Kaergarden Roumare Elsa 1 proofs to breed great

Kaergarden Roumare Elsa 1 is a very special cow. She is a perfect uddered late mature young cow. She has developed really great during her first lactation. She  is due again in April and we think she will score higher next lactation. She is a candidate for Excellent!

Elsa 1 also know how to transmit her great type to her son and daughters!
Today we got the news from Spain that her Bookem son tests real high in Spain, also for type.

On the K&L Selection Sale Elsa 1 her Ecoyne Isy daughter sells (Lot 13, Visstein EC Emily). Emily scores really good for genomic PTAT and total index!

Furthermore, Emily is a great looking calf and from the Broeks MBM Elsa family, this calf will be a great addition to anyones herd!

Emily her genomic index:
US 12/2012: 50K_V2 1218 M 0.03 %F 0.03 %P 53 F 46 P NM +583 GTPI +2205
PTAT 3.10 UDC 2.73 FLC 1.92 PL 4.0 SCS 2.79 DPR -0.1

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Kaergarden Roumare Elsa 1 Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90