein K&L Money P Red and has 2 other sons and brothers in AI. Same family as Advent Red, Jotan, Acme RC, Apple, Altitude and many others. This pedigree is great in everything: high genomics, show cows and three dams with title Red Impact Cow of the Year Holstein International.

3STAR Visstein Adola Red VG-87

VG-87 Rubels-Red x VG-89 Salvatore Rc x VG-86 Nugget RDC

Several good daughters and a Refine son @VOST. Just fresh in 2nd lactation!


Visstein Colinde VG-86

VG-86 Shotglass x VG-87 Niagra x VG-85 Mascol

Very high gRZG Shotglass from Visstein Carina

Visstein K&L Alinde VG-87

VG-87 Hunter x VG-87 Niagra x VG-85 Mascol

Super breeding Hunter from the Remarlinda family

Polled / Hoornloos

WWS Penny P RDC VG-89

VG-89 Epic x GP-81 Mitey P x EX-90 Perk-Red

Polled and Lawn Boy free

FG Maaike P-Red

Aikman RDC x VG-85 Colt P x VG-86 Kylian

Polled and Red Aikman of Massia 102 family

Zeedieker Letty Snow RDC P GP-84

GP-84 Snowman x VG-86 Lawn Boy P-Red x VG-85 Canvas

Polled and RC from the Alumette family

Visstein Octavie P RDC VG-86

VG-86 Chipper-P x GP-80 Fidelity x VG-86 O Man

Lifetime: 1.884d 62.256kgM 5.05%F 3.143kgF 4.01%P 2.495kgP 

Visstein Lolly P RDC

Esperado P x VG-87 Alchemy RDC x VG-87 Lawn Boy P-Red

Polled and red carrier Esperado from the Caudumer Powerplay PP RC family

Visstein K&L Lola PP Red

Apoll P Red x VG-86 Kanu P x VG-87 Magna P RF

Homozygous Polled Apoll P granddaughter of Caudumer Lol 292-Red P

Visstein K&L Caralie P GP-83

GP-83 Euclid x Balisto x VG-86 Lawn Boy P-Red

High GTPI + RZG polled granddaughter of Verhages Bos Candlelight P Red

Visstein Akim P Red VG-88

VG-88 Ladd P x VG-87 Zabing x VG-85 Canvas

Red and Polled! Trouble free cowfamily, high lifetime production Outcross pedigree; No Stadel, Kian, Ligtning and Tulip blood!

Schuit K&L MS Shira P RDC GP-83

GP-83 Missouri x VG-88 Ladd P x VG-85 Lawn Boy P-Red

Different pedigree for Polled and RDC

Newhouse Sneeker

Newh K&L Sneeker 423 GP-83

GP-83 Snowflake x VG-87 Stol Joc x VG-89 O Man

She has 5 sons in AI and bred several high daughters!!

Butemare / Veneriete Ida

Veneriete Fanatic Ida 88 GP-84

GP-84 Fanatic x VG-88 Shottle x VG-86 O Man

This is a special Fanatic daughter

Broeks MBM Elsa

FG Elisa

Sunday x VG-85 Gibor x VG-86 O Man

From the Flevo-Genetics Snowman family

Southland Dellia / Belle

Visstein Christina GP-83

GP-83 Big Point x VG-85 Superstition x Juwel

Dam of Visstein K&L Pablo @ CRV

K&L PL Dellia 6538 VG-87

VG-87 Platinum x GP-84 G-Force x VG-87 Goldwyn

VG-87 2-year-old from the Southland Dellia's

Proud to have bred

Visstein Peak

Perfect Aiko x Visstein Carina

Visstein Snow Peak

Snowman x Visstein Hanecy

Visstein Event PP RDC

Esperado P x Willsbro Latafia P-Red

Visstein Sandoz

Sargeant x Visstein Alinde

Visstein K&L Money P Red

Tirsvad Match P RDC x Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red

Visstein Armando

Frassino from the Barnkamper Octavia family

Visstein K&L Banner

Bahrain x Background x Suran

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