Genomic testing of females in other countries

Many know that via GenHotel continuously females are tested for genomics in Germany and the USA. What may not be known to everyone is that via GenHotel females are also genomic tested in 6 other countries. These heifers are pre-selected based on their pedigree and / or known genomics results. Internal conversion of these genomics results make a rough estimation of the genomics in a number of other countries. In combination with the (genomic) breeding value of the sire, there is then a reasonable indication whether a female can score high in a certain country or not.

As a breeder it is of course very interesting to know whether your high scoring calf or heifer also scores high in other countries. If she belongs to the top, the chances of selling embryos (and bulls) are of course greatly increased. This regularly leads to very lucrative embryo contracts.

Over the past year, several females have managed to reach the top of foreign systems. As a result, embryos of various heifers were sold to foreign AI organizations and customers. Some examples are:

Holbra Joy 1

20 embryos sold (to several countries).

Olymphia Van Het Zomerbloemhof

Selected based on pedigree and gNVI.                                   After genomic test embryos sold abroad.

HWH Emperor Sarina Red

Purchased at the GenHotel Selection Sale. After foreign genomic test embryos sold abroad (before no contract).

Koepon Lawson Ruby 25

Embryos sold to 2 countries after high genomic test.

Visstein K&L MT Aderina P Red

After foreign genomic test many embryos sold. Otherwise she wouldn't be flushed.

Quatropoint K&L SW Roseanne Red

Purchased at the GenHotel Selection Sale without contracts. Later embryos sold after high foreign genomic test result.

Batouwe SW Aimy-Red

Very lucrative embryo contract due to foreign genomic test.











Would you also like to have your highest females genomic tested in other countries? Then contact us. These tests are often available at a reduced rate in collaboration with our AI customers. In some cases our foreign customer is willing to pay the costs for the genomic test.

For more information, visit or call Boudewijn (+31 6 54796318), Martijn (+31 6 24217748) or René (+31 6 38005918).

Kemelia v/h Zomerbloemhof (s. Rubicon),
                      granddam of  Olymphia v/h Zomerbloemhof (Topnotch x Legendary)

HWH Emperor Sarina Red (Emperor RDC x Mega-Watt RDC),
                                                   owner: Topspeed Red-Wigboldus, The Netherlands

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